Imagine being a literal cuckold holding this shit while it's being dumped by devs

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yep, it's dumping

What's wrong with Sergey selling 1% of his funds to raise money? He told us he was going to and that it was necessary to scale up, and what else would he use that money for?

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How could he have possibly burned through 32 million on his 3 man team in 2 years?

Wait who is the third?

Because he raised 32 millions and he still hasn't come up with more than 200 lines of code.

Long term it can't be seen as anything other than bullish...af. i mean wtf they've got more work than the current team can handle, and they're not just looking for 1 or 2 extra people. Look how big large companies are. Chainlink is going to need to expand to a much bigger size as its usage grows

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You think Big Macs pay for themselves or something?

Did you write this yourself and try to pass it off as something other than your own blog post?

How much Tc cost?

This is the only fud the pajeet trannies have left? Something that has been known since ICO?

This shit needs to stop.

This should be terrifying to all stinkasses
Litetally no one uses it or needs to use it to grow their company. Case in point: docusign broke all time earnings across the board earlier this year with out link

>Imagine being a literal cuckold holding this shit while it's being dumped by devs
you mean cuckhodling, and the team needs to fucking say something. ANYTHING. feelsbadman.jpg

I also wonder this, though I think it couldn't have been a crazy amount. I would guess ballpark $5-15MM.

Keep in mind that $32MM of ETH probably became worth a lot less unless they cashed it out immediately, or in turn could have been worth a lot more if they bought LINK tokens back with it.

We'll probably never know the full truth, but generally even if devs are selling I'm not worried about why that is.


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only selling one percent is nothing. they earned it after these two years.
if it ever gets to 5-10% this early im market selling

Kek'd harder than was appropriate.

I think it's about saving money and increasing profitability through improved efficiency at greater economy, not increasing sales, expanding clients or whatever

>Long term it can't be seen as anything other than bullish...af
any business owner would understand this
if your company is hiring and recruiting a lot then that is very promising news

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>This should be terrifying to all stinkasses
stfu bitch

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>Litetally no one uses it or needs to use it to grow their company

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Thank you, NEETchan. Also checked.

I'm very concerned about this.

>800k link holder

32 million dollars already wasted
0 actual users acquired
just wow

>just wow

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Audibly keked. I fucking love the old LINK FUD.

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