Please, help me

What would you do if:

- You had 170,000$ on your bank account / on your crypto exchange (FIAT - Not holding any crypto atm)
- 1,300$ per month (unemployment bucks) until January 2021

No business, no stock, no dividend, no real estate income earning

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please respond

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Pay only essential bills and ALL IN BTC.

Use your freedom to get self employed with something you personally like.

make sure the full 170k is sitting safely on an exchange and just hodl.

>on an exchange

You're fucking hopeless if you have to ask fucking Jow Forums of all places what to do with that money.

- 30-50k into bitcoin when it's time to buy the dip
- 20k into SPY/QQQ for long term investment
- 100k to actively trade stocks and make a living out of it

25% BTC
15% ETH
15% LINK

20% gold
20% silver

5% cash

Kek that 100k would be gone in weeks

i have an actual edge and trade for a living. i wouldn't advise that to someone but thats what i would do. For a non trader just put your money in index funds/etfs

I would meet up with a financial advisor.

> - 1,300$ per month (unemployment bucks) until January 2021

If this was 2-3 months ago, I would have asked you to put your money in VID, cause right now its at 100x could have potentially made like 10 million if you put in all your money...

im not a pajeet, not interested into altcoins with 1 btc volume

20% in your 6 favorite crypto’s
30% in index funds
20% in commodity’s
20% in bonds
10% in cash
Re calibrate every year to level the accounts

isnt it risky? arent we on the verge of a financial collapse?

fuck boomers seriously

Do not pay a money manager or advisor. Index funds are the only way to invest. They are great if you can dollar cost average over 30 years. Vanguard index funds are the lowest cost and have the highest returns. You can look at the returns online and buy the ones you like.

If you put all of that into chainlink right now you could seriously put us in a position to go parabolic. You could one handedly both make yourself rich and famous, and usher in a new wave of technology.


>30 years

"dude, just wage slave for 30 years and then retire"

We are on the verge of hyper inflation in the us. Wage growth is happening at 3% per annum but it’s actually a lot higher in most states. Low unimployment, baby boomers retiring and Closing the borders is shrinking the labor pool and driving wages up.

I live in eastern europe (but Im from western europe)

my account is in EURO

Can you live off the 1300?

frugally yes

In that position I would do the same as the guy above.... go all in Bitcoin. Sell as little as possible as time goes by. Do some cash jobs and live off unemployment and other gov benefits.

I'd ladder into a decent enough alt like BNB