Fuck swift for naming it gpi link and not just saying gpi chainlinkk

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maybe because it has nothing to do with chainlink you absolute brainlet

it does, why are you still fudding? i fudded this shit down to 15k sats from 30k sats and bought back

do you realize that there is no way for corda to get real world data except for using chainlink as its oracle service you dumbass?

I am not fudding anyone. It literally isnt using chainlink. Swift has their own enterprise grade oracle that chainlink probably helped with. BUT it is not using the LINK token to pay node operators. It would not many any sense for swift to use an erc-20 token

thats because he wasnt referring to chainlnk, you deluded low IQ peak dunning kruger clown

are you saying that you have not seem the github image with the XRP network and corda where it uses chainlink as their oracles?

>there is no way for corda to get real world data except for using chainlink
nice english pajeet. pretty sure your technological illiteracy is on par with your english skills. kys

ripple is a literal scam that prints and sells unregistered securities by the billions. have you ever thought that maybe youre just the typical schmuck that falls for the dumbest of scams?

IIRC Corda built their own centralized oracle, but it's possible that could be an option/a placeholder, so chainlink could be used by whoever want to use it

ok show me where they mention chainlink at all.

I swear if you post that gif with the flashing blue hexagon as if that means chainlink. have sex

thats the perfect proof dumbass why would they use a picture of link and right below it say oracle

so anything hexagon is chainlink?

why wouldnt they just say chainlink then?

one word: DE-LU-DED

Wow you guys are fucking stupid, its literally the chainlink logo

I’m going to email and call SWIFT’s Headquarters tommorrow and inform them a cryptocurrency ICO team is using their brand and company to sell unregistered security tokens to retail investors, and dumping millions in profit on them. I’d like to see how they respond, you guys wonder if they’ve ever even fucking heard of chainlink ?

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Checked, and not a bad course of action. I admire your proactiveness

All this gif confirms for sure is that Corda will use xrp and have oracles in its process. The Chainlink speculation is due to the symbol they used as well as “gpi link” which is a coincidence. Chainlink could of been called dicklink and people would think it’s related. See pic related for snapshot of r3’s blog on their smart contract work.

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Accord literally have Chainlink as a technology partner.

Unironically screencapped. Get your rope ready user

here's two swift reps claiming to need an open and decentralized ecosystem
go ahead and tell us all what other decentralized oracle network they could be talking about? why would they say "chainlink"? so they would have to fumble around trying to explain what it is and why they dont own it or why people should use them if they are using another solution themselves?

they are shilling to their customers who dont need to know what chainlink is. not so retarded virgin incels can jerkoff on a somalian mealworm breeding forum

this is so insanely bullish just rofl @ nolinkers

>shadowfork memes in 2019

you've really run out of FUD content

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Hmmm user

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>there's people still shilling shit like xrp
I don't care if you're doing it ironically to FUD LINK, but it needs to stop. Stick to Big Mac and 2 man team FUD.

If doing it unironically, go back to your crypto twitter and tweet your bullshit elsewhere you subhumie fuck. You're about as welcome as all these other shitcoin promoter fraud fucks shitting up here


you do realize that the real bitcoin doesn't need you, right?

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So will they make use of the LINK token or nah?

of course sirs
do the needful

based as fuck

people still unironically believe swift has anything to do with link in 2019 is hilarious. No, they wont be buying your security token for a higher price at some point.

Read he thread your fudding is shit and over.

It's not fudding when it is the factual truth. Stop gaslighting everyone on this board with anything but the truth. Linkers are getting more desperate by the second, that the next technological revolution will be without their security tokens.

Its fudding faggot you are lying little faggot. I'm sorry guy your shitty fud isnt working.

It's QNT logo you stupid faggot

Im not lying, is is the actual truth, dont hate the messenger. I'm sorry boys, but nobody will buy your overpriced security tokens at an insanely higher price because the demand simply is not there - because nobody is adopting chainlink in the foresable future

yes, you are lying.

No I am not .You are gaslighting people to unironically believe a lie. You are the liars if anything

yes you are.

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if they want to use smartcontracts on a decentralized oracle network then yes. or maybe they are using iexec or witnet kek



Can we absolutely JUST stinkies even more? Is it even ethical at this point?

>It would not make any sense for swift to use an erc-20 token

fortunately link has been downgraded to an erc-10 token, which does make sense for swift to use.

>which does make sense
>lol true though about Chainlink's recent down-grade by the Ethereum Community...

Please do this seriously

Jesus Christ, imagine still being this fucking dense. YOU are the dumb money, by the way.

Why would they? Swift has no relationship with Chainlink. The Chainlink team has been lying about it for years.

wrong read

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It’s all part of the journey. Some fucking retards will sell because of how nervous this uncertainty makes them feel. Then they’ll FOMO back in at $1000. There are winners and losers in this game, mostly losers.