I see all those NPC buying stocks now after 11 years of bull market, they will get WIPED OUT

protect yourself and don't be an ADHD idiot because you sit on cash for 48h.


SP500 -40% soon.

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I keep waiting for this. I want to buy stock at the bottom. It keeps on not happening.

It won't. Past models cannot account for the new realities of infinite QE and negative interest rates. The money has nowhere else to go.

I only see NPCs saying the end is neigh

You understand that they stop the market for the day if it falls more than 5%, right? There is zero chance the powers that be are letting this ship sink

you will buy the "bottom", and then it will dump even more, you will buy again, and it will dump again, and then you will panic sell at the real bottom

>October 26th


be patient.

did I say that it will do -40% in a day ?

but in 1-2 years yes

well then what's the risk of the stock market ?

it can't go down right ?

it's there to make retail rich after all

you can just take out max out loan and invest if QE infinite can make it go up for 800 years.

this happens only if you are an ADHD retard

if you know what you own it's not a problem.

you buy as it goes down, until you run out of cash & then wait

>1-2 years
These are the last (you)s you’ll extract from me this thread friendo

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not all bear market are 1987

The secret is the financial crisis is already here.
10 years from now when we look back we will say "ah looks like it started around July of 2019 or thereabouts."
The problem is all the bots and algos are operating in business as normal mode. Something will trigger them all at once and that's when capitulation will begin. It will be a race for the exits. Circuit breakers and central bank interventions every day.

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you are right,

11 years of free money and nothing can ever go wrong...

people borrowing to buy phone cars because its fucking cheap

if we enter a recession they will get wiped out

Where can i buy a phone car, user? I'm willing to reverse mortgage the house for a once in a lifetime opportunity.


you should reverse mortgage to buy stocks.

You already posted this exact thread, you smelly, shit-encrusted Indian sub-human nigger.

Just do this.

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On the 27th Argentina will suffer (yes, suffer) a regime change. On the 28th they will default their loans and the IMF will tank. This will throw every western economy into recession mode. Now you know.

I came to realize we were in the heart of a bubble in the summer of 2018 when every radio station was shilling the High Times IPO.

No. Collapsing bond yields and the chase for growth will continue to push PE ratios above historical levels. Ride the wave up.

I'm eagerly waiting.
Realised it was coming when I found out that Warren Buffett is currently holding over $100B in liquid cash.
You don't hold that much cash unless you're waiting to buy up a massive crash.

I’d think 31st is more likely since Europe seems to be going out of its way to ensure that Brexit will unfold as a disorganized clusterfuck and not kick the can with extensions any further.

I mean, I suppose war with Iran cutting off the flow of oil from the Gulf states could do it sooner, but I don’t see how things can boil off so quickly unless the Saudis go full Leeroy Jenkins and attack Iran before a meaningful US military presence is there.


>aaahhh I’m only aware of one recession, and it was the financial crisis, therefore all bear markets are financial crises!!!!!
Zoom out dumb dumb

I shouldn’t even be sharing this with you

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Bought put orders on most major investment banks, I'm ready bros.

They’re already priced below bookvalue, and we know they’re too big to fail...

Yeah WB got rich by letting normies know what he was doing.

Didn't stop their stock prices from plummeting in 2008, and the artificial propping up of the markets the central banks are doing will lead to irresponsible lending that will make the same thing happen all over again. The Great Depression was also caused by too much unwise lending and buying on margin, and overvaluation of inventories. You'd think they'd learn by now that this artificial scaffolding they set up is what makes the collapses so catastrophic in the first place, but we're about to go through it all over again, I guarantee it. They can't just let the market correct when distortions and misvaluations were the problem in the first place.

He can't exactly hide all the shares he liquidated in the public market you fucking brainlet
He hasnt 'told' anyone. You just need two brain cells to see that he's holding a shit load of liquid cash and to ask yourself why he would do that.

Probably to fool suckers like you.
Hey I'm sure you're next WB do everything he does because you have all the experience and inside knowledge as him.
What's your net worth again?

It will happen when the weather cools
The bear will leave his cage forever

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