Its over

Its over.

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This is good for bitcoin



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>bought just in time to get irrevocably justed by the your own government

ohnononono my cones


where's my bearbros at? JUST SETUP MY 25x SHORT

Can someone explain to a brainlet. So lets say they ban bitcoin, I still have mine, I can still use them like before, so what difference does it make?

So this is when the singularity happens.

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Feels comfy being a LINK marine

what do you use them for

You will just never be able to sell it for USD/fiat if they banned it. No US bank would be allowed to work with it. That would be the extent of an outright ban but I just cant imagine that ever happening.

Boomers want to fuck us again

what's more valuable:
1kg of *legal* cocaine
1kg of illegal cocaine
I'm looking for some sick gainz if they make crypto illegal

Stream where?


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glad I don't live in cucked ameriland lmao

They will be worth fuck all by the time the fed gets done raping everyone's hopes and dreams with no vaseline.

LOL. yeah it will survive without sharts. they don't basically lead the way for the rest of us.

bitcoin ban talks been for years but you cant really do it as banks and hedgefundsa already invested (they have the power and like it) and each country has own rules if us ban cryptos eu and china will definitely do the opposite what trump does (eu has left leaning government and usa has right wing government). usually these talks are just jealousy people who call crash are not in the market and vice versa it's all about self interest of each other

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ITT: laughs as Burgers get life without parole for owning even a single LINK

Rest of world unaffected

But america != The world

WTF is this? Was this planned? were the people left in the dark about this?

fuck this is bullish
strong buy signal

when i travel between countries its the easiest way to get 10-20k$ in and out



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Bitcoin only mentioned twice

So this is the faggot who wrote trumps tweet

lmao apparently we're all cyberhackking ISIS terrorists right here

p-please b-be r-regula-ated guiz

What happens to Link?

??? you travel between BTC atms or something?

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This news is unironically bullish for LINK.

He said it's a Security and they're coming down HARD

when they outlaw it, hashrate will fall by 99%+++, taking away its security and thereby worth

There we go, someone with their brain intact

there are otc groups where you dont pay vig, obviously you wont get much traffic in alaska, but any bigger city in the world is super easy to do it.

>zuc gave briefing on his corrupt system,
>obvious threat to us
>0 fuck given
>zuc robo meme is what everyone saw
>fb kept growing bigger ever since

Precisely, the moment us tries to move against, russia and china will move forward and embrace. Prisoners dilemma.

The final solution they would all come to is: better bitcoin than [china, russia, etc etc]


Also twitter
>0 fucks given

You being sarcastic? I hope not. Because they dont, mutts are meaningless.

Boo, they aren't trying to ban BTC. I was hoping for 100X today.

i'm already ass deep in HARMONY ONE so those financial retards on CNBC can fuck right off with their shilling