Alt szn bags ?

Thinking of adding some alts to spice things up, as it will be the same if you add now vs later, these coins are oversold anyway. So I saw MITX and RSR so far, what else is biz considering a good coin. Pls no Linkies already made money with them, not looking back now.

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>he sold
There's no salvation for retards

Mainnet this week

Band before main net.

BNB will be the one next time around

BCC newfag

If you really love money...put it into VID, its at 160x now and its only been 3 months. Rarely seen a drop and still growing.

is it ponzi or moonshot?

VIDT is the light
that's an absolute ponzi. "160x" use your brain

RSR and FLETA are what I'm keeping my hopes for!

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ALGO all the way

I just came to the sad realization that no one on Jow Forums actually helps each other anymore. What happened to the 2017, and 2018 shill threads that made people 100x? Well I'm here to help ya brainlets out.

The volume on this coin is pretty nice - OKeX shines the most here with a whopping 100K USD / day. Still with me CUMBRAINS? This is your LAST chance to make it in 2019. Also just a side note - this is an arbitrage chance so don't even try with less than 1 or 2 ethereum. No point ~ too slow, and too long to make anything signifient. I mean if you're that much of a poorfag go ahead but it'll be slower obviously.

The price differences is phenomenal from forkdelta compared to OKeX - CHECK your self if you think i'm trying
to "off my bags" or what ever. Just check your self. Forkdelta CURRENTLY has TRUE going for 0.000740 eth / TRUE and on OKeX it's sitting at (as of right now, maybe not in a hour) 0.00159 eth / TRUE.

Honestly - do I NEED to do the math on this one for you,
or google the "ETH = USD RATE" for ya ? HINT: it's a 70% DIFFERENCE! Doesn't take too bright of a light bulb to turn on for this one. I jumped straight into this shit anyways, you can DYOR.

The exchange links can be found below because I'm not THAT much of a bully.!/trade/0xa8bdc8882987a3ed83d8030f08d64479f1eff731-ETH

and OKeX you can find your self pretty easily - better fucking say thank you too Jow Forums because I'll probably regret sharing anything valuable with you shitlords but I honestly miss the good old days when yall helped each other instead of tearing each other apart. Enjoy the rest of your year.

Delete this stop ruining good arb with THIS SHIT BOARD

Unironically this is literally free money


Funnily enough this is based and honkpilled




Ok retards let me just explain to you 100% how to do this without fucking up because I know one of you will, and will cry about it for 3 weeks on here.

Use fucking metamask like OP said. Download the NEWEST version. SAVE your FUCKING seedwords degenerates. If you don't say bye bye to all your tokens, link, eth, or anything you have on there.

SEND the ETHEREUM to your metamask, or directly from the exchange to forkdelta if youre a retard.

Then TRANSFER the ethereum ONTO forkdelta - accumalate the TRUE, WITHDRAWL the TRUE, and send the TRUE w/ your metamask wallet to okex.

Rince & Repeat. I better get a fucking thankyou.

Thanks buddy

Greed is showing with you grandpa

Just to add onto informational anons post the KYC is also very exploitable on okex. Just Google your Korean ID and itll be accepeted.


Tron too.

Literally it is. Kek.

Already up 3 eth. Good good the Jews WILL not be happy.

Yeah this is actually an informational explanation. I unironically appreciate you based user
Kekked and checked


Anything besides that scam link



Greedy bitch stop hogging the arb

Good sirs I must present rsr my peoples coin


99 percent sure I wouldn't of fucked this up but thanks anways

Tron will make me fuckin rich and 90% will miss out


Bt c

My sides when this worked. Chanks need to up that security kek