How do we short this monstrosity?

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unironically vote trump, him losing would result in more of this madness more frequently.

boomers have met their ultimate match. the supreme millennial

She lives in the EU... She's already fucked. China is the appetizer and the EU is the main course for the trade war. GEOTUS is going to actually kill the EU and plunge Europe into flaming hellfire. It's going to be hilarious. Sorry Eurofags, maybe gtfo now.

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Poo poo wee wee shit fuck nigger poo

A Soros-funded guiltshill with fetal alcohol syndrome, dime a dozen in Massachusetts.

>Le God Emperor Zion Don based haha frens let's exterminate europe haha wouldn't that be funny

Long oil & gas, airlines, trucking companies. Short renewables, Tesla, lithium.

How many Trons for her

>Make it with crypto
>Buy a Lambo
>Do this in front of her

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what's it like being a retard? Is it fun? I bet it's fun.

LeArN a ThInG oR tWo YoU sMoOtH bRaIn

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At this point Soros is just flexing: imagine being able to put a literal retard in the middle of the world drama about climate change and getting away with it.

Soros could buy the entire world twice if he wanted.

If people were protesting immigration with the same gusto global warming is receiving I would have hope for our civilisation

or literally funding and aiding caravans to come invade the united states. literally rich people can do whatever they want

>You were the chosen one. You were supposed to save the white man.
>You were supposed to bring balance to the world not plunge it into (((darkness))).

Sorry for going all plebbit but I'm pretty blackpilled on Trump rn.

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kill this dumb autism girl created by soros

Id like to long (dick) her

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Corrective anal punishment is the appropriate measure. Dick in ass, she will calm right down.

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Google her parents.

antifa is a terrorist organization lmao the media is giving national screen time to the farthest left leaning retards possible. this is why i will never vote democrat again in my life.

Guys, she's really upset ok. STOP bullying her.

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Oh I'm sure it'll all work out differently this time, user. The Jews won't get richer at the expense of all americans again, surely? We've had 116 years of that we can rely on their common decency and sense of fairness to put a stop to that now. This time you'll get to share in the spoils.

No I can’t lose my Juul

>Le God Emperor who pardons kikes hiring illegals

She almost looks like a pink wojak

she is the end product of millions of years of human evolution

>actually being anti-semites. Also, what does this have to do with the EU coming to a hilarious end?

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the downie uprising has begun

...and fetal alcohol syndrome

Because you will meet the same end you barely sentient burgerfucker


There are some of us who still remember who the enemy is you dirty rat

You guys just dont know :)

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This board is for 18+ white people.

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should really turn this into anti-immigration propaganda.

Sorry you'll never /make-it/ it's not because of the jews or the immigrants or even the brown people. It's because you're inferior. Sorry user. Maybe consider the following: pic related.

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i don't see it, she barely has a snot chute, but her eyes and mouth are wide nostrils normal sized ears also well formed nah...

Omg these neck beards can't understand just how amazing and game changing Greta is. Like none before her.

Her message is simple:


With her simple 5 step plan

1) raise awareness
2) address the issues
3) tackle the big problems
4) ??????
5) profit

>Ah bloo bloo bloo kmsyourself.gif

Refute my arguments, retard. How in your mind does america insulate itself from an economy the size of EUROPE crashing? Is it going to rely on its manufacturing base and domestically produced goods?

big anal dildo for her.
soras hoe dreaming about cows farting in her face


fucking soros little hoe....
zero eco tokens for u

holy fuck you retards are picking on kids
climate change deniers are lowest level people in society, the ones who never took a class outside the south

I don't necessarily agree with what this girl says but the butthurt she's causing is fucking hilarious. she's on track to beat AOC at this point

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She’s being used, but if she’s smart and plays it right she will not want. There are plenty of NGOs and UN panels she can serve on until half of the world sinks. What were her EU job prospects otherwise?

Dildo, no. Shes 16, which is legal in Canada. Id like to fucking rip that asshole apart and spooge in her intestines, give her a going away present. I bet she makes funny autist noises when her shitters being bored out. Hrrng. Revenge anal with this teeny autist political whore would be the best.

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she is fucking ugly, why cant nuke the sweden? sweden is scum country of world


chernobyl is probably the reason she is like that

yes they are 4 country after belarus and ukraine , the most radioactive

let her go to china they will '' educate '' greta on how china is the greatest protector of earth and how communism is best for global warming :)) Hateful little ungrateful fuck

is it legal/fair game to use a child/teen as a political tool?

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based as fuck

Shes not ugly, her face has character. Really, the nose is quite Germanic, along with the space between it and her upper lip etc, to the points of her mouth at the sides. I wouldnt breed with her but Id ream her asshole out and pump it full of cum.

ewww swedish hoes for ahmeds
let her to be with Ahmeds.
every day sweden starting with rape by ahmeds and bombing

Paid actor

What points have you made? US GDP is 12% from exports. 75% of that is contained within NAFTA. The EU and all of its citizens could evaporate tomorrow and it would make zero difference to the United States. Probably be beneficial desu. At least then we wouldn’t have to waste money protecting a bunch of freeloaders.

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Faggot boomer killself. Trump is a Jew cunt just like Greta.

Best way to short is invest in ovens for these demons

you lack discernment. Remember, just because Trump is President, doesn't mean that half the government isn't trying to take him out.
It also doesn't mean that Israel isn't blackmailing half our politicians with pedo-photos. It also doesn't mean that Israeli Mossad hasn't planted Nukes in major metropolitan areas to blackmail us into executing their foreign policy

this and her master plan to save the world is to literally get everyone to eat fucking bugs and eliminate the beef, chicken, pork industries entirely.

-100 faith in humanity
thx faggots

Youre welcome, user.

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buy oil ETFs

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i wouldn't mind supplementing with insects. the master plan is more devious though.
right now in the news it says there's an oversupply of carbon credits. the legislation her backers wants to pass is to make sure those credits are mandatory.
then with govt gibs, pension investments they have a way to print money selling credits and.

The lobbyists / backers behind are all set up to be the big winners in the new green deal.
ex. her backers get subsidies to build and operate a wind farm, sell energy and they also generate carbon credits which they can sell.
want to eat meat? well you are hit with a meat tax and you need to turn in your carbon credits for it too.

I'd recommend not judging humanity by the bottom 1% that posts on Jow Forums.

>1) raise awareness
>2) address the issues
>3) tackle the big problems
>4) ??????
>5) profit

holy frickin based. It's extremely important that we raise as much awareness as possible. Raising awareness raises awareness. Kony 2012.

ahmed detected

My point is the world economy is held together with sticky tape and has been for a long time. It's not exporting your cancer riddled gmo corn and basedbeans you'll have to worry about but your financial services sector collapsing due to its massive irresponsible x1000 leveraged exposure to toxic European assets like Deutsche. The fed has already been printing $50-70 bn a day this week. do you think the system will survive another shock?

She's just jelly that her speeches dont inspire, and that no one will follow someone with fetal alcohol syndrome into battle.

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>implying Im not the top 1% on cuckchan

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Is this real?

> Start a company that sells over priced T-shirts and sweaters
> all of them have liberal catch phrases
> advertise as being "for the people" and other code words
> make sales
> donate a portion of your profit to the NRA

Glade to see you kike are poisoning the well in other places, too.
Don't be.
>'When a finger points at the moon, the imbecile examines the finger'

Trump's track record speaks for itself.

No wall
Endless tide of illegals
Bump stock ban
gearing up for war with Iran
Bombed Syria
US embassy moved to Jerusalem

He's like a combo of all the worst parts of Obama and Bush. Not noticing this is brainlet tier

Wtf I love trump now


communist detected

Who cares, 16 is legal in Canada dumb fuck.

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Funny that when she said
>we'll be watching you
everyone started laughing

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>gearing up for war with Iran
This is never going to happen.
>Bombed Syria
Yes with like three bombs, once.

>Joseph R. Kony is still out there
>Kony 2012

Is that a Fetal Alcohol baby?

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Oh no it's retarded.

Sounds like a lot of after-effects of the previous 2 administrations that got dumped on Trump.

Nice Democratic policies nigger!

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