Who here /Loser/?

>be me
>28 yo still living at home
>Marketing degree but no interneships or experience
>no car, ride the bus like pic related
>currently working seasonal job at a Halloween store for 11 an hour
Yesterday a kid I was friends with in HS parents came in to buy stuff and told me all about how my old friend just got a new job and is getting married next year. At least I have 6.7k LINK though r-r-right?

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its over for you
either move far away where nobody knows that you are a looser or kys

Holy shit, I hope this isnt real but it's honestly still very believable and I'm sure theres literally tons of people like this out there. I'm sorry for you, truly

seasonal Halloween stores lol

Right, hold the line

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why not just become a teacher?

user I don’t know how to put this but you should just kys

>tfw chainlink turns 1k in an instant
>tfw homeless op in his 70s
>tfw op overjoyed
>tfw dies of heart attack from shock

I did this. No one knows me in this crap city now

It won't be much longer user. Your new life starts soon.

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btw Im in the same spot just 24.5.Making 14.25 an hr. Underemployed with a 2 yr degree. Need a yr for a business admi econ degree. Literally the only reason Im doing this is for a chill teaching job. If I dont retire/have passive income/become self employed by 28, id be suicidal as shit. Im already suicidal now living this life in my mid 20s

why aren't you the manager of the halloween store?

Kekd and checked.
That's part of your problem.
Srs though. Apply for government work.
Even a janitor for a city or county government gets paid more than 11 per hour.

me too user
Gona lose the best job I ever had because jahova witness' think the world will end at any second so if you actually do your job that equals having no faith in god. FUCK JAHOVA FAGGITS

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>marketing degree

kill yourself.

You know as much time you spend a day on here watching economic news you should be able to do ok off the stock market.

>living at home
where the fuck else would you live

just be white 'theory'

I’m sorry, friend. Were you embarrassed?

"When I lift my hand to my mouth to take a bite of food, I feel like it smells of sewage," says Binod Lahot, a sewer worker in Mumbai.

"But I still eat it. Why? Because I have to stay alive and go back to work tomorrow."

Mr Lahot doesn't know his age, but says he has been doing the job for more than 20 years.

Most days you'll find him in a hole in the ground, scooping out sludge with his bare hands, unblocking the city's sewer lines. It's a critical job, but workers like Mr Lahot get paid less than $5 (£3.50) a day.He's often surrounded by swarms of cockroaches, and has no mask to protect him from the poisonous fumes that the sewage emits, but that's not the hardest bit of the job, according to Mr Lahot.

Some days he has to go much deeper underground with only a rope to help him, and he's scared that he could drown if he gets caught in a sudden rush of sewage. It's happened before.

op im in same boat as you

except i have a 12k make it stack.

you need 10k link OP.

sorry OP you wont make it.

you are not a loser because your job is shit
you are a loser because you act like a loser
why would you care about this guy firstly? do you guys really think that being a sales director or a fucking web developper get you laid instantly?

1) NO
2) They don't even have the time to get laid for the most of them

Life is so fucking short
you think you fucked up because you dropped out studies? ok then start a business, start stealing money or scamming people (on a small scale) you will see how easy it can be to make money on the side

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Fuck that crypto shit.

Go in a direction. ANY direction.
If you feel like you need to improve, then stop waiting for things to happen and just do it.

You need to know. There is no success without failure. There is no failure without trying. There is no trying without DOING.

Get the fuck out there and do something. If you don't like what you're doing, do something else! I have a useless degree and I'm a butthurt millennial, but I made it. You can too.

>No degree
>Still in school
>Have decent car
>Make $15/hour
>Relatively easy job, extremely easygoing boss
>Live at home
>Most of my money goes to tuition
>Bought BTC bottom and accumulated 2 BTC
Feels bad. Felt better when I went to the hardware store and saw three or four guys I went to high school with working there for minimum wage. What happened?

At least I have some skills and a good chunk of crypto put away. Those guys have nothing

2 BTC is nothing, wake up seriously...

Would you say you miss this lil nigga like we wouldn't believe?

i want to join him in Valhalla but i can't leave my mom alone

Nigga, I barely have 1/100th of a BTC.

He's doing pretty good for himself. If he has no pressure from his folks to leave the house, and he's comfortable there, I'd say he's doing quite alright. Family is undervalued nowadays anyways. I'd want my folks to live with me if I owned my own house or live with them in the opposite circumstances.

Too bad my parents are degenerates.

It's nothing yet. If it's 200k or more at the end of the next run that's something I could live off of passively

it's nothing for someone who has a job and lives in his parent's house

at 25 you only had 6,000$ to put into BTC in these conditions?

I was literally you then got lucky a family member got me a decent job. Been rolling with it for now, but I’m not fully comfortable because I could be back to working shit jobs like you. I donno man. Good luck.

I work 25 hours a week and go to school full time. I pay all my bills out of pocket so yeah I had six grand.

>seasonal job at a Halloween store
>for 11 an hour
lmao. at least you can honestly say, you never been afraid of appearing cliched. may as well just take up drugs now, harder, the better

>Those guys have nothing
but a place they can take bitches back to. should change your name to tommy boy, still in school at 25


>fuck that crypto shit
your advice is trash. Only thing that makes life even remotely worth it is hopium

im 21 and currently NEET living with my parents (they moved so I had to leave job), no degree.

where do i go from here? i dont mind working, i just... dont know what i want to do. and i dont want to go to Uni.

of course you hold Chainlink. The shitty security weeb token wont save you, loser

Why didn't you sell your LINK at $4?

are you serious? this guy was pathetic. the ironic part is he still died a virgin. are you kidding me? you murder random people and kill yourself because you can't get laid? just buy a hooker lmao. not to mention his 150 page manifesto of whining. wah wah life is unfair waaahhh 150 pages of waahhh. that's what you look up to? that type of thing inspires you?

>still live with parents
>been in and out off school for 7 years now
>failing my classes
>have a hard time focusing/learning
>working a shit job (oldest one there now)
>little to no friends
>no gf ever
>haven't had my first kiss yet
>have a lot of insecurities
>constantly depressed

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So long as you work a job for someone else and you aren't part of the financial elite you're a loser.
I don't care if its classified as "mental illness." I have no interest in being one of the poor NPCs that watches cable television and gets high all day to put up with the shittiness that is my wageslave job while the rich produce a world where I can't produce offspring so that they can reduce the population and enjoy and their lives longer due to the lack of resources being used by the poor idiots.
I will become one of them or I will kill myself. There is no in-between.

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It’s going to go back up right? I didn’t waste all my money right? Link is literally my last hope.

Such a desperate jew ploy , right? They will do anything for a buck.

Oh the best part?
LINK is seriously the only chance most of us who were born into the NPC-life but were unlucky enough to be recycled souls of French noblemen have.
You can't "work hard" out of your situation. You can't FIRE unless you enjoy living like a pauper. We can never know for sure, LINK might be nothing and we have to kill ourselves out of desperation, but if we're lucky it is the line out of our situation. The only chance we have to truly "make it" and become what we were meant to be. Something that the 4th Dimensional Gods have given us.
We just have to hope that our sub-10k LINK stacks give us that opportunity.


>>live at home with my mother after my dad suddenly passed away
>>working only to pay off the home mortgage in a few more years
>>scrimping and saving every dollar while working on other side incomes
>>Everyone else is having fun on facebook and instagram
>>depressed after selling off my dad's truck to make some extra dollars.

I just don't know what to do right now. I've got cashflow coming in ontop of paying off the mortgage. But I can see my life whittling away everyday. Its completely stressful at times. I just want to give up.

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user, be strong. You're getting work experience life experience and most important of you've got it hard. Nothing will ever give you so much motivation, drive and hunger to succeed than hardship.

Listen I've been there and I'll let you in on a secret. Most businesses are managed horribly. Find the flaws, identify them, figure out how to correct them. Then wait for a chance to show them to someone above your manager. If you're on to something you will get noticed if not promoted on the spot. We're always looking for workers who are "awake".

Godspeed user

this desu, if you're going to idolize a mass murderer why would you choose a little bitch that couldn't get laid. Sure I don't get laid either but you don't see me complaining about it

>23 yo virgin
>bach degree
>work for $2/hr
Could be worse

who /mentalillness/. Just this week I was going to go reup on kpins for interviewing purposes but then this shit about JP being an addict hit. I am the special case where these drugs are the only thing that work. If some fucking therapist gives me the "your holding it wrong" argument for their pathetic garbage CBT techniques I'm gonna fucking snap.

based. just wait marine.

You must have been so excited and hopeful when LINK went to $4.50+. Now it ain't shit once again. L00000L

Just be yourself bro

>you must have been so retarded not selling at $4
Ftfy, stinkers actually thought their centralized garbage scam was gonna pull an ETH

I'm assuming you are US based. Look into joining the military as an officer. I know someone with a marketing degree that joined the Navy as an officer. They basically manage inventory but it's a way to get a pension and basically guarantee a job afterwards l, if you get out before retirement. Talk with all the branches recruiters and see what you like best.

OCD here

CBT unironically works. It’s complete shit doing it day in and day out but eventually you’ll zoom out and see the progress you’ve made in compulsive behavior etc.

This. Also ID confirms poo in loo, non pajeet confirmed.

CBD's gotta have some kind of withdraw to it. I refuse to believe it doesn't.

Honestly brother, I have a job at 60k and 2k link. You are a LOT wealthier than I am. I am only able to buy 500 link/mo with current expenses in big city that makes 60k job possible.

Stay focused, marine. You got this.

So you seriously buy LINK every month with your savings? If you had $5000 a month left over after expenses, how much would you put into LINK?

asian teeth are so fucking disgusting I'm not even sure whether or not the right girl (boy) is wearing braces.

26 y/o loser here.
>No job, I work for free in a research lab as an undergraduate student
>No car, just ordered an electric skateboard though
>Started university at 24 years old because I wasn't eligible for financial aid until I was able to be considered independent (at 24 y/o it's automatic).
>Have my own studio/home; no roommates.
>Never held a girl's hand, got my first onahole today and had two faps with it. First time in my life I ever fapped more than once in a day.

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>brown puu in lu id
What did pajeet mean by this??

kek never change/biz/

Pepe is fucked in this situation

jesus christ, things really could be worse

Why the fuck don't they give him gloves?

Fucking poos need an OSHA


>idolizing the biggest loser to walk the planet in the last decade

cbt nigger

CBT is for the low IQ.

I think it's the anime that causes the virginity, women are repulsed by it and can almost sense it

kek @ all the posts here. glad i’m not alone on this planet

This is me but I’m 24, so hopefully by 28 I’ll be in a better position, I have money saved so I’m gonna go part time work for now and try to teach myself coding

This is me but I’m 30, and have no degree or wageslave job right now

I love anime, but I’m not a sperg that tried to talk to women about it who are obviously uninterested. It looks the same to people that aren’t into it as getting excited over spongebob

20 yr old loser reporting in.
> 3rd year biology student
> no internships or job experience
> no plans, career goals
> social media addict
> bought crypto at ATH, gambled away all my money on betting sites
> no social life , shut in NEET

Only thing i have going for me is my 31 day nofap streak. WHAT THE FUK DO I DO BROS

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sounds like real Charlie work.

I make $800/week and due for an increase to $1100/week

Neetbux.....trying to buy XRP because that shit is mooning. I don't even think money makes me happy it's just SOOOOOOO obvious so why not?

I didnt graduate either and I STILL live at home. My mom has cancer though.......I'm depressed. Like what is the point of fucking life? Eating food and cumming inside vaginas? We're not meant for this "job" shit. IDC HUMANS ARE FUCKING SLAVES ITS DISGUSTING

I'd neck myself alone in my house

So just me and mom till it kills her. I get laid. A lot with married girls. Its just depressing. I hate when people tell me about their day at work or that they feel tired from working.

I genuinely feel bad and wish it wasnt this way. Fuck money

No offense to OP but no one in the military will ever be taking orders from a loser like him.
I'm sure OP is a cool dude, but if he cant hack a comfy civilian life he aint gonna make it as a military leader.

good advice expect for the crypto part, people have made lots of money off it, nothing wrong with doing it on the side

literally me except the depressed part.

At least learn how to live forever:

I moved from Canada to Ireland, lived about having an engineering degree and have now been working as one for five years. No one has ever asked to see my credentials because I outperform my coworkers. I am living a lie. I worry every day this house of cards will one day collapse in on itself. What a ride though.


make that a 31 year nofap streak senpai.

The best attribute a person can have is faith. Work hard, put your head down, be smart and you will make it

LINK investor are so sad. They invested in a scam when BTC was just starting to become famous. They deserve to be poor

Im you but im 26yo.
Living at home paying some bills of ma and pa.
Got no gf had plenty of opportunities the last decade.
I got a men dominated job with 1 and 2 "women" but you can call them fat freight ships
I got no friends have a shitty Engineer Diploma no car i ride the train which is paid by my company.
I managed to save 42k€ since early 2018.
Im earning around 1.6 to 2k€ per month after tax depending on benefits these months.
In those 42k€ is also a portfolio size of 16.5k€ which generates a dividend cash flow of 100€ per month.
Planing on focusing the magical 100k€ at 28 target.

I actually kinda feel like pic related sometimes.

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>live at home
>college dropout
>no car
>overnight stocker for a grocery store chain
well it could always be worse I guess

16,500 euros portfolio
100e cash flow


Share your portfolio please

>live at home
>45k before taxes
>30k in 401k
>.6 BTC, 8 ETH, 12 LTC, 1001 LINK
>70 oz. silver
>just started going back to school to finish my bachelors in business administration
>qt gf of 2 years, she does not like to go out and prefers to stay home and play vidya. She is getting a 230k inheritance and wants to get a house together

Am I going to be okay, lads? My employment is what brings me most of my mental troubles. My income is pretty much capped so I will need to find a new career to move life to the next level but I don't know what career to do. It drives me into such a depressing that every day my mind is in dark places. I try to escape this but drinking too much and consuming THC so that all of my time not at work I've been in a drugged out daze to avoid thinking about work. I feel I'm too far behind because I've lived at home for years but my early 20s I spent all my money on memes live traveling and "making memories" and now feel I'm too far behind. I just want to feel like I'm doing okay. I don't know what to do

nice ten year old graph faggot

At least you're not me
>anxious for the escort I became fuck buddies with to call me so we can meet, though I know she'll only call when she needs me
Trust me, it can get much worse.