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Those poor Crypto bastards have been getting killed lately.

What your strat today boys.

My strat is to HODL my SNSS shares.
Your strat should be to buy SNSS shares.

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Crash TURkey with no survivors

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Buy XLF calls

Abnormally high volume in premarket today, boys. The FOMO is about to start. You know what that means...

Why? Smells like PND to me.


Do any of you actually make a living off of this? Is day trading a legitimate way of being able to live the neet lifestyle?

>The FOMO is about to start. You know what that means...
Definitely going to sell out of some of my shares and sit on the money till the market invariably dips again.

Do you think we'll hit peak FOMO today, or will it be highest later on in the week?

Any of you guys familiar with Japanese market? Should I just invest in western/third world stocks? Most of my money is in yen.

Nah, if you make it day trading you're self employed. There for not a neet.

>Do any of you actually make a living off of this?
No. You have to be making an insane amount of dividends to be able to live off them. Stocks are all about building assets, cycling money from overvalued stocks into undervalued ones and growing your money. Stocks make you rich slowly, not quickly.

>Is day trading a legitimate way of being able to live the neet lifestyle?
If you're new to stocks, you will lose money day trading. If you're a seasoned trader, you might make a little money. MAYBE.

You can reach 10k investing modest sums here and there, but you'll need to start some kind of business and build some cash flow to do much more than that.

Stocks are a long-term game. Start an online business of some kind if you want to make money while being a NEET (?).

SNSS up to 0.88 already. You're running out of time to get in on this under a dollar


Had bought over 10k shares of CAPR before the market opened. I'm finally rich.

This is a meme. Name one reason why this should moon.

China numbers were OK - not great but not bad either

Markets expect Trump to win re-election after his massive proZion, antiJihad tweet storm over the weekend. Expect capital flows into the DOW and SP5 to surge this week.

Powell will probably cave in - he won’t have the cojones to go against Zion Don

SHOULD I BUY MORE!?!? We mooning today boys!?!

Vercabrutinib has passed safety trials for 200mg, patient 14 is on their 7 week and the data is good enough that they did a public offering, a large chunk of which was picked up by Wells Fargo. Their price recovered from that public offering in a mere 2 days. The company offering a competing drug to theirs that is more dangerous is ARQL, look at their pricing for an idea of how much this will go up when the full 200mg data is released.

So it's something you do alongside a job?

Honestly I'm not sure I see the point of all this if the returns are so slow

I recommend buying more if you have available money to do so any time it is below a dollar a share. I don't unfortunately so I am just in HODL mode

Everything we do here is a meme. Just buy it.

Inverse correlation to SPY

>Honestly I'm not sure I see the point of all this if the returns are so slow
If you want to see a quicker ROI go start a business. You could buy a woodworking book and learning to make stuff, then sell it on Etsy.

But no, it's not a replacement for work. Sorry. The whole point is to build assets and hold them (because while cash goes down in value over time, good stocks ideally do not).

>The whole point is to build assets and hold them (because while cash goes down in value over time, good stocks ideally do not).

Right. Why don't you just buy some gold or silver then?

I have thought about starting a business on ebay, buying/selling vintage stuff

I sell vintage clothes on eBay. Sometimes you can find gold on thrift stores. Other times you think you find gold and that shit just sits in your house taking up space. You really have to study the market you want to be in.

>citigroup presents record earnings
>goes down 1,6%

what the fuck

only one place to go from the top.

This gap down was designed to hurt us all emotionally.

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It succeeded

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Jumping on the CAPR train. Dare I say IMTE all over again?

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it's fun to buy vintage stuff and come across something really great in an unlikely place but at the same time it's not profitable really. You can make some nice change on the side and that's it, it is impossible to make serious money from it on your own

I made a meme

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Nice meme and good taste in animu

buy random stocks

>>no one is buying my options this morning
disappointing, but expected

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I sold my calls today, feels good

Grats user

>market at all times highs
>LCI and GALT sideways


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>“The stock market isn’t fast enough!”
Someone posts a version of this every day... same guy?


>Biden wants to double the upper cappy gains tax rate

yeah I don't like that

That would never happen

>22 employees
How do I know they aren’t all jackasses?

>Biden wants to do this
Biden doesn’t want to do this. Biden doesn’t want any of this, but the primary has become a shitshow.


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10x your crypto with moon3d. bonus schemes awaits

Safety doesn't necessarily equal efficacy
Has it shown proof that it works

It showed that at 50mg. The real question is how much more effective 200mg is, and based on the actions of the company lately, that is a virtual certainty. It's already at 0.91 so if you're gonna get on this train do it soon.

Be patient

this is the 'moderate' side of the dems healthcare plan
get ready to pay for abortion and contraception nationally (under any Democrat plan)~!

Lol, holding on to anything longer than 3 days. Get out of here old man.

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Not going to root against a fellow biotechfag, good luck
It is sometimes the case that a higher dose of a drug doesn't work as well as a lower dose because of how the body metabolizes a drug (pharmacokinetics/PK) tho, but that's not usually the case

Is no one really going to mention the purposed 1:8 stock split for Alibaba that the board approved and are now awaiting for shareholder vote? Is it just me?

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I hope so, we cant snuff out enough niggers

Seems late now

Well... why should we only be controlling the population of the wealthy?

Birth control is a societal necessity, and abortion is a necessary evil. There are some miracle people who rise out of poverty, but it seems that all those unwanted kids lead to more crime and misery.

It’s thought that the pronounced decrease in crime beginning ~15 years after Roe v Wade was caused in part by there being less of those unwanted poor kids.

Besides, we’re not even going to give them any opportunities now that we’re automating away truck driving jobs and McDonalds.

It might sound heartless but free birth control and abortion seems utilitarian to me. As long as we don’t get to total Japan levels of population shrinkage. And at that point, we actually do have a lot of skilled workers who want to travel to the US, and we allow them to assimilate much more easily than Japan does.

What’s your perceived timeframe for a BO on GALT?

>wed just have too many people if we didnt have birth control especially with automation
>we dont have enough people to support our economy because of birth control oops now we have to import millions of foreigners who hate us haha sorry
Why are you so stupid?

Only if you already have like a million dollars

After big pharma expresses interest in buying a smaller biotech, it usually takes about 2 years (see SEC filings from TBRA and ARRY detailing the timeline of their negotiations as examples) for a deal to be finalized
GALT has been working with Back Bay for a little over a year now, so I would say between 2-3 months (their phase 3 NASH trial protocol should be finalized and the trial should be starting by this point) and 10-11 months (about 2 years after GALT hired Back Bay) from now

It’s basically a fact unwanted children create crime and poverty. It’s a shame the media purpetuated the idea in the 70s that police “crack down on crime” was what got rid of our “super crime” wave. Literally no more unwanted kids cause 18 years prior birth controll pills were invented. There was literally no supply of criminals, not police fixing anything. The more nigger snuffed out by abortion the better our country will be

Lmao ok bro

Why the fuck is every joke on every platform that stupid area 51 shit. I wish we had a post-birth abortion for 99% of humans. This shit is getting out of control retarded I hate normies so god damn much

AMD chads?


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Any LPTXbros still around?

Can I get some more experienced opinions on the following: NOG, CXW, CITC, GRNH, NVG

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Well against or not, I've already made 37% on SNSS.

I bought a cheap ass call for 2020. Can’t wait for it to be $45 again by then. Break even at 1.30, god damn free money

What was your entry point?

Hell yeah

Sold 100 shares friday at 2.08, still holding another 200, wouldn't mind buying more if it dips BUT I haven't been following it closely and LPTXanon seems to have left us.

What's your basis and position?

I made any of these extreme claims. What's your problem?

We are automating away a lot of our low-skill jobs, and most of the breeding in the US (and worldwide) is occurring amongst the lowest socioeconomic levels. Part of this is because of the opportunity cost for poor people having children isn't the same, but part of this is also due to the cost and availability of birth control.

The foreign labor force thing is a possible partial solution to a possible partial problem if this is much more successful than I'd anticipate, and we get an abortion explosion.

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>already made 37%

Unless you've realized your profits, then you haven't made that money
It could go much higher and you could sell and realize profits at 300%+ or it could tank and you could lose all the profits you've made so far

>can't wait for it to be $45 again
The price you're seeing is likely adjusted for dilution, it probably never traded at $45
That's how biotechs work

Iron Zion Don: Top ranking General of the Americas

Same fren, another on the list of good recent moves for me

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Friendly reminder that AMD is about to reach top of range (Also: higher high with lower volume!)
Im looking for a good short entry this week. But patience is crucial here, waiting longer might be neccesary (unsure if selloff is on earnings or before)

I know yesterdays OP tried to short it earlier, what are your thoughts now?

Attached: AMD getting to the sell zone.jpg (1660x632, 118K)

We are the galtmarines and we're not selling.


Also on this note, not only is it soon in top of range, it is technically inside giant upward wedge (like everything else right now). So you can't blame me for being bearish desu

My thoughts are as always:
>Buy AMD
>Hold it
That's it.

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What site/program are you using to display it like this?

I keep day trading AMD and have unironically gone from 350 dollars to just now 2000. Add in some MSFT trades but its basically all AMD

>That's it.
You AMD chads will soon get what you deserve!
on the other hand this is probably a cup and handle kind of deal. Im bullish on AMD longterm aswell.

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Attached: dividends are your fren.jpg (423x245, 21K)

I like your logic but a couple things:

1) If you expose your butthole to AMDchads they *will* fuck it, no lube either

2) If you're set on going short and holding through earnings, consider a put spread so IV doesn't rek you as bad

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Tradingview, its in the OP fren.

I literally do not give a shit about short term gains with AMD. I am holding it for very long term and buying all the dips.

my bean

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what is your final price target?

Got my basis at 2, with 600 shares. Might trim a bit and see if i can get my basis lower if it dips again.

Seems this news came out a couple days ago, and was looking for thoughts from fellow LPTXbros.


GALT's drug is a notable example of pharmacokinetics in action
The company's incompetent ex-CEO (Traber) messed up a lot of things in the NASH-FX (using the wrong dosage and making it ridiculously short, way too short for the disease to progress enough for there to be a difference between the placebo and treatment groups) and NASH-CX (wrong dosages, also too short, not distinguishing between compensated and decompensated cirrhosis)
Traber insisted on including the 8 mg/kg dose in all of the trials even though preclinical trials indicated that pharmacokinetics would make it so that dose didn't work, and that 4 mg/kg is actually the optimal dose (this idea has since been backed up by the company's IO combo trial results)
The saving grace of the NASH-CX trial is that the 2 mg/kg dose (half of the optimal dose) showed good enough results to warrant them continuing onto phase 3
Traber was the worst thing that ever happened to GALT

Are you planning on holding FDP long term or not
It may go against your instincts, but there really isn't any point in even watching the share price daily if you're holding it for years

2 dollars 55 cent

$150 at least.

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Importing foreigners is not a solution to anything, it is a bandaid for a problem you've cause on your own that creates a whole slew of other problems that are harder to solve. Instead of telling poor people to fuck off and replacing them with people who dont share their values and shrugging your shoulders when your country slides into turmoil, you should be looking for solutions to the problems holding back your poor populous in the first place. Investing in the long term welfare of the people of your country is what separated the West from most of the rest of the world in the first place, turning your back on these people and trying to economically replace them with foreigners is what will make you just as lowly as everyone else.

I am buying more AMD today but I was thinking 45 is the high, 38-40 likely

Fuck it. Even though i sold my 33.5 calls today i'm buying 34.5 calls. I think we should see us enter into 35 just because of the lead up to the ER and MU's er



I will NEVER, EVER sell my GALT. GALT at $1? Didnt sell.
GALT at $1.10? Didnt sell.
GALT at $2? $5? $10?... $50? $100? $1000?

Not selling.

IF you filthy KIKES AND WHALES ever want to see these GALTs again, you are going to have to pump the price to AT LEAST $1,000,000 per GALT... At which point, AGAIN, you filthy KIKES AND WHALES, I AM NOT SELLING