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Delet dis

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Asuke cheats on you

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>compare's capitulation of last cycle to the first bull flag of this cycle
nice ta

>bull flag

Lower, OP.

>zoom out

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lower low lower high isn't bullflag you retard

This manner of TA is completely worthless. What someone with a clue sees is BTC managing to hang tough at $10k average for months, with tremendous volume. This suggests there is a very healthy demand market.

just like @6,400$?

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look at volume

"this time it's different"

>doesn’t understand volume

>Tremendous volume
Lol what will be tremendous is you getting wrecked for thinking this looks good. The volume has been tapering off and was weak to begin with.

>tremendous volume
>What is wash trading
>Why are there like 100 literal who exchanges at the top of coinmarketcap

Buying to liquidate the bobos

Bullish. Symmetrical triangle breaks following the previous trend 75% of the time. Last time it was descending, this time it’s climbing

It's a pennant

>betting against dark tether

Bobos are gonna be really upset when they get green dildo'd by whales again.

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>tremendous volume

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but the euro is a shitcoin though

It’s pegged to your asshole

Vpvr suggests its a symmetrical pattern.
The higemhest traded price in the triangle is 10.2k