RSR/RSV as a hedge

Read the whitepapers, the goal is to start on a dollar peg and slowly add enough assets that the dollar peg can be removed and have a currency (RSV), that's backed by a basket of decentralized assets. This is the only sensible hedge against the current situation where if the dollar fails most stablecoins fail with it. This is far bigger than just “crypto”. It’s a system to preserve wealth in a volatile global currency market where government fiats currencies are tanking all around us.

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They are also going to be working on governance which will give RSR holders more of a say in what gets done but there aren't that many details yet since they're still focusing on making RSV and the protocol work before they focus on fine tuning the adoption of more assets. they will start with a centralized peg to dollar assets and slowly move into a more diverse portfolio and im sure they will be taking input as to the assets they choose but they're also using advisors that know more than some neet on Jow Forums.

Obvious scam is obvious

It’s a great solution to protect yourself from the obvious USD, USDT and USDC scams for sure.

No. RSR is an obvious cash grab pump and dump. Their whole project is based on a fairy tale premise. The project is going nowhere. The supply is way too damn high too. Billions of this fag coin? No thanks.

You’re clearly not up to speed on the issues affecting stable coins and how much of a need there is for a reliable stable coin system. Muh FaG CoNe.. stay poor if you want, but this is unconditionally hitting Coinbase and will probably hit $1 on the first pump.

Fiat has an infinite supply and you have no say in what happens with it. The unelected nigger jews from the Federal Jewserve decide your fate. Enjoy you dollar shitcoins when QE forces another recession that devalues your fiat even more. Stay poor faggot fud niggers.

You also can’t be bothered to read about the slow release contracts and coin burns that are built into the protocol. Unironically never gonna make it avoiding research.

Alright someone fill my .00001152 order on IDEX before I join the fud niggers! Reeee!

I dont own dollar bills. 90% of my liquid networth is in Bitcoin. 5% is in select alts, but certainly not this obvious pump and dump garbage. I put my money on sure-fire plays like LINK, VIDT, QNT. ETH, etc.

Good, now run along and make sure to pump my bags when you’re using RSV to buy groceries in 4 years!

>being this deluded

If it's a pump and dump then why isn't it pumping? I knew this was a scam but I didn't realize they'd be too incompetent to do even get to the pump stage.

Reposting from other thread, fuck you faggot paid shills.

You are literally retarded if you buy this. The tokens sole initial purpose is to be sold for assets which will be used as collateral, 100B is not even the max supply, they can be minted at will. You are essentially buying a worthless and currently useless token to give this project collateral, the price of the RSV will be pegged at 1$ (maybe, if they get it off the ground) and more will be minted to match backed collateral if it appreciates AT ALL. This is being shilled by the team and shill groups to collect money, it will never be worth more than the assets used to buy them. Literally the worst speculative investment you could ever make. Don’t throw your fucking money away and stop listening to these paid shills. READ THE WHITEPAPER YOURSELF.

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Calm down guy, you can still buy.

Hahahahahahaha these RSR idiots have been literally scammed by homosexuals, minorities, and reddit cuckolds. You can’t recover from that honestly. Even a 5x courtesy pump wouldn’t watch off the stench. Disgusting.

It’s going to be fun to watch you guys cry all the way past $1

>Circulating Supply: 4,205,530,273 RSR
>Total Supply: 100,000,000,000 RSR


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Slow release contracts and coin burns. Also in the whitepaper.

It's hilarious that people shit on the supply and don't even know how the coin works. You should FUD better retards.

The best coins are the ones that dont take mental gymnastics to convince someone to buy. The average person looks at that supply and is turned off. They hear about the aim of becoming the national reserve currency of nations and get turned off. They see the team and get turned off.

Its a fucking disaster of a project.

RSR isn’t meant for the average brainlet retard though.

>ignores entirely the other parts of the whitepaper where it says they can mint tokens out if thin air to dilute supply anytime they want too

It’s actually really simple. The contact buys and sells a basket of assets to maintain a stable token as a hedge against volatility in any single asset.

Sorry if that’s hard for you to understand.

The supply fud has got to be the lowest effort fud I’ve seen and it just shows how desperate you niggers are lol

> Coinbase is invested
> Peter Thiel is invested
> Sam Altman is invested
> Jack Selby is invested
> David Sica, former director at Visa is invested

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He only invested $500k in Facebook, what’s your point?

i cant even buy this shitcon without a VPN or a wash traded exchange

Wow a bunch of jews put 0.0000000001% of their portfolio on this reddit scam coin. Time to go all in!!!!11

You could just use simpleswap if you don’t mind paying slightly more for convenience. I’m pretty sure they’ll get on coinbase before the end of the year. Why do you think there’s been so much low effort spam fudding in every thread? App is literally less than a week away from it’s limited Venezuela release.

Samefag has been posting supply fud for a week. It’s kind of sad, now they’re claiming that RSR will be inflated even though the whole purpose is to have a deflationary burn mechanic. It’s a bit embarrassing to see the same turd spamming thinking he’s accomplishing anything other than making himself look like a brainlet.

May as well also mention the former SEC commissioner who is an advisor.

follow the money or follow the schizo frogposters

Who decides which assets are used?
What about tokenized gold and silver?