How does Jow Forums take out their girls?

i don´t wanna hear about your fucking whores and prostitutes, only keeper material allowed here.

how do you take out your girl for a rememberable dinner, without spending 100$ for it.

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Most cheap but nice places you can get a dinner for two £30


only 3 people with girls here

1)Free outdoor event.
2)Eat whatever food is there.

Doesnt need to be expensive ass food to make a date memorable, just dont be a lame.

here's what you do fren.
find a nice park that has a grocery within walking distance...tell her you are going on a picnic and go to grocery and buy loaf of nice bread, some cheese, few apples, meat and a bottle of wine, plastic cups....
Now take that and walk into park and sit, eat, talk and drink wine.
She will remember it and think it was fun.

Local bar/bistro, she orders nachos grande w/out meat, I get buffalo wings. Comes out to about $25, $40 if we get a few beers, $60 if we really go for it and I get a steak while she adds on artichoke dip

next level shit right there i will try this

I just take her out for a $100+ dinner but not every weekend. Im happy to concentrate my spending rather than always just doing takeaways.

$100 is pretty standard in this economy even for basic shit.

On Saturday i bought some sketchpads and pastels ($30) and we took some books to a hiking/lake location ($20 admission and parking) where we chilled and ate picnic snacks ($20) for like 4 hours before driving over to the movies ($25), then going home to smoke uo & watch it's always sunny/ bone (FREE).

>he still doesn’t realize all women are whores

>he still doesn't realize that unless he's content resigning himself to being a genetic failure who leaves no mark on the world and is forgotten by history then these whores are going to be an integral part of his life.

I and my girl always go halvsies

>having a gf
you have to go back to plebbit normie

You cook it

well my woman is making more money than myself and she was a virgin when i met her at the age of 15 like myself.

this probably doesn´t even exists in your shithole country

I try to find things that are actually fun, not necessarily money spending. Three weekends ago we went spelunking in some lava tubes, cost nothing except the gas to get there. Two weekends ago we went on a big rosary walk with the local tradcats, cost free. Last weekend we went to the race track to watch GT3 cars, cost $25. Every week we go to Ceili dancing with a bunch of boomers, costs $10. Next weekend will be a hike, free except the gas to get there again. The following will be a medieval festival, which will cost some money but not hundreds of dollars. We also went on a hike and a big party on the 4th of July, cost the 6-pack and chips I brought. Finding fun cheap things to do is easy, especially in the summer. I have more trouble trying to fit everything in.

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Gif related

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Fun--and Based!
It embarasses me when my girlfriend offers to pay desu

I only date ghetto chicks. I send them a "u up?" text message usually after midnight. They already know the protocol. We are going to denny's, I'm going to eat a double cheeseburger with extra fries, and then we are going back to my house to fuck. Certain chicks are good girls, I fuck them raw and they pay for the plan b pill the next morning.

One of a couple of places
>My room in my fraternity house, with a cheap bottle of wine and a show or movie (Ozark is my go-to show and Baby Driver is my go-to movie)
>I invite them to a pre-happy hour pregame on friday, take them to the bar/club I'm going to, and go from there
>If they're from my hometown, a NHL game
^but that's rare because I'm usually at college

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We’re both in school.. so I never had to pay for food over $30 for both of us. Sometimes we split or she pays. She’s happy with either dinner and studying at a cafe or at home. And just likes having sex or netflixing stuff like that. Depends on how high maintenance each girl is. I personally would not be happy with a girl who expects nice things and places to go to so often

Try cooking at home both of you. Not just you cook and then she comes over. It’s fun and not expensive. But it depends on how well you know the girl. Wouldonly do 3rd date or later

Its just a fake belief system. Some people believe in Zenu. Whatever helps you sleep at night.

take a girl that actually do want to pay for the dinner, so you end paying fifty fifty

i only fuck paid whores and tinder girls that are so degenerate i don't have to even take them to dinner. it sure would be nice to take a true gf out once.

What was the first time like?

just pay everything half and half

4th of july at Disneyland $350

dinner i pay 40 bucks one day

next day she will buy.

we do this every week

if we dont sshe starts t complain about how boring i am.

she says she wants fake boobs now, i take that as a red flag.

Doesn't it set a bad precedent if you always pay for everything? If you marry thus girl you're more than fucked at that point

user you probably don't even know your forefathers of a hundred years ago. Soon you will be forgotten in time as well, doesn't matter if you fall for the marriage and kids meme or not.

as much as this pains me as a mid 30s guy without a wife and kids, i recently did the ancestry test as i wasn't sure my background...and well, this user isn't wrong. you really do become forgotten.

big time red flag. Make sure she gets them and you dont pay a dime. Play with them for a while, then find a new gf

Yeah practically speaking nobody will ever remember my name or what I did, but you satisfy a biological part of yourself when you know your genetic's are secure.

I've worked I'm a hospus before, when people pass with their children and grandchildren in the room there is a serene feeling that comes over the place, they seem eager to go almost.

Then there's the ones who pass alone with a nurse they dont actually know, usually texting and checking the vitals monitors intermittently so she can mark if you died on her shift or not. Nobody wants to be around those ones, theres a feeling of work left undone in those rooms that is choking.

You don't want to be the latter.

DELET this is only bringing me more pain but you also are not wrong

My wife pays everything for me
Dumb cunt lmao

I won't be either of those. Once I hit 50 or I lose all my money (whichever comes first) I will travel to Japan and commit ritual suicide under a beautiful cherry blossom tree while a gentle spring breeze grazes my face.

Thx user, will try this

Sounds pretty nice, user. I wish I could have that mindset (and a gf).

Selfish reason to bring children into this clown world to suffer with your shit genetics (unless you have perfect family health)

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This . If you have the courage not to have kids for whatever reason, you shouldn't be the kind of person who's prepared to die like that, like the former decision you should want to be the one that decides where and when, not giving up waiting to die alone in some old people's home

Eh, it doesn't matter that much, you'll be dead either way.
If you take care of your health and lift weights, you probably won't have to go to a nursing home to die. You can live independently until one day you fall over and that's it. Or get yourself a gun.

You have to spend at least $100 for a decent night out

What country is still this based?