A-are we white nationalists biz

A-are we white nationalists biz

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im not white

gook here

I'm unironically a liberal

t. middle-eastern

but im brown


white non-nationalist

I am

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n-no mr.agent

asian here. however I respect all races except the pajeets

sirs i am very white sirs
my family in mumbai is also white sirs
buy chainlink sirs, 1000 dollars end of december sirs

ultra-leftist femanon here.

no brotha. let your voice be heard. let them know kyc aml is racist

I'm unironically a chainlink fascist i.e. a white racialist ancap

it's okay to be racist

Of course

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I'm a communist

I'm white and I'm nationalist.

Nah. identitarianism is for the jews.

The anti-white propaganda must be called out and stopped.

I am a bloody socialist, don't know about you guys.

Post bobs and vegene

I'm a conservative nationalist. Fuck liberalism, commies anrchies and (((whites)))

Unironically yes I am

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Mfw the white house calls out my racist NEET basket weaving emporium on live TV

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As you can see, OP. Jow Forums is a ragtag bunch of misfits who understand there are only two races.

THE HAVES and the have nots.

White, but liberal / left wing. That Jow Forums is alt-right bullshit that came from Jow Forums in the recent years, fucking newfag asshats.

Eurofag here.
Nationalist but not "white" nationalist.

You ever read To have and have not? Its quite good unironically. I thought hemingway was a meme but no

I am

We did it reddit!

No but I don't live in the US. Everyone is much friendlier here.

I'm black.

you beat me to it, I'm black as fuck

Jow Forums is an extremely politically balanced board, it's just the Jow Forumstards are the ones that constantly need to shriek about it. idk why

You don't have to be white to be a white nationalist.

I'm a Turk and a Pan-African Nationalist


I'm a non-negroe supremacist. I am also brown. What non-brainwashed humans have in common is hate toward the negroe.


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I'm unironically color blind

Every shitskin in this thread is to hand over their female relatives to me, for spaying and sexual enslavement, and then report to the airport to be shipped back to whatever jungle you crawled out of.

go anywhere outside of europe, america and africa and you'll find that racism towards blacks is unironically a global thing

Another communist here

Jow Forums is more reddit/fb than anons now

Jow Forums was ridiculed on every board back when people still used the word "stormfront" and shit. Now thanks to alt-right homos we have to deal with newfag facebook qanon faggots everywhere.

I'm latino, I guess I'm a White nationalist now. W-where do I get my robes?



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I'm a more of a green sovereign


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everywhere ive lived they hate niggers- australia, hong kong, malaysia, phillipines, japan, north idaho.


Coal burners

I am

>ben garrison photobomb

>if only you knew how bad things really are

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I'm just here to talk about ChainLink. I try to ignore the racists.

back to Jow Forums incel

>be market full of pajeets and russian scammers
>called nazis

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In this historical moment, we need more anarcho leftism.
t. Not an anarcho leftist

You don't have to be white to be a fascist, but if you are white then the chances go up 10 fold.