Join our team. 100+ members. Crazy mining rates

Join our team. 100+ members. Crazy mining rates.

Use code mhue302 , get the app on mine pi dotcom

You also get 25% mining bonus because I'm a fucking ambassador. Fuck the pajeets in the comments who can't create threads. Get in now, the first halving already occurred but there's still three more left. We are early. This is your chance. Tell your friends, it will help you earn even more.

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Do the needful sirs, buy mobius and mine pi today, definitely not a scam!

If you think Pi is a scam you are destined to be poor. It's a glorified airdrop. Nothing more, nothing less. You're literally retarded and hate free money if you aren't "mining" right now.

>this thread again

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i already joined one that is only 0.49 an hour can i join your one instead even tho i made an acc

You literally have to delete the app and create a new account to do that


how do i delete my account since i only have one phone number and dont want to use my facebook accoutn

I use a google voice app number

i cant im in the uk

Fuck, so it's over for me? Can I use like my mom's number?

good question

I'm not sure. I'm sure there are other apps you could use, try whatsapp.

dude im still only earning 0.49 an hour
used your code

Use code: Mu1280
Use code: Mu1280
Use code: Mu1280

help a nigga out


bruh you are RETARDED

>Try moon3d instead and get free rolls

im a brainlet yes plz explain

He fucking scammed you, retard. He didn't have 100+ in his team.

deleted the app anyway, not making enough