Who's the alpha here?

Who's the alpha here?

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vitalik for sure, sergay too much fat i wont to fuck me

Chad Vitalik towering over manlet Sergey

Who's the only one standing with their legs uncrossed?

>crossed legs, concave chest, heroin addiction, looking at camera insecurely
>gut, staring past boobs while still looking, beard, hasnt changed clothes in 3 years, doesnt wear his conference pass cos everyone knows who he is, straight vodka in sports bottle
i think we know who is the alpha

the non manlet of course

ofc thats aryan vitalik.
vitalik is true chad, sergay has shit eyes


Thank you hungry skeleton

skinny guys are good in sex
fatso could kill you

money belly would fuck money skelly just to prove a point. but he wouldn't do that because he is a gentleman. Belly is clearly the alpha

legs crossed is the sign of a virgin

absolutely no argument to be had here

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good god sergey is slovenly

the guy with good posture

leave Jow Forums, bloatmaxxing is a joke, girls prefer slim men, only used up 30 yo whores like fit men

change. your god damn. shirt. sergey.

It's getting ridiculous at this point, the guy is becoming a joke.

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the virgin skelly vs the chad belly

The one not crossing his damn legs.


vitalik is actually qt. sergey is gross and needs to wash his clothes

How the fuck can someone stay that skinny through their 20s? Especially considering vitalik doesn’t exercise. Is he vegan or does he just not eat solids?

Feet shoulder width apart to distribute weight evenly, water bottle to remain hydrated all day, lumber jack shirt, beard of dominance, gut for days.

Stick like figure crossing legs while standing, easily looses balance, would break arm if he fell over, no beard, limp wrists, long turtle like neck, watch face has more girth than forearm.

she is so disgusted by the two of them she is crossing her arms AND her legs, lmao that body language

this is a shameful question we all know who’s the thickest alpha. sirgay could shit on that junkie and make him like it

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Yoko ono wins the race

Sergey mogs everyone

ornstein and smough lookin ass

they say people that wear the same thing everyday are really successful.. it takes stress off of them not having to decide what to wear everyday.. instead they focus on goals

Disclaimer: i've never owned any link and don't plan on owning any time soon.


Sergey is the man and Chainlink is going to be $10 EOY, but her feet are pointing at Vitalik , which is an IOI

he subsists on residual electrons leftover from ETH transactions

Nah he likes green tea and bread with avocados

You gain weight a lot easier by drinking calories than eating them


It seems that Vitalik is mirroring the girls stance or vice versa. There is some attraction going on either way.
Meanwhile Sergey doesnt known where to look or where to put his hands, awkward.

I used to think the crossing legs gesture was the "my pussy is closed to you" gesture but now I think it's the opposite because it really accentuates their hips. But I agree about the arms crossed gesture.

But she probably knows they're both millionaires. Wtf is going on?


>surely nobody would emulate this to bring in retards

she is alpha

I would suck Vitalik's dick

Yea, the one that's happy to do heroin and not vodka.

You are GAY

the carpet

the kungpao

Holy shit that's a brutal mog. Just look at based Vitalik twink height, appearance and posture mogging Sergey. ABSOLUTELY KEK.

Checked id 7s. So sergey

She's crossing her legs because her pussy's wet, and she's trying to hold it in.

that's not heroin that's speed, probably ADHD meds

It looks unwashed and like he slept in it too

not everyone is impressed by that