Is 258 LINK and 44 Quant enough to make it?

Is 258 LINK and 44 Quant enough to make it?

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No. Go all in QNT.

these shitcoins already mooned bro. Go in RSR or EVE or some other lowcap instead.

drop the qnt

Make it? no
Make gains? yes
After Link reaches it's rightful price you might be able to sell a bit and make reall investments and finally make it

Try moon3d instead and get free rolls

no all in on link you fucking tard its going to be 1000$ eoy and if not i'd wager at least 100$ eoy

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Lmao look at the mcaps and think about that statement

No and no

suck my dick for 50 links
if you let me finish inside your ass, i'll pay ya 200 links
double your stack in a few minutes!

How much to make it? I could get to 700 linkies at a stretch

1k linkies for a suicide stack, 10k to make it

bullshit how can anyone get 10k

I need to fucking make it as I refuse to wagecuck

you had TWO YEARS

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10k to make it Patel.

10k link was $3k for a very very long time

go all in into link.
also get a credit card and buy a fucking ROOOOLEXXXX

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Cuz not everyone is a poorfag like you and even a couple months ago it wasn't even that much

yeah but who the fuck would buy it when it was a memecoin back then? not helpful

you think this has never happened before?

Go all in on link and you might have a place at the yacht party.

Yeah OP go all in to EVE a literal pump and dump coin