>bullish 1hr
>bullish 2hr
>bullish 4hr
>bullish 6hr
>bullish 12hr
>bullish 1day
>bullish weekly
guys anyone else feel it ??? something massive is coming

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$10 EOW
$100 EOM Oct
$1000 EOY

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LINK will get Lisa to sit on my face.

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>something massive is coming
Please, I can't take any more dump jokes


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Newfags are so cute!

my dick is massive, you could need some

been here since 2017 pajeet

Positive vibes for this!

That makes a complete fucking newfag. Holy shit I can't believe you were being unironic.

chainlink everything burger

my digits confirm

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Nothing good ever happens to me, and making this thread fucked up any outside chance. Asshole

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quads, based and redpilled

everyone give Link all of your positive bullish thoughts! we are all going to make it !

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This dude makes the best delphi branded memes.

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Thoth patrol

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we're all going to make it


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