He missed QNT

>he missed QNT
>he missed LTO
>he missed VIDT
>he missed LIT
Instead of buying pumped shit get in early on the next one, literally a $3m mcap with an actual product already generating income.

Big news coming out soon. at least 1 new exchange this month, hype catching up on twitter.
Don't tell me you STILL haven't bought in, do you hate money?
>inb4 seething indians calling this a pump and dump again
I'm giving you the next x5 Jow Forums, don't fuck this up.

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Morpheus Labs BPaaS simplifies and expedites the DApp development and gives you the flexibility to choose between available programming languages and blockchain runtimes that better suit your needs.

You get unparalleled benefits from an integrated collaborative development environment, workspace management, version control repository and many preconfigured tasks.

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Get familiar with it:




Shilled by:

Several big announcements until the end of the month and at least 1 new exchange.

Instead of falling for absolute pajeet tier PNDs like EVE and FTX do some research on this and realize you can be early in something that is super undervalued for no apparent reason except lack of awareness
>inb4 baseless fud like chink scam or some other bullshit

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VIDT has literally the same market cap while being much better project generating more revenue and having more impressive tokenomics with HUGE clients with T1 exchange coming in q3 with potential listing to binance dex. Don't fall for this anons.

back to your containment thread, besides, you do know MITX and VIDT are partnered, right? Fucking idiot

btw how heavy are your bags ranjeesh? bought the top again? kek

I was not saying MITX is a bad project you illitirate fuck. I was saying that VIDT is a much better investment. Also 17k volume lmao. Good luck with that. Fucking pajeet.

oh the irony
VIDT also used to have 10k or less volume before the pump you absolute mongoloid, but i can see you are a neanderthal that only buys into pumps, i wonder how heavy must be your bags lmao

Buys into pumps? I bought into -60% dip you pajeet. See you at 1$. You deserve to stay poor.

>do you hate money?

Lost me there pajeet

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you sure did buddy
sorry but take a look at it at least

There is 0 reasons to invest in this and not VIDT now that they have the same market cap. Most bullish thing about MITX is that they are partnered with VIDT.

vidt shillers get the fuck out, why are you even comparing the projects? literally 0 similarities
not to mention the usecase of MITX is much larger, but you probably don't even know what it does

We all want to make money no? I'm just telling people that buying MITX instead of working product generating revenue is plain stupid. Just buy VIDT and sell at 1$ and then you can buy MITX if you want to play it risky.

>instead of working product generating revenue
except MITX is also doing this, you know literally nothing about it yet here you are shitting the thread, get lost

heard of moon3d? 10x or 100x your crypto. ez money

literally and unironically KILL YOURSELF

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MITx has one of the very few business models that is actually revenue generating, above and beyond the usual tokenomics bullshit .

Virtually all crypto "Partnerships" are meaningless and mostly just driven by incentives (paid for by this market).

Paying customers is all that matters, and without offering a service/goods, customers are hard to find.. Not saying VIDT doesn't offer this, but I believe what it offers can be achieved without the need for a public blockchain

Another day, another same copy paste shill thread with this absolute garbage shitcoin.

only brainlets would say this is a garbage shitcoin, EVEN if my shilling looks pajeety
kek, i have to post some pics alongside with the text dude