Why do random governments keep making meme coins

why do random governments keep making meme coins

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> To bypass economic sanctions


So basically a gold backed crypto aka the gold standard. Looks like war is back on the table boys.

kek. any biztard who buys this coin is literally funding North Korea

because you are late adopter

>you'll never be this autistic

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sounds good to me

So what, they bypass economic sanctions in this way.
And maybe this is true for North korea, venezuelan pedro is backed by venezuelan oil and is meant to avoid financial war too.

The same reason every else does. The US establishment cartel marginalizes them and they want to get out from under the USD scam.


>the country plans to forge a token
not the only thing Best Koreas been forging. They s'posed to have fairly high-level investment in printing presses for Not Best Korea currencies

Oil sellers don't have that much negotiating power since there are dozens of countries selling oil. I'd be very suprised if venuzuela's petro, or north korea's shitcoin take off.
so far it looks like venuzuela has given up on the idea because it's been a year and nothing happened.

you can't forge what's fake in the first place

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So they all crash beyond anything history ever experienced to the point men are desperate to salvage something from their ruins.

In comes the deceiver with a solution of a one world currency that can bring what was lost. And the men will eat it up.

One world currency.

I know little so it may not play out exactly this way - but what can you expect from someone made from dust and ash?

it will never happen. anyone saavy enough to make it to upper echelons of government understands that zimbabwe currency is worthless because niggers don't produce anything valuable and never will.
only blue pilled cretin believe hyperinflation was caused by anything other than killing the white farmers.
Each country has different goals for their currency. exporters want to debase their currency to keep people buying their product.

the closest thing is a global store of value like bitcoin. but it won't be a common currency for obvious reasons.

Who the fuck will believe that the physical goods by which this coin is backed actually exist in the quantities the DPRK states? No one will believe their valuation. Watch them come out and say they have half the world's supply in gold

I’m in

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how is this going to pump my shotcoins bags anons?

Kim, pump my shitcoins