I wanna thank biz for this great dinner

I wanna thank biz for this great dinner

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Do you eat that cheese with shell?

Carbs and fat. You must be 230 pounds minimum?

wait you mean i need to remove it?

Go vegan.


can we guess your weight?

5'8 and 268lbs

damn dude, thats what I was going to guess.

go for it, but trust me you can't be fat if you use biz to make money

actually you almost need to divide that by 2

ok...honest guess...I'll leave height out because its needless distraction: 218lbs

He's probably the fat kid I see at walmart with the cookie monster hoodie

Go kys.

2 ft 10" 134lbs?

german detected

>no homo

>becaus of you i bought at 4.2
Btw im the real 42. Shoo shoo poo poo. 2.22 end of this week ps fuck yoo.

1ft 7'' actually

Mr detective pool B is gae


Wieviel brapper für jenes Edeka Sandwich?

weil ich bin kyle

>er verkauft brapper für essen
newfag detected

you eat this shit while sergey eats his mac royal

Was verstehst du daran nicht? WIR VERKAUFEN NIEMALS UNSERE BRAPPER!