Son when are you gonna get a girlfriend ?

>son when are you gonna get a girlfriend ?
>there are plenty of fish in the sea !

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what a qween.. how dare you OP??!

How many penises does bri-an have

fish is spoiled,
oil leaks everywhere

Plenty of beautiful women out there son!

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pretty sure tinder was literally designed to kill me

lmao, that dog...

Women online:
>He has to be 6ft 5
>Look like an actor
>Bodybuilders physique
>Have a sports car
>Be well off
>Be a 24/7 jester and going out of his way to dance for me because I have a 100 other men in my inbox

Women in person:
>He took me for a walk (because I am a woman and therefore like a dog) then we went back to mine and fucked
>He made me feel silly so I started to like him
>He ignored me so I started to like him
>He started to like my friend so I started to like him

You don’t have a girlfriend yet !? You’ll be 30 in a few more years !

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Faggot kys

She's actually pretty hot even though i dont dig goth shit or tattoos

Found the degenerate tatted up faggot


Son you must be gay

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This user knows, having to play their court jester is not even worth it anymore. I just installed tinder last night and tho I got a whole bunch of matches feel disgusted with the whole thing. I like to think that maybe by not swiping on thots by some miracle a nice qt will fall in my lap. I just have to much pride and no my worth to ever want to have to be one of these girls court jesters, this has resulted in terrible text game. I figure if the girly is really into you it hardly matters what you say to her right?

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30+ dating is like trying to find something to eat in a dumpster

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she looks like a right slam pig? Not someone i'd date but i'd fuck her without needing to be asked twice.

bo bo you, when incels nets gonna let the gf meme and learn to neet pimp the dirty bitches like a real chad, get brappilled fag

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here is how you bypass that, you get the number ,call them on the phone, CALL, yes takes balls. CALL

set up a date, time and place.

meet somewhere in public. park etc

meet for only 25-40 min,

get her to do all the talking ,70% ask questions be interested.

no pysical contact!

i have fucked 100's of average girls from interent all of them fall in love with me. have to stop fcuking them when they start to get feelings and move on to the next one

lol fuck you. That triggered me

Post face. I'm 25 and a lanky jew and I've had gfs/partners since I was 15. What kind of fucked up lives do you lead where no good women are interested in you?


This, girls are in a buyer's market online. Yes, I know it sucks (for people like us) but you just have to go out and do social stuff. Check out clubs, Toastmasters is a club to learn to speak in public. Lots of upper middleclass White girls...bitches love to talk.

Guys, you do know that tinder has an like- assortative grouping algo that only shows you people who are roughly around your own left-right swipe ratio, right?

When you make these threads about tinder only being full of fatties and damaged singleoms you're basically tacitly admitting that even AI thinks you're a 3/10 only fit to mate with the dregs of society, let alone what the normans think of you.

>imagine the hell

Lost count of the amount of the 30+ fat tatt'd up women into 'polygamous' relationships that I come across.

You will see when you hit 30+.

Based and red pilled I imagine maybe like 1% of guys she matches with bothers to ever call so that sets you apart and avoids the needless texting and trying to entertain her as well as puts the power in your hands as she no longer has a screen deflecting her from acting like a negative dork. I’m great at flirting with girls in person but I’m pretty average at text game because I realize what a waste it is when these girls have 100’s of orbiters.

>witty banter
what would happen if you were stuck with that kinda witty banter for 40 years...bliss?

No because unlike yall I'll have a wife instead of continuing to troll tinder hoping my waifu comes along.

No, not if you are rich