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Ahhhhhhhh where should I go for sexting

>While the Kik app and Kin Foundation are shutting down, Livingston said the core developer team is pivoting toward developing the KIN token.
Shutting down their actual app while doubling down on their ICO scam token. Let's see how this plays out.

Jaja should have just paid the fine and moved on


It was a battle well fought

Yeah I was thinking the same thing. I thought kik was owned by Facebook for some reason though, but really who cares?

Yeah, gonna be super interesting watching this play out

Whoops forgot link: coindesk.com/kik-messaging-app-to-shut-down-following-sec-lawsuit-against-ico

Considering the number of pedophiles that were on there, maybe it's a good thing.

not just pedos. I used it to comunicate with cuck couples

/soc/ is gonna have to find a new sexting app for their degenerate hobbies.

Seems like an exit scam. Sad... My 8 million kin are probably worthless now.

$72. Definitely worth taking the time to liquidate in my opinion. If you're in the US you can use that to offset gains come tax season.

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Damn I remember the CEO was on pomp’s podcast talking about how they were suing the SEC for being a bunch of faggots. They spent 18 months educating them about crypto. Something happened. Then KiK said fuck that were suing sec for being a bunch of faggots. Thought that was pretty based.

However, the SEC turned around and is now brutally anal raping them. Went from based to yikes. Shiet it’s ogre for them.

I didn't realize anyone still used Kik.


where to text lollies now?

2017 ICO newfags KYS

next is XRP and then the rest of the shitcoins, including link. the great cleansing is coming

"ICO" and "SEC" have overlap in 3/4 which is very uncommon. Try putting in 3 random letters and see how long it takes to match 3/4.


"SEC" also equals 9, they are all divisible by 9, and September is the 9th month. Kik did their ICO in September 2017.

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Initial coin offering is 111 which is the same number of days from the day the SEC started to sue them (June 4) till today.


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based schizo poster

not even the meds you don't take could help you

told u


On May 28, 2019 Kik announced their "Defend Crypto" website.

"Defend Crypto" equals 54 like "SEC" and "ICO".

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It also equals 135. The anniversary of the initial release of the Kik app on October 10 is 135 days later.


CoinDesk notes "The site offers donation options in 19 cryptocurrencies". In the blog post announcing the shutdown of the app, the CEO twice mentions their "19 person team".


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>If we pivot and reincorporate the crypto under a different name, the SEC won't be able to get us anymore

Holy shit they're so fucked. At least the CEO can see that.

Congrats on making it to your keyboard

any clues in my digits?

get to the endgame, virgin. is it the lizards?

holy shit my fucking sides. Why are there so many schizophrenics on Jow Forums? What attracts them?

Forgot to mention that it would have been NINE years since the initial release of Kik on October 10, 2019.

Look back to my first post about "SEC" and "ICO" being a bunch of 9s. Unironically the Jews this time.

>Israeli news site Calcalist first reported the Kin layoffs.

>Kin’s Israeli operation is based on the company’s January 2017 acquisition of Tel Aviv-based communications company Rounds Entertainment Ltd.

"Rounds Entertainment" equals 111 like "Initial Coin Offering".

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His brother Blair was chill to blaze with. Not surprised things caught up with Ted.

He never should've allowed kids on the app. Could've been so much more with the internal apps structure.

lol you dont hold quant?
ceo literally used to be a regulator

I remember it was worth around $3000 at some point. Kek. I won't even brother liquidating it. The fee to withdraw it from the exchange is probably half of the money.

Exit scam alert

wtf. I actually liked kik. much better than faggot shit like snapchat and instagram

I don't know anybody that uses kin

Very interesting regarding ico and sec. You follow Zachary k Hubbard????

>I don't know anybody that uses kin
According to Ted Livingstone, "When it comes to consumer adoption Kin is the most used cryptocurrency in the world. By far."

Top kek.

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Linktards shilled to/x/ and muddied the waters even more here.