>boomers and institutional money are going to make us rich and buy our bags

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what a fucking fail, as expected

Hilariously low volune AND a dump, double kek.

only deluded bulltards believed in that to be honest

anons, you really dont get it, do you?

Please explain dumbass, come on pull the rabbit out of your ass

this is bullish for the long term

what we really need is an ETF, not more futures when those already exist.

VanEck cancelled their ETF after only 4 BTC sold.

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at this rate bakkt wont last till christmas. honestly super sad display.

GBTC is what I use for BTC exposure
The Bakkt thing would be awesome if you could trade 1/100 of a bitcoin, And had an options chain.

$66,000 honestly isn't that bad. the volume can't be faked like other exchanges. i don't know anything about bakkt though, i have no interest in trading futures.

everything is ok going exactly as planned

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what? that the investors are just wanting their money bakkt?

Bakkt couldn't give a shit that there's no demand for their product now. That doesn't matter. Think for a second that ICE made a brand new company for the single purpose of creating a bitcoin futures contract. Does that make sense to you? Cboe and CME both didn't do that, they released their own futures contract within their exchanges. So why would ICE create Bakkt just to issue a single futures product? That doesn't really make sense does it?

The answer is they are playing a long game here. What is a physically settled bitcoin futures contract useful for? Price discovery and custody. If you've been following Jay Clayton's commentary on Bitcoin you know that these are the two things he isn't convinced are up to standard yet for the cryptocurrency market.

Bakkt futures aren't the end goal here, they are just an experiment to show the SEC and wider markets that Bakkt and ICE can be trusted with Custody and Price discovery of Bitcoin.

Mark my words Bakkt will bring the first Bitcoin ETF to market.

it's $680,000, learn to multiply.

the bakkt reserve accumulation pump from april to june made me a shit ton of money. whats even better, i get to dump on normans who didnt sell the news. rinse and repeat in dec. bakkt is awesome.

If you were a zillionaire old person would you put millions into bakkt on day one, or wait a few weeks to let others beta test the new technology for you? Have some patience.

yesterday volume was 26 btc now its 71 btc looks like its growing pretty steadily desu

oh no better sell it all to them right before trump sends rates to 0% and trade wars make everyone hyperinflate their currencies

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You have no idea what futures contracts are actually for.

This ONLY makes sense in the context of mining and hashrate.

Speculation is not what futures contracts, much less physically delivered futures, are for.

This is what ICE does, they throw shit against the wall and watch to see what sticks. Creating an LLC and a small staff is nothing to them.

This was a fun summer project for them. They tested the waters, for "institutional money" - and failed. That's what ICE does.

they're getting in early to see if it holds up. Wait until BTC cuts supply and they see the gains BTC is doing. Fomo is real and humans are greedy

Where do you get those numbers? On their website there is dispalyed a volume of 4.


different timezone is still the previous day i think

what do you mean guys with ''price discovery'' of Bitcoin?

Nobody really knows how much it’s worth.

and why should BAKKT help with price discovery?

It's flim flam and snake oil from the degenerate "true believers" who hand wave away the failures of crypto, who think the meteoric rise in price of 2018 is going to happen again, even though it's pretty fucking obvious nobody wants it in the volume needed for that.
Last week was "BAKKT WILL SAVE US, WE'RE ALL GONNA MAKE IT!" - and now this week it's "It doesn't matter that it failed, it's a long term thing." They'll have a new excuse for every step of the way down. It's the same mentality - or lack of brains - as the retard poos on Bitmex who think posting "COBRA STRIKE BULL RUN STARTS NOW TO FINANCIAL FREEDOM" will actually move the line on the graph - the BAKKT true believers just use more fancy words.

the best part of BTC is it's dis-inflationary supply. This makes it so less demand is needed to increase price as time goes on. The opposite of most stocks and assets that inflate faster than demand.
it just means figuring out the current price. The way wall street uses it means adding up many sources and derivatives of a product and putting a $ value on it.
They just want there buddies who own exchanges to get a piece. Proper, regulated exchanges, owned by someone they have a relationship with. Catch me?

Why did anyone think it was going to happen on the first day?


Is there a fucking link where you can check the current volume on a decentralied app like etherscan? Why do we even need this fucking peace of shit like BAKKT when we can not even check and proof the volume and we need to trust (((them))).

why should BAKKT help with price discovery?

no answer...

>expecting Wall Street guys to buy high

>The opposite of most stocks and assets that inflate faster than demand
Exscuse me Sir but this is not true.... stocks have a finite number of can they ''inflate'' if the number is finite?

I don't argue with retards or poos. There's literally no point.

Additional stock printing (diluting of shares).

not so, they use it like a piggy bank, ask amazon

>Companies don't generally release how many stocks they have because it's a hard number to nail down. When a company states how many shares it has, there are three options to give:

The authorized number chosen at the startup of the business
The current number of issued stocks
The diluted number, which is all authorized and issued stocks
Since the market changes each day, the number of stocks any company has does too. You can estimate a company's number of stocks by dividing their company value by the stock price.

How Many Shares Should a Company Start With?
Deciding on a number of shares to start with is challenging because there are many factors involved. Many experts suggest starting with 10,000, but companies can authorize as little as one share. While 10,000 may seem conservative, owners can file for more authorized stocks at a later time.

Typically, business owners should choose a number that includes the stocks being issued and some for reservation. Authorizing more stocks costs legal and filing fees. Most states charge $200 to $300 for 100,000 shares. The best investment for a business owner is to choose the highest number of authorized stocks for the lowest filing fee.

Choosing a number depends on how big you expect your company to get and how much you think it will be worth. Most stocks at the IPO have about a $10 per share value. If you estimate your company's value to be $1 million at the IPO, then the number of authorized stocks should be 100,000. In the beginning, your business won't be worth $1 million, so each stock won't be worth $10. Each share may be worth pennies, but over time, its value will hopefully increase.

Once you've decided on your number, you want to decide how you're going to issue stocks. It's recommended that startups should issue 60 percent of authorized stocks and reserve 40 percent for investing and stock options. The rest belong to the founders of the company. Out of 71 technology IPOs analyzed, the average ownership of founders was 15 percent. You can keep more or less of your stocks for founders. Many businesses have between 5 and 30 percent founder ownership at the company's IPO.

Taxes and fees play a role in deciding the amount of stocks authorized. Delaware asks business owners to disclose how many authorized shares the company needs at formation to figure franchise fees. A business has to pay taxes on stocks issued as gifts or stock options. The amount of shares you want to give away is a factor in deciding a total number to authorize. Speak with a tax professional or tax attorney for more information on your state's fees and taxes.

this is why I buy BTC because I got frustrated at stock traders ignoring me talking about shares outstanding and total float


>Additional stock printing
this is not the same thing as buying back their stocks literally no one is doing that

Boomers already bought in in 2017-2018... "Institutional money" - what is meant by that word? I doubt hedge funds will touch bitcoin due to volatility risks. Professional traders definitely know about bitcoin and actively trade it. Professional algotraders were spotted back in the MtGox times...

Why do Bitbugs think there are always hidden pockets of billions of dollars waiting to further speculate on Bitcoin? The well has run dry folks already a 100+ billion market cap of which 50-90% on any given day is fake volume.

Now we wait for the zoomers

zoomers are broke as fuck

>diluting of shares
is not stock buybacks, it's the opposite. damn bro, keep up.
fuck their money, I don't want it, btc pumps without it.
>Why do Bitbugs think there are always hidden pockets of billions of dollars waiting to further speculate
I don't have time to explain monetary policy. But there's over a trillion in reserves held by the banks in the fed, making interest on excess reserves came only after the crash to limit inflation. That's % is going down to 0.
Also trump is tweeting every week about devaluing the dollar, he is literally screaming that we need to print more $ to fight china. And you're wondering where the money will come from?

The ignorance is thick here

>Boomers already bought in in 2017-2018
Do you guys really know people who own BTC? in real life not internet friends.
I never met a boomer who knows what BTC is and I've been talking about it for years. My zoomer age family gathers around asks my questions when it's at all time highs.
The youth all know that BTC is the future it's boomers that don't understand it and think it's a scam.

You guys don't even try when you lie, you just make shit up that doesn't even sound believable.
Boomers all own Bitcoin? who the fuck would buy this?

Why should they use/know about something that is 10 times slower and more expensive than wire transfer?

This. Institutional investors have been in crypto since 2012 at least. Only a dumb fuck would think they were just waiting 10 years for some fucking meme platform to invest in crypto.

Descending with low volume is bullish

What the fuck are you talking about?

Sirs you just have to sell your link and buy

You bitbugs think an over inflated Fiat currency will eventually flow into your speculative asset. You're in for a rude awakening. Your hoping your apple tree will one day yeld you orange juice. Bitcoin isnt currency