BTC Rekt me

>BTC Rekt me
> ALTS REKt me harder
> Show your bag please and maybe i can survive
> i am ashamed of my bag

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My bags are eth, cpx and hpb and basically everything rekt in usd and btc value :) i am a good trader!!!1

>btc rekt me
how did you get rekt from a 250% increase over 4 months?


brother just hold your alt cons whatever you want just make sure they have some liquidty if not dump it. bullseason coming after correction

I bought 20K

BPRO number one

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150K Coti
500K FTM

Millionair by Oct 2019. cap this

what the fuck is bpro?

I'm on Jow Forums since I am 15 and now I am 26. I'm not an early trader in the crypto field but one thing I saw since the bullrun of 2017 is that every motherfucker up in here is trading with so much emotions that it clearly bias your trades.
I trade my setup. And If it fails I try to see why and re arranged my target.

How the fuck you keep losing money since all this time ? Haven't you learned a single things since 2017 ?

nice bag i also have those

Bpro = bitcloud prob, you should check it out user. Trade system to trade on all exchanges

True but fuck yourself you little piece of jewish shit. Why are you on Jow Forums when you are able to trade well. I think you shithead just talking theoretical shit. Motherfucker

50% monero/50% LINK

I was more on /b/ back before and didn't paid much attention to the crypto world.

Why can't people be on Jow Forums and trade "well" ? I just tryna make my way and gain little amount day by day. We are all jews up in here. Our goal is to get money isn't it ? my jew niggas

60% RSR
30% LINK
10% NKN

Agree user

i earned alot of money following this Jow Forums stuff, dark hidden gems are here first. I need to thank link and qnt for big gains

now i am coti lit bpro ftm

70% BTC in cold wallet, unfuddable. glorious and Eternal
30% in RSR I bought on Saturday after dumping shitcoins

hope u bought low

RSR is decent , got a small bag
Coti is bottomed up, bought heavy now can only go up

Coti pampin soon!!!!

jimmy is a scammer,


100 eth
10k link
70k xlm
40k ada
5k iota
600 eos
25k nkn
100k zil

I have no idea what the fuck I am doing.


Bagholder alert

you savage , if btc dont ruin the party he is fukkkng rich

Buy Ur-Anus. Best shitcoin out there. Also heard about a new coin called coti. Is using dag and fuck its good if its working bitch


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Fucker stole my line

70% BTC in cold wallet, unfuddable. glorious and Eternal
30% in COTI I bought on Saturday after dumping shitcoins. Why? Binance + Xangle

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Try moon3d instead and get free rolls

Xfutures will decide about your goddamn future you piece of shit

Link and ONE

so comfy

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cool picture lol

Link i agree , one sucks
Coti is good binance dex soon

Bitcloud will be among the top exchanges user. Im also big in BNB.

Not happy about xrp, got suckered into it and dont want to cut losses on weakness.
LIT and FYP are my two minicap plays.
FYP needs to start growing their product fast though, but it has potential.
LIT is a nobrainer.

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100% CHZ.

Yeah, I am autistic.

Seriously lol what a dumb ass

those guys stole my money , fukkers , but its ok around break even run awyyyyyy