Crypto must be stopped because some people use it for bad things

>crypto must be stopped because some people use it for bad things

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>communism must be stopped because some people have used it for bad things

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economic system =/= currency

But our wonderful ally Israel is here to help us fight racist cryptoholders.Hurray!

Guns must never be stopped despite what they're used for. Guns don't kill people, people kill people.

Bitcoin must be banned because people buy drugs with it. People don't buy drugs, bitcoin does.

John McAfee schools orangeman

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Orange man GOOD!!!!!!

do you think they would allow neets getting rich

Jesus christ, you guys are bonified retards

>guns and drugs don't kill people, it's the money that is used to purchase it therefore all money should be taken from people

That's how fucking retarded you guys sound. The lengths you retards go to defend your down syndrome president just because he's a red neck hillbilly like you is pathetic.

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>Many many many many bad bad bad guys you guys.
>Listen I will fix this

>tfw your decentralized currency gets btfo by one centralized orange cheeto

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People voted for Trump. In fact, there are peole in Jow Forums RIGHT NOW who will vote for Trump again. Let that sink in.

Unironically I'm asking what would happen to crypto if Hillary was elected. I'm genuinely curious about everyone's thoughts.

that noose looks like a cheeto lol

>Israel is our greatest ally

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Yeah people never use fiat for bad things.

How silly to think that !


Completely irrelevant. Why do dumpsters keep bringing hillary up? That doesn't change the fact trump is an idiot. Holy shit.

You're a literal retard

He ain't a redneck, he is a genuine NY city slicker I tell ya huwat

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Lol dumpsters don't have coherent arguments. WHY am I retarded?

She wanted to censor gta4. Let that sink in.

Based Orange Furor hasnt done anything yet chill

>b-but muh hillury

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i don't think it would be much different to what's happening now. maybe more coinbase deplatforming but they're already doing that.

Ya, I do. He's called andrew yang. 1000 neetbux for all every month plus universal healthcare.

>not supporting the first jewish president is supporting israel

>Israel is against Trump!!

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I just asked how things might have hypothetically gone if Clinton won the election. I was completely neutral towards both candidates and you went into an incoherent libtard rage.

no dont you see? its 4d chess, trump is just giving israel and netanyahu literally everything they have ever wanted, including his daughters pussy, because he wants to betray them in the last month of his final term, silly goy, doubting Rabbi Trump

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>oh no pol, us jews definitely dont like trump, you should listen to us jews and stop supporting him. Be a good goy.

Classic Jew reverse psychology

woah, i now trust the plan

based Furor

Unironically bullish for Brapper

most fucking bullish thing I have witnessed come from that scrawny man

Lmao everyone here can see through your bullshit. Don't bring up random as shit people. Is she president? No? Then end of story. It's irrelevant.

This is bullish af for devery

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>It's irrelevant
As is your opinion

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4 more years.

philosemitism > black cock worship

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>being a goyboy
>not even jewish
yes good the saudis will reward you for your subservience

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based goyim

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>still brings up hillary even though they have nothing to do with this thread

Lmao your dumpsters can't make coherent arguments at all. Also, I never even voted for her either. This isn't me being salty about "anti-hillary" people. This is me btfoing idiots that change the subject with random bullshit.


Literally no limit to the cognitive dissonance of trumptards

This. Textbook case of mental gymnastics and cognitive dissonance



Uhhhh.... how in the fuck is that coping?

It's a miracle they can even go outside to vote, due to their severe social anxiety and autism.

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Fact: US Dollar is used for more illegal activities than any other currency on Earth. 99% of street drugs and illegal firearms are purchased with USD.

Fact: US Dollar is based on "thin air" because it hasn't been backed by gold for 50+ years and Jewish banks just print more of it whenever they want.

The same 2 complaints they have about Bitcoin are even truer to the US Dollar than they are to Bitcoin.