You faggots do realize that this is only the beginning? They haven't even done anything yet. This was just a tweet...

You faggots do realize that this is only the beginning? They haven't even done anything yet. This was just a tweet. I believe crypto will win out in the end but the feds will try some fuckery that will crash the market. I'm talking 3 digit levels for bitcoin.

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>Be retard & Pres. of the USA
>Be corrupt and only care about your personal wealth
>Short Bitcoin
>Write this tweet
>Get mad when things don't crash, lose money as pretend you're not a failed businessman by not writing anything else about it
>Buy at the next top because you're a dumb fucking cunt
>Lose the presidential election
>Fade into obscurity or at best go down as the biggest meme in history for the next ~300-400 years, forever being taught in high schools as the "Clown World President"

Don't worry, user. We'll all be fine :)

USA bans bitcoin and then china india and russia buys up the supply
>hur chinese controlled coin scam!
politicians and boomers are the lowest IQ to wealth/power ratio out of any humans in all of recorded history
I don't care if I have to move to china and learn chinese I'm not selling and it's going to 1 million+

How fucking deluded are you?

Trump never does anything he tweets about, this is a good thing

This is all false

>feds will try some fuckery
I have some btc, but c'mon, how new are you? What do you think is blockstream and LN?

I feel sorry for you Americans. Crypto is not a problem here in Europe, it's just another market. The only regulations that are needed are that people are held responsible for the crappy shit they do, but obviously, once the foot is in the door the regulations will not stop for you.

kek how about gavin and the CIA and faketoshi BU bcash and the "new york agreement" that's some real fuckery
blockstream is the one of the few legitimate companies in the space

stay cope nigger

His tweet was mainly targeted at Facebooks Libra, and Powell.

Powell really fucked up with his testimony before congress on tuesday and wednesday, He was way too honest about the dollars reserve currency status as being under threat due to the USA's fiscal situation deteriorating. He even went as far to say, "we shouldn't assume it will last forever, because it won't."

within that same hearing he also named Bitcoin, and described it as a "store of value like gold"

Trumps tweet, was a direct rebuttal to these comments by FED chair Powell, who was inadvertently or intentionally FUDing the dollar.

damn, I guess I'm voting dem next year after all


Feds invented crypto. It gives them total surveillance of the GLOBAL economy and the NSA invented/released SHA which means they know how to break it.

>the NSA invented/released SHA which means they know how to break it.
God I wish crypto wasn't booted out of Jow Forums.

why, because of some fluorescent orangutan manchild throwing a tantrum 5,000 miles away? the uk is crypto friendly, and today the PM condemned trump's latest outburst.
>"A proposal to prevent big technology companies from functioning as financial institutions or issuing digital currencies has been circulated for discussion by the Democratic majority that leads the House Financial Services Committee, according to a copy of the draft legislation seen by Reuters."
They're already starting to move

I'm pissed now you know why he wants everyone to invest in the stock market his kids got their gay ass Robin hood shit he's fucking us

This it was trump pised at the fed saying btc was like gold

This the new discord tranny divisive tactic? Spam the Trump tweets ad nauseam

The UK sucks mate, were absolutely pathetic

It's interesting though, because Trump says he wants to devalue the dollar to make exports more competitive. But by devalueing the dollar, you discourage it's use as the reserve currency. Also complicating this is the pricing of crude in USD, which seems massively benefit us, but which devalueing USD would hurt.
It seems similar in a way to his complaint about the trade deficit, which on face value benefited the US since we could give the Chinese worthless paper for real goods. It only hurt us due to IP transfer and building up China's economy, but this was too nuianced to make a good tweet.
It's very complicated and contradictory what Trump wants, as always, but he clearly doesn't want you on the sidelines in BTC while he's doing it.

>the NSA invented/released SHA which means they know how to break it.
That's not how it works you fucking clueless chimp.

I'm not. There are enough Pajeets shitting up Jow Forums as it is. Imagine the smell if Jow Forums didn't exist to contain them.

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>the NSA invented/released SHA which means they know how to break it.

Jesus fucking Christ this is going in a YLYL thread on Jow Forums. Are you literally 14 years old? Do you know how math works? If I realize that adding two to two makes four, knowing this recipie for 4 using 2s, I can’t change it. I can’t put together two sets of two apples together and have any number of apples after that any higher or lower than four.

That’s a really bad shitty example but it’s because I’ve never had to make that example before, the explainatiln of how dumb your thinking is doesn’t even exist, you’ve crossed into new brainlet territory. Never post on this or any other board ever again.

I bet you hold LINK.

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>third worlders getting paid to promote Drumpf
This board is really hilarious.

>a transparent blockchain where every single transaction is open to anyone
>government doesn't like it
Wow that was unexpected.