Telegram has been gold lately.

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holo is future.

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Even the Telegram jannies are about to capitulate.

And it's only just begun. A sea of shit is coming for Holofags

Not if you were at meetups, you'll realize they're very close to finalizing everything.. but do continue on with the fud so others can accumulate.

What was he eating?

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The finest user
They made millions out of you clowns

Will you still believe when software isn't completed this year and Holoports haven't been delivered?

Jow Forums is broke

It’s gonna be fun to watch this go to 1 sat

at best holochain is a failed boomer science project. at worst an outright scam


It is not efficient do distribute dapps to host on peoples homes. There is no way to guarantee good network connectivity for a dapp and p2p applications are bottlenecked by network.

Steven Morris is an outstanding admin for holo main channel

Hi Steve

around my neighbourhood everyones on 1Gb internet. More and more are connected to highspeed isps every day. Back when I was using BBSes, they introduced GUI BBSes, everyone thought it would fail because modems could only transfer at 2400bps back then... how wrong

unironically going to flip eos

Imagine being this delusional

>Hasn't see the elementary production level video they released

Good luck with this getting any adoption man. I can tell you right now it's a stupid idea. And I do this research for a living

hope you know the whole holo telegram are run by regular people like you and I. all the admin are just faggot kids who abuse their power by banning everyone who talks against or post any pictures / memes. Actually got me shocked at how holo team could let their official telegram run by Kim Jong Un. Censored community.. I like the project but steer far far away from the telegram. There is no news/update worth checking there.

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nigga ate the entire event. all yall still holding are paying for his early heart attack.

Hi Steve. You can't brag bout yourself hahah.

>emotional energy
If he didn’t masturbate to logo he’s never gonna make it

Yo according to Steve we're holding gift card for amazon... except with amazon gift card you could sell for 90%+ of its value. With HOT tokens, it's only tanking by the day.

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That last paragraph

>Patients is a virtue.

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It' been two years. Time to give up.

>crypto investors
LOL, just gamblers.

This is definitely the final exit scam.
>sold hardware
>did not ship hardware
>no working software
>daily jeet shilling