It’s increasingly apparent with SWIFT adopting LINK to execute smart contracts...

It’s increasingly apparent with SWIFT adopting LINK to execute smart contracts, Chainlink is to be the industry standard. This is huge because SWIFT is how establishment banks comply with the EU’s PSD2 regulations, but, instead of getting their lunch eaten with red tape LINK allows these banks to comply with PSD2 while making even MORE money due to cost savings in what will be the next generation of derivative markets. It’s basically their “fuck you” to regulatory agencies.

But that’s not all. Consider the following conundrum unfolding in the global financial system:
As you know, the IMF, World Bank and BIS manage the global money supply. Well, Basel I and Basel II have been implemented and on the 31st of March 2019, Basel III will be implemented, effectively reducing world money supply so derivatives can be cleared and the system can be deleveraged.

Now if rumors of a March mainnet launch are true, then once Basel III takes effect and counter parties start failing again, what emerging low market cap asset do you think everybody will flock to make up for losses?

Because if the stars are aligning like I think they are, we’ll see the following scenario play out across all kinds of industries.

- “Oh, you're an ambitious startup that needs access to our customer’s balances? We’ve made our data fully available through the industry-standard, trusted, decentralized Chainlink network, you're free to access them there at any time. And just in time to meet the regulations of PSD2!”

- “What's that? You're upset that each access costs more than you have allocated for such transactions and now you can't compete? Well that's just a shame. I mean we did have LINK available for over a year at less than a dollar. Why didn't you buy then? And you're mad that we hold 30% of the supply? Why wouldn't we? Look at what a fine investment it has been, friend!”

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Token not needed. No mention of chainlink at sibos. Have sex

Hilarious fud

>2 years with absolutely no indication that Swift has any relationship with Chainlink
>Linkers: It’s increasingly apparent with SWIFT adopting LINK.....
kek how desperate

Come on you gotta be stupid to believe there is no indication.

There is no indication. I have a PhD in astrophysics.

Quite literally the opposite, you have to be stupid to believe there is. Chainlink has been feeding fake breadcrumbs for years. That's literally how hey make money. None of it ever materialized.

there is no indication, they would have mentioned chainlink at least once when talking about the technicals of gpi Link

> dopimeme running low
> Is 100 link enough to make it?

Were the swift contracts more than 2 years ago? The presentations and uncontested wearing of the logo on their site? Your PHD in astrology?

Based, checked and rektpilled.

you know what people in the industry link targets can do pretty well ? Ensure that people thinking they can get rich with buying a TOKEN dont actually become wealthy. Its not gonna happen and if you dont see this youre delusional. I like the Tech tho, but its like thinking a piece of paper becomes a winning powerball ticket if you just wait long enough....

watched the presentations myself, it's unironically apparent to me that chainlink is the next god protocol. not gonna bother wasting my time trying to prove to others who are too lazy or too stupid to see the forest for the trees themselves.

to anybody holding chainlink, congrats. you literally made it.

ok guys im so sorry

i wont fud link anymore ive already bought in after fudding it for months on here and on discord so there is no point in me doing so

what swift aims to use r3 corda for cannot be accomplished without a decentralized oracle service like link. it just simply is not possible for corda to process external data without it and there is proof right in front of people's faces showing that yes gpi link is chainlink

use this advice wisely its a clear upward trend from here
Kill yourself

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you're obviously a non-programmer norman, otherwise it would be apparent to you that Chainlink is centralized vaporware that has 0 dev adoption.
what about it? More fake breadcrumbs created by the Chainlink team? When will they learn? None of the fake breadcrumbs have ever materialized.

>It’s increasingly apparent with SWIFT adopting LINK to execute smart contracts
no its not

What I gather from this thread is that stinkies have run out of dates to look forward to, and are back to their old nebulous bullshit.
As link is a completely worthless token fueled by pure hype, it means the slow bleed to zero has finally started.

Thanks for the bump

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sure, I bump to show brainlets like you.
Initially I thought all gpi link posts are trolling, but no - there are two-digit iq brainlets that sincerely believe it's related to chainlink.
I know you're going to hold to zero, no matter how long it takes.

>provides no evidence
BLOCKCHAIN! CHAIN! CHAINLINK! That's how retarded your thought process is. Any use of the word link, and you jump straight to chainlink despite no evidence. Name one piece of evidence that's not a logo on the smart contract website.

whats this pattern called

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I literally did post proof that doc was made by rory you nigger

is that actually sir gay or a shop I legitimately can't tell

>made by rory
that's adorable

link is a shitcoin i sold at $4

i enjoy you guys losing so much fucking money after i sold

You belong in a fucking oven.

Sorry mate, I'm white as fark.

Rory made this but the information is two years old which might as well be no information. If swift want to celebrate gpi link they should thank for all their help.

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>top 20 last 4 months
user get real find some link in your life, I've been re-buying since that day it hit 4ksats

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I’m going to email and call SWIFT’s Headquarters tommorrow and inform them a cryptocurrency ICO team is using their brand and company to sell unregistered security tokens to retail investors, and dumping millions in profit on them. I’d like to see how they respond, you guys wonder if they’ve ever even fucking heard of chainlink?

post proof faggot.

The trannies aren’t even trying anymore

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not sure if bait, but having a token whose value is specifically tied only to a) the value of the contracts it guarantees and b) the demand for the network is important to a stable economy surrounding the service and gives the token real world value. The more in demand the network is, the higher the value for the token and the less speculative or arbitrary it is. It ceases to be magical internet money and an actual currency whose value arises from real world demand for a useful service. And the more LINK is used to collateralize real world value tied into smart contracts, the more in demand it gets. Its value rises and falls to meet the needs of the network as the Chainlink service is used. Why would you want fiat to guarantee the network when fiat's value (and supply) is determined arbitrarily by a centralized authority? Its value is tied to a complicated web of politics, world events, war, and how much the centralized authority decides to print, which are forces far outside the scope of demand for the Chainlink network.

The argument that ETH should be used is also stupid--- ETH's value, like LINK's, should arise from the demand for the use of the Ethereum network, and only be determined by that. In other words, Ether should only have value that arises from its use as gas for the Ethereum network, not from some arbitrary, speculative imagination that it's a store of value. It is actually a good thing for a currency or token to have its value tied specifically to one service or a utility, and not to a web of diverse, arbitrary, and complicated forces. One service that is in demand, accessible by one token meant only for that service.

I’m going to do it faggot. I’ll also report this and all relevant information to the SEC, I’m sure there aware but a nudge can’t hurt. Chainlink sold unregistered securities to US citizens. They are FUCKED.

Cool bro

yes the Chainlink team is lying about partnerships to scam low IQ linkers like yourself, what else is new? Lying about partnerships is literally the only way they have made money since launch. No one is using their KYC oracles.

Why do linkers always post materials, images, tweets and websites created the Chainlink team themselves to "prove" partnerships. Like no shit, the team is claiming it's a partnership, doesn't mean it's true. The team has a history of lying about them, so it actually means it's false.

god dam you're dumb

>fudding your investment with year old fud
Get back to discord and dilate you mentally ill tranny

>lying about partnerships they never announce
Subhuman shitskins brains

Statistically it’s more likely that chainlink have a working relationship with swift, as opposed to chainlink being an elaborate scam that’s roped in google and oracle.

n-no please. muh lambos.

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You haven’t seen FUD yet. Wait until the SEC is indicting Sergey for securities fraud, shuttering chainlink and making the bag holders go to court to recoup .01 on the dollar. SWIFT will push for litigation since the project is claiming to be partnered and be integrated into its services.


Weren't you already talking about this made up shit back then in 2017? lmao


do it faggot. nobody cares.

absolutely false. Chainlink is not an elaborate scam. They are a real company, writing real software. They only lie about very key points to raise money from dumb investors:

1. they lie about being decentralized
2. they lie about being partnered with swift
3. they lie about being partnered with google

There is 100% chance that they are not partnered with Swift, just like they weren't partnered with Google, and just like KYC oracles with no sybil resistance are not decentralized.

It's not an elaborate scam at all. Just make shit software and pretend to have great partnerships.

Basically this is how I see it. We have fudders from twitter and shitheads like metorocuck faggot. Who specifically come on Jow Forums to fuck around.

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kek swingie detected

I'm only 2,263.20% up on my purchase of these tokens on June 27th 2018
i feel betrayed, in the most elaborate way possible

Ah i see!

hes posting about Jow Forums again

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>google said it was an ongoing relationship
>Adelyn has said swift is an ongoing relationship
Just give it up, google and swift are infuddable. You had two years to get your shit together.

Don't even bother with the newfags, they don't deserve it. Now I see why there's so much FUD from people who hold link.

I can be making thousands of dollars and the idiots of the world will either ignore it or simply not believe.



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