Reddit has better memes

reddit has better memes

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Go bakkt


bakkt was a meme we said it for months
50$ wordpress website
8$ twitter account

COOMing is original. photoshopping travolta into the 10,000,000th meme is not creative or funny

undervalued post


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>another wojak clone is original
modern Jow Forums memes suck for the same reason reddit memes always sucked
there is complete overlap in userbases now

Thread winner


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anyone who captions a picture is a faggot
anyone that uses punctuation is a faggot
anyone that uses black speak is a faggot
parentheses users are fucking faggots

Wew lad

>parentheses users are fucking faggots
You mean ellipses...

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i meant parentheses but you reminded me
dot dot dotters are faggots as well

shorted op

longed this based poster


Thats the 4channelTM spirit.


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this, the coomer meme is gay as fuck. All the creative memers must have either necked themselves or grown out of it. 2016 was peak meme bubble, we'll never see that again.

How would he ever recover from this

how do i profit from this based post

>2016 was peak meme bubble
Kys newfag


Just wait for 2020. You have seen nothing yet.

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>Just wait for 2020. You have seen nothing yet.

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the post that ended r*ddit

just coom already

based boomer

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coom is pretty good imo

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Remember when Jow Forums managed to crash ETH by saying Vitalik was dead? Reddit hasn't even reached 1/10 of that level of influence in crypto ever.

coom is some r9k raid takeover of the original, known as DUDE BRO JUST WAGESLAVE FOR 50 YEARS LMAO

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Peak hilarity, can I upvote this?
You know Jow Forums is in decline when originality has declined to yet more re edits of memes from 2010

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