120k to 900k to 20k

120k to 900k to 20k

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At least you got 20k

30k to 400k to 45k to 700k to 40k to 450k to 170k.


Lmao what the fuck how

stop margin trading, this is for degenerates

He was an early BRAPP investor

but margin trading is the only way to make considerable profits under current market circumstance when all alts crash constantly

2k to 200k to 20k to 80k

>had 900k didnt cash out
>fell to 700k didnt cash out
>fell to 500k didnt cash out
>fell to 250k AND DID NOT CASH OUT

you deserve what happened to you

You cant cash out at 500k because taxes tho.

all in rsr. You'll have 200k in a couple of months at most.

Burger? If so enjoy those backtaxes on crypto-to-crypto trades lmfaoooooo

150 to 20 to 300 to 1400 to 700 to 400 to 1400.

Rate me.

1.5k to 90k to 200 dollars

30k to 1.2m to 170k to 500k to 350k

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Why didn't you sell at 1.2m

Most of yall are way to retarded to incorporate the necessary discipline. Which is why you margin trade.

If you are serious about trading you never bet more than 25% your entire bank and you write out your entry and exit md follow thru with that no matter gain/loss

I ask myself that everyday

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The only positive about holding Link in 2017 is that I missed most of the bull run and never had hundreds of thousands to lose, because I probably would have.

Why do you suddenly talk like a nigger? You one of them fake 42s?

100 k to 5k to 35K JUST

>Not cashing out at 700k
Greedy ass retard