Chiliz [CHZ] doing FTOs

600,000,000 fans buying FTOs via CHZ soon!

Wolf Crypto News Telegram:

"CHZ has offically partnered with Galatasaray, Paris Saint-Germain, Juventus, West Ham United, AS Roma, Atlético de Madrid."

What makes this announcement especially juicy is this -
The Galatasaray Fan Token will go on sale, exclusively through, in Q1 2020 through a process known as a Fan Token Offering™ or FTO.
Crypto-savvy fans can also use’s native token, Chiliz (CHZ) — a digital currency for blockchain-backed platforms and products as well as mainstream users — which can be transferred from cryptocurrency exchanges such as, straight to the in-app digital wallet.
Fiat currency purchases will be exchanged to CHZ in the app itself, meaning the process of buying Fan Tokens will be effortless and much the same as any e-commerce purchase.
CHZ tokens bought within the app by consumers are actualy purchased off an exchange on the users behalf at the current market rate at the time of purchase.

This is why CHZ and the concept of actual adoption of the project and token is so appealing.
As you can see from the numbers above, each new team brings exposure to the CHZ token to millions of users and once the application is released and there are FTO's run on the platform that require the CHZ token to participate, it's not difficult to see how much demand this has the possibility of creating.
Keep in mind too, these are all full partnerships that enable the CHZ and Socios teams to fully leverage these audiences and that the clubs themselves will receive a portion of the profits from FTO's, this creates an ecosystem in which there is not only demand for a token, but all parties are fully incentivised to make it work, not only for their bottom line, but also for their fans.

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