Got 32k in credit card debt just kind of paying

>got 32k in credit card debt just kind of paying
>considering saying fuck it and filing for bankruptcy

as evidenced from above, i know fuck all about finance. but are there any pros and cons to filing for bankruptcy before or after a recession?

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Degenerates like you cause higher interest rates for the rest of us.

Literally how did you let it get that bad are you a basketball American?

your debt will become worse during a recession, so wait a lil longer, take out more loans

Dubs and filesize CHECKED

Might as well try gambling and see if you can win big. If not fuck it you're gonna file for bankruptcy anyways kek

how do you niggers even get 32k debt? my card's limit is only 12k

Multiple cards and limited intelligence, or just bad luck.

Filing isn't as easy as it sounds. As long as the debt is "manageable", you're looking at Chap 13 with a fixed interest rate at a fixed monthly amount; attached with a court order.

You should research and build a plan on tackling your debt.


Stagnate wages, unchecked monopolies, along with foreign policy create your high interest rates.

Stop blaming the individual when the system allows for it in the first place.

Check yourself.

You will destroy your credit and likely won’t ever be able to get a loan that isn’t excessively predatory. So no house, no cars, no credit unless you want to pay 30%+ APR.

>it's everyone's fault but my own
definitely not going to make it

> believing everything is within your control

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good goy

flee the country

its not that bad OP
file for bankruptcy

after 4 years everything is normal again

>the fact that i have no marketable skills is everyone elses fault
you're going places user

When faggot OP declares declares bankruptcy we all have to foot the bill for him.

> moving goal post


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>Israel blue

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Holy fuck user, I remember how it felt living with just 3k debt over my head last year. You need to move back in with your parents, live in your vehicle for a while, and work a second or third job until you get sorted out.

That's because you don't have enough good goy points with the credit agencies. I have $85,000 in available credit on personal credit cards, mostly because I'm not retarded enough to use it unless I get special financing terms (like 2 years zero interest on large construction purchases).

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time to move to another country user

Lol wow what a catch. The autism is real

>but first

sign up for 20 more credit cards
max them all out buying gold bars or coins
fill briefcase

Look into a debt consolidation loan with a more modest interest rate to pay your credit card off (at least partially) and then pay the loan and aggressively pay the CC remainder. You don't have to file bankruptcy, just get a plan together to pay everything. Sell unused or unneeded items you have to get some funds together. Make a game out of it, if that helps.

>Stop blaming the individual when the system allows for it in the first place.

This is the most subversive drivel I've read on a long time.

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