Boomers of Jow Forums...

boomers of Jow Forums, what are some things you wish you could have done sooner in your early adulthood that you only realized later on in life?

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Put some cash away to invest when opportunities presented themselves. Don't spend every penny I got.

Learn to play music earlier

>Put some cash away to invest when opportunities presented themselves. Don't spend every penny I got.
wow, maybe the most succinct expression of boomer problem ever spoken

divorced my ever-complaining spoiled wife

hit rock bottom

Fucked every girl that was interested

Don't hang around losers. Hanging around fun people is fine, as long as they are productive and successful or on their way there. Time goes by fast and it requires less luck to get on the right track the earlier you start doing the right things (mistakes are easier to recover from). Don't get convicted of any crimes and get a real credit card early but don't run it up. It will help establish a longer credit history. Having cash and credit gives you leverage for bigger buys/deals.


have sex. i'm 35 and have had a few gfs but mostly after i turned 30.

>Don't hang around losers.
What the fuck are you doing here user?

>*SIIIIIIIIP Yep invest in bonds and stocks instead of that Buttcoin that’s what warren buffet told me.
>Real estate is a safe bet too if you want to make some real coin >*SIIIIIIIP work hard play hard these kids today are too lazy to understand
Don’t listen to a word any actual boomer who is too old to use the internet says. They grew up in a completely different landscape that was 10x easier to make it in and their outdated ideals are damn near worthless besides unironically working hard, not giving up and not following the crowd.

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you have no reason not to be maxing out your IRA with index funds, and you should at least keep some of your investment in something more stable than crypto. After the 2017 bullrun, crypto is not nearly as easy as it was. I don't think we're gonna see ATH's again for a long ass time.

kick my children out of my house when they turned 18 so I could afford the luxury of the life I earned

Therapy is a meme dude, especially if your problems are related to the way our society is structured now.

>Yea dude just invest 300k into an IRA before you turn 30 so you can retire by 70!
>it’s totally feasible in today’s economy!
You’re right I’m sorry anons put all your money in stocks at an ATH, surely warren buffet over here knows something we don’t. Hint when others are in doubt be greedy, if you are young and can afford to take risks do it or suck it up and wage cuck till you are 80 and watch your life pass you by in a meaningless fashion slaving away for worthless materialistic corporations.

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Don’t fight the fed

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There's only so much the Fed can do before things come crashing down. The ride won't last until you retire.

not giving a shit about what your friends might think if you do something

Killed sergey.

Started budgeting. I'm 24 and i just now started using YNAB and it really makes a difference in how i spend money. Trying to curb my eating out habit right now

Wish I would have gotten married earlier. I waited until I was 38.