I am curious to see which of you hodlers are virgins and which "have sex". Let's see what percentage of the board's chainlink holders are virgins, for posterity.

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ahhh my virginity

In the meantime I'll be dumping some infographics. Check out this one that claims whores absorb DNA from every male partner

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have sex

This one's a long read, but delves into the effects of oxytocin on humans and its implications on culture.

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The most important thing to gain from this is that society will ostracize individuals and thus deprive them of oxytocin when they stray from the gospel of group think, the most obvious example of which is women depriving disobedient men of sex.

Here's some loser who got his heart broken by a christian thot.

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yes is pulling ahead with 55% of the votes!

Heres some interesting stuff on semen retention

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Semen retention revisited

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Proud virgin here. I am NEVER having sex.

Anybody answering NO is a fucking liar

Ive run out of infographics, so i'll leave you with this: a glimmer of hope for you frens.

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here a no virgin, had my first time with an escort, actually only fucked escorts, they only cost 40 usd here so im actually gaining value by investing in these fucks

If you read any of the infographics here you'd realize you are spending precious vitamins and minerals, polluting your body with foreign DNA, and wasting your 40 fucking dollars.

I got molested by an older cousin (male) when I was 11, does that count?

the fact i was the only fucker who screenshotted that, and it is circulating here after i posted it months later bring me joy. i cropped that shit as fast as i could after reading last word. the guy who wrote that nailed it

yes, it does. congrats.

weeks* later


If he didn't cum in you you might be safe.

Women are retarded beasts, it’s really not that hard to lose your virginity. FFS you can even pay for pussy if you’re THAT hopeless.

there is literally only 60 people on Jow Forums holding LINK


The fucking Telegony study just says that women who fuck more men are more fertile that's it.

yeah i think 0 virgins here can mantain a nofap for more than 30 days lmao meanwhile i fuck just ONE escort a month while mantaining nofap in the mean time and the combination of energy i get with the escort is enough to distill any negative consequences of releasing compared to just fapping to porn lmaoing at your cope

1k sucide stack.

Have sex 4-5 times a week, in a relationship though.

This thread has been up for less than an hour you stupid nigger

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someone tldr this shit

Stop cooming.

I tried to do so. Basically marxism has an end game of manipulating people through oxytocin (and the depravation of it). Rich Jews seek to deracinate society by rewarding those who comply with their plan with oxytocin and actively destroy natural bonds (as this represents a source of oxytocin independent of their plan. This is done to create a caste of serfs with no identity or family. When you create an empire which doles out the only source of an essential hormone (oxytocin) and discourages its acquisition from any other means then you have effectively created a monopoly on human socialization and thus established a firm grasp on society itself.

based user we don't deserve you here

I am on day 70+ of nofap. Dont project your weakness onto me or anyone else.

that's a bit of reaching basing on my 5 minute research on oxytocin on wiki, but saved those pics, will read it tomorrow on clear head. also strawpoll can be easily manipulated, you don't even have to change IP, just open private window in mozilla everytime and it counts as a different person vote. website sucks dick

damn interesting af
gonna read the whole thing now
thanks user

>posting your current streak

it's like you have learn nothing
enjoy your urges for the next 48 hours

I’m rooting for you boys

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My gf is my hand so I just had sex. What now?

Yeah I'm about to ruin your thread.

Bro I say and do whatever I want; my resolve to not fap never breaks so long as I will it.

Thats okay it was fun while it lasted. My main hope was to get some good information out there. For posterity's sake, it was around 50/50.

>vitamins and minerals
there's like 2mg zinc in a cumshot, a good multi has like 15mg or so. It's not a major deal.

>polluting your body with foreign DNA
yeah but you're 'polluting' their body with yours too so honestly it seems like equal exchange.

>wasting your 40 fucking dollars
no argument there

Loving these infographics though, the depths of weird echo chamber delusion that anons will go to to legitimize their innate biases and fears against women and the rest of the world truly impress.

1. Multivitamins literally do not work. There is absolutely no evidence of vitamins producing the results they are intended to. Not to mention it is completely unregulated
2. They are literal whores. You are inviting the bottom of the barrel of DNA into yourself

There is nothing wrong with women and they should not be feared, but casual sex with random women should be viewed for what it is: disgusting.

dude Clint Eastwood probably fucked 100's chicks before his 5th kid with like 3rd or 4th wife which is Scott, like a copy of him, how that theory works here?

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Do the virgins in this thread genuinely get offended by "have sex"? If not, then why is it that (((they))) keep pushing it?

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There is no evidence that males can pass other male's DNA to their children.

>There is absolutely no evidence of vitamins producing the results they are intended to.

holy fuck im dying here what an absolute pol tier scientist, please do us a favor and take an big dump of vitamin A at once

well so on this example and Clint's offspring in general with multiple women (reported, he probably have like 100's of those fuckers running around) you believe that:
-those women he made kids transferred X amount of DNA from every sex partner they have in their life to Scott for example ?

even if they did with some small microscopic change, that doesn't mean a fuckin thing because Clint's DNA is main thing.

that's theorycrafting at best, and a schizo reach to be honest, and i tend to lean to conspiracies myself

I didn't say they do "nothing" brainlet. Vitamin A supplements are toxic so no I definitely wont do that faggot. Natural Vitamin A however you cant overdose on. All synthetic vitamins are literally just toxins produced in a lab that look similar to the "vitamin" they aim to represent molecularly.

>natural vitamin A you can't overdose on

yeah please eat some polar bear liver holy fuck you are unsalvageable stupid, your brain on pol

It's not theory crafting. I may be extrapolating a bit but it's based on the evidence presented in the studies from the first pic. If we really want to make a schizo reach perhaps Clint's traits were preferred over other men the women had before him? Check this out:

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When you piss does it come out in multiple directions ?

That case was from the toxic cadmium contained within the liver, contaminating it, but good try.

>no source in a random book
>basically an anecdote from a "couple of swiss scientists" with no names whatsoever or studies

You are grasping at straws, there are other types of liver with huge amount of vitamin A, maybe you will need to eat them for a week but you will still die, try it, do it for science lets see if your body can handle it, also your misunderstanding about vitamin A must be the beta carotene thing

I already eat plenty of raw beef liver that would purportedly give me vitamin a toxicity. Maybe you should try it. Also stop telling me what to do, cunt. Its clear youre threatened because I told you to stop fucking prostitutes. Whats the matter? baby is afraid his bottle will be taken away? faggot.

Does it count if you lost your virginity to a transexual?

Can confirm. It actually had a slight edge for non-virgins.

>he’s a sv3rige fag

>raw beef liver

jesus christ hahahaha im gtfo here sage

>Devil’s advocate
>The right text mentions promiscuous women becoming more masculine sue to an accumulation of male genes.
Then why is my wife not masculine at all? I’ve been dumping loads in her mouth, vagina, and all over her too, for over two decades.
She is just as sweet and feminine as when we met, but by all of this logic she should be very masculine by now.
There is no reason I can see why a woman taking a diversity of loads becomes masculine while wive’s don’t become men. Seriously, my wife should be a bearded moneymaking psycho, not the sweet woman cooking me amazing meals 2 times a day and fucking/sucking my brains out every night.

jesus christ

who /inalovingrelationship/ here

There are over 2000 votes. This poll is meaningless, there aren't that many people on this board to begin with.

When I looked at the poll the first time it was more a 50% each with around 60 votes for yes and no. Did someone vote multiple times to increase the number of yes ? The number for no did not change, but yes incrased by 2000.