XDB Digitalbits is bigger than we ever imagined

Pay attention. What I'm about to write here is probably the most important thing you will read on Jow Forums for the next 6-12 months.


I first heard of Digitalbits from a friend who knows Ari Paul at Blocktower Capital. They're a strong crypto VC out of NYC who have backed some big names in the past and went big on XDB in their earlier rounds. I figured based on the XDB team's previous exits and having the Walmart CMO helping them that they had good potential, but when you dig deeper there is some insane things going on that guarantees this will be one of the easiest and lowest risk 10x+ projects. If you're reading this now, it's already at 3x in a strong accumulation phase on IDEX (idex.market/eth/xdb). Don't worry too much though, the mcap is still only about 2.5-3mm so there is plenty of upside left.

To fully understand the impact of what I'm about to write, you need to understand the general token metrics as it's extremely relevant to partnerships and pilot studies:

- XDB becomes exponentially deflationary as companies adopt it or even basic pilot studies are conducted. Every account has a mandated token requirement that is locked and burnt.
- It has exceptional token metrics that have considered velocity and its impact on price. Apparently it was Bradley Rotter from Pantera who invested and advised heavily on this part. (medium.com/digitalbitsorg/piecing-it-together-pt-5-token-velocity-9ca18ac9fe5d)
- There is also its use as a bridging token, staking via node operations and plenty more. DYOR on this part if you want to know more.
>>>> Telegram link before part 2 begins: t.me/digitalbits

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Now for the real interesting part:

- Last AMA the CEO confirmed MULTIPLE PUBLICLY LISTED COMPANIES are going to start using XDB. Apparently this is in response to Libra as a lot of the boomer board members of big companies are not wanting to miss the boat on "the next big thing". Whether you think it's a meme or not, reality is big companies are coming and they want to build branded currencies.

It was confirmed by several people in the Telegram that these are not (((partnerships))) or any kind of meme bullshit, these are confirmed companies integrating and testing XDB NOW. And if you get the token metrics from before, it means no off-chain, sidechain, testnets. Just straight XDB demand.

- The odds on favourite is Walmart itself given the CMO of Walmart is on the team, or a subsidiary to run the initial testing and pilots. They made heaps of blockchain patents lately and created a branded currency to create with the wave of upcoming corporate currencies like Libra is a big deal to them according to what Ari has been saying to people. (forbes.com/sites/benjaminpirus/2019/08/15/walmart-cryptocurrency-patent-just-the-latest-of-a-string-of-false-starts/#51eef70c4a8a)

- Finally, CEO Al Burgio also has numerous exits to large companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Tencent, and more. He's connected as fuck, especially in the Canadian business scene. Julie Lyle is heading up onboarding for USA, and they have several companies in Canada who will be coming too. It's just unclear which ones are being added first.

- Someone contacted XDB and pretended to be a company and was told there's a waitlist before they can be added.


Until recently this thing has had near zero attention from anyone and is being heavily accumulated by earlier investors. Simply put: XDB is on the verge of delivering on an ultra streamlined iteration of branded currencies that is guaranteed mainstream media coverage.

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>Part 3 due to character limit

Only last thing I want to say is any paid shills who are going to autistically scream shitcoin or anything, please KYS. I've researched every recent shill on Jow Forums and absolutely none have the potential of being a chainlink 2.0. Their starting marketcaps are way too high and their pricing is justified entirely by speculation rather than inherent price-leading metrics like XDB.

And to prove I'm not a shill: niggers

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why would I want a chaintstink 2.0?

Considering LINK did a huge multiple, I would assume you want "Chainlink 2.0" because you don't hate money and aren't a mouth breathing mongoloid.

Explain this please
Cicl supply 90 mil
Total supply 100 bil


We want moon only. Up only. No down

Huge amount of the total supply is locked up in an algo pool that has nothing to do with secondary trading, and even the other tranches are locked from 2022 - 2027+.

Would I be as bullish if it were 2022, probably not. But before then there are enough business cases and hype, with a totally locked down circulating supply that can force this to much greater heights with very little chance to meeting serious resistance except from earlier buyers (people buying now).

And even then, look at the charts. It's hardly moving outside of the range of BTC/ETH swings. Whoever is accumulating is almost certainly not planning to sell anytime soon.


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What this guy said yeah.

The potential in the short term and long term for XDB is unparalleled rn. Take a look at the chart on IDEX, it cant be stopped.

They're seeking to make branded currencies for corporations and have the entire ecosystem ready to put them into effect right now. Only utter mindlets will call this a project with no potential.

Sub 2m mc on Idex, 5 cents eoy.

If you know, you know

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That ID

I'm swing trading XDB for easy gains in the next 2 months. Then dump that ass and never look back

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Everyone CEO of XDB Al Burgio fucked this guys wife that's why he posts bullshit fud in every thread.

imagine being this guy, every single thread

Unironically laughed my ass off at this
So true.

You post this in EVERY thread and it gets debunked all the same. Absolutely low quality as fuck. Just remember each time you post this, we are making money holding this. Screencap my thread for when we're at 5x post-first company announcements.


> 100 billion total supply
Mostly locked for literal ages, unsold tokens (in the billions) likely to be burned. See the Medium post I linked above. >low circulating supply
Yes, little to no tokens were sold, hence low circulation. Rest is locked up. Literally the same as any other project. Circulating supply defines market cap in crypto, just check any site.

>Over 15 billion can be dumped
Source? Stop making shit up.

>With total supply...
Well, total supply is irrelevant and always has been, especially in the short term.

>Token is worthless, idea is bad
Because...? Listing this as a "fact" is just funny. I explained how this works in the entire OP post I made.

>Check what happened with DENT
It pumped to andromeda? Is that what you mean? Also, again "look at other project" is not a "fact"

TL;DR: KYS faggot

Enjoy missing out when we at 50m mc next year

I have 8k, what would that be in $ if this hit 50m?

Circa 2.2k usd, need to up your stack lad

I have 8k too. Guessing you put in a hundred bucks for the hell of it like I did

I'm not putting any more $ into crypto. Whatever I have is what I have. EIther it moons in another bull run or it sits on my trezor forever bleeding to 0.

Not our of the question. I'm gonna be happy with a x2, which wont be long for me I dont think. Will dump then and wont look back

Don't get me wrong 8k is acceptable for the next bullrun, just not for a quick flip next year. Def smarter play long term

Refer to the moonsheet, this shit is doing more than a 2x kek

>Over 15 billion can be dumped
>Source? Stop making shit up.

Sorry it is actually 13 billion.


"Over 87% of unsold tokens locked up for multi-year release"

So still 130 x current circulation of unlocked tokens and you fuckers think this is a good investment. LMAOOOOO

>Yes, little to no tokens were sold, hence low circulation. Rest is locked up

No it is not, almost 13 billion is not. You are fucked Ranjeet and that's why you are so angry :D

Image updated, now Ranjeet doesn't have any arguments left.

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Imagine what will happen to the price if Fyrechain or Satsgang pick this one up... Totally under the radar so far. 2 mil marketcap. With only one big announcement this will take off like DAG easily.
CEO Al Burgio is the former CEO of Console Connect, which . This project has gains in Q4 written all over it. Use case is solid. Only thing to be worried a little is the very low circulating supply. I hope they are going to announce a token burn in the future

>bigger than we ever imagined
This is what SENT shills were spamming a few weeks ago where are they now?

BTFO with their scam of a project probably. Nobody is buying that

Stay poor

Let's go boys

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Thank you sir. This is the first time since QNT got shilled here last year at 40 cents, that a Biz post has convinced me again to invest in a microcap coin

Kys salty pajeet in every thread. Stay poor.