Do you hear that fellow freedom fighters?

It's the linkers quaking in their boots. I see the freedom we can enjoy. A board free of linkers.

The tyranny imposed by sirgay and his cult will not go on. Boomer threads. Job threads. Gold/silver/oil threads.

General advice. Stock market. Real estate. Other forms of business and advice will go on.

WE will rid this board of these parasites and paid indian posters of the chainlink team.

And we will see this board cleansed and sirgay arrested.

Never surrender. Keep fighting the good fight.

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first they ignore you

then they try and disprove you

then they collude

then they post again

these weak handed faggots are losing this board and they know it

when it finally surfaces all the shady shit chainlink did, it will blow up expectations and people will write a book about the biggest scam of the 2010s

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Then they rob you for your shekels while your asleep!! Im PULLING an all nighter until the chinks go to bed

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oh my goooooooood that aaaaaaass holy SHIT

A-are you c-c-c-...gnng...

Thank you for your service. You are a guerrilla fighter in the war for board freedom.

Just for you.

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Kek, linkies are really living rent-free inside your head aren't they?


i honestly dont even think about

In the last week hundreds of articles describing chainink as a pump and dump scam have been published via virtually every crypto news site including articles in Italian and Dutch. Typink chainlink into google search gives the first result as an article describing chainlink as a pump and dump scam. To claim this is o no importance and will not deter investment and the credibility of the token as a crypto asset is a bad joke. /Bis oldfags already know link is a PnD scam and have observed the alternate shilling and fudding for years. The fact is link is a scam but not the project itself which is essentially an irrelevance to the PnD fleecing those who are not members of the group running the scam. To hold it is to ask to be defrauded. It can never be bought at an honest market price and the highs are artificially coordinated scams to dump bags on new buyers, let the price collapse, rebuy and repeat the scam.

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Rent free in the streets after losing everything on link.

Would a mask like that help the person in OP's picture to not sniff the brapper?

I think a separate crypto board would be better, biz would be a lot more tolerable in the meantime if tranny jannies did their jobs and pruned the "how to make money fuk prostitute" threads etc.

2/2 so far my man

No, we just need to swipe them clean.

I gotchu.

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There's literally no way for you to get rid of linkies OP, Jow Forums might as well be renamed /link/ at this point, cry more bitch nigger

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Ugly catloli get better catloli

Best thing I've found is not to reason with them or deal with them like human beings. They are purely emotional driven, completely incapable of logic. Treat them like the sub-humans they are, just copy paste interesting tidbits about this scam. The public needs to know.

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get the fuck in here
look at how obnoxious they get once they're exposed for what they really are.. weak, hiveminded automatons who shapeshift between hiding behind authority like a wimp and standing on its shoulder..
truly pathetic

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Nigger you can barely even begin to imagine how smug I am, cry more tears tho, they're delicious

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>Based in the cayman islands
>Gives same presentation past 3yrs
>Nothing is intellectually patented
>JSON Parser
>Countless "insiders"
>Confirmed security by law group
>Manipulated price action (You are here)
>Rest of the year = same presentation
>SEC launches investigation
>Sergey Disappears
>Dev wallet dumps all tokens
>Team freaking out
>Confirmed edit scam all over the news

Master, please binance me again

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>I express my individuality by being smug about how I was swindled and gaslighted into being part of a cult

Throw in all the nothing burgers starting with sibos 2017 when swift was supposed to announce using link for all it's transactions.

>September highlights: 9/12 Binance ban
yeaaaaaah I'm gonna call schizophrenia on linkshills.

would u turn into a girl

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this is purely social proof though, and doesn't stand up to the rigours of Jow Forums.

the fud threads are actually more annoying than the linkers to be honest, and are obviously ppl stuffing their bags. no sane person invests so much time in energy into something they despise.

see above two replies user, they aren't gonna go away, and the fudders are bag stuffers imo.

Sauce on this titty monster