How does it feel to know that your finances...

How does it feel to know that your finances, stocks and crypto wont matter if some crazy dude decides to slash your throat?

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I wont feel anything but the blade since i have zero of any of those.

Well then I'm just nothing. So no feels, fren

I don't fear dying; I fear never living

She didnt deserve to die

no shit

I heard about this. Bianca was her name right? Can someone give me a tldr. Last I heard they didn’t even really know eachother and after a concert he decided to slash her throat for no reason.

Is OP acting edgy? Or the grill g0t 187ed?

story pls

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Nvm found an article

Digits checked, ID checked

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for those who use twitter jew this is a good summary

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Oh, I just found THE pics.


Just look for her name in Bing images.

Fucked up shit.

Imagine being an adult male and posting an entire fucking documentary about some 17 year old slut that got killed after she manipulated the wrong person.

If she was dumb enough to get killed then yes, she deserved to die. It's nature at its finest.

Links to the picture?

Yo wtf people calling her a slut just to put in their two cents are trash. They played a few games together and he thought they had a damn connection and when she turned him down and ignored his forwards, he went psycho and you know how those “nice guys” are when they get shot down, they turn into insulting and threatening. She went to a concert with a different guy and he stalked her and killed her go that.

this. poor girl.

>Roastie would rather get her throat slashed than fuck a sub 8 male


Finance is pretty much a scapegoat.

Life is a funnel of diminishing returns.

Agreed. What this guy did was lashing out at not having what he wanted in the worst way possible.

As someone who has had anger and murderous thoughts, actually doing it isn't a good idea. Guy seems like the "if I can't have you, nobody can!" mentality ran through his brain. If I had acted out like that, I'd miss out on a lot of good things in my life.

Seems that he realized what he did was the wrong course of action or perhaps didn't want to face his consequences.

>t. Have a niece who is 17 and going to college next month

Honest question, where did the word incel originate from ?
I vaguely remember that it first started showing up in the media after some shooting in Canada. But before that I don't even think I have seen it used on the boards I frequent, so was it a r9k thing ?

Wish I was there to protect her. Scumbag would be laid out on the ground like those punks from felony fight videos way back when.

Holy shit dude, the cringe.

Pretty sure she wasn't planning on getting her throat slashed. Moreso never seeing the guy again.

Gotta add that there was a guy on Jow Forums who exercised every day and 1 various weightlifting competitions ended up dead by accident.

At the prime of his physical life, he had one Nemesis. Steve walking. He was stationed on the second or third floor of some barracks at a Marine Base and walked over to his death. Saw a similar thread about how you can have all this health and it can end in an instant.

Life is full of risk and we gotta mitigate it if we can. Gotta enjoy life too.

>Steve walking.

Damn. I'm also a Steve walker. Am I going to die an early death?