It's starting to get a little scary

it's starting to get a little scary

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maybe they set up saturn with that as a side joke

maybe saturn is the cathedral which gives time to our world

ok THIS is a fucking epic meme

Its literally everywhere i look, frens

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redpill me on saturn

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It's all true.

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>pee pee poo poo memes have gone too far

Buy Chainlink

Be afraid user, be very afraid.

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lol chainlink really is a product of Uranus

Just got myself some anal-ese chainlink cock rings OP.

>Your penis, connected to real world data, gays, and men's assholes

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>state fair wristband a few weeks ago
Yes, what in the fuck

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>Zoom into the sign
Look at the shape and read the name

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Here’s another one from a different institution (undergrad) similar name and logo

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>Linkers HATE this
>one simple trick to piss off every limp dick linklet you know

>to inquire of god, seek an oracle

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What's going on....

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>that's a big ass titty

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i honestly cant wait for this shit to finally crash to sub $1 and go into irrelevancy while destroying the lives of everyone that ruined this board. i will honestly throw a party and shit without telling anyone why im throwing a party,but in secret ill be celebrating the destruction of this absolute scamcoin along side with everyone that shilled it

pls delete this

You are bad nigger you will be punished

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Based schizo poster

The second I check my post, you reply to me. Haven’t been on Jow Forums since I posted that.

Universe is telling me something

Meh, there's a KEK particle accelerator in Japan without the wrong spelling

>a KEK particle accelerator in Japan with
and an observatory in Hawaii, for spying intergalactic signs of our lord, and the arrival of his glorious armada of space faring frog gods

Underrated and scary


Fucking kek wheres this from

this cant be real...

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>opens pleddit
>first thing I seem

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saturn awards

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>thanos, 6 letters in name
>from titan
>titan is 6th moon of saturn
>saturn is 6th moon from sun

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route 66 connects east coast to west coast, many early actors took this road to get to hollywood. james dean died on route 66

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Adelyn really went overboard with the marketing. At least we know what the 700k was for.

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>not knowing about Saturn worship and the Black Cube yet
You have so much deeper to go.

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I don't give a fuck about Seinfeld.

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Target $2.5

By when? Be more specific...

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2 weeks

And God is coming in human form to summon a black hole and destroy it all. :)

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Pfft we will be 2.00 in less than 5 hours. Hopefully we spees things up a bit.

Thoth numbers

yeah any time now. every generation for the last 2k years has said it's happening now!/

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Certain things have to happen yet, we haven't had the big one.

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box full of chains

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All this memery for a useless project. What a waste. If you didn’t cash out over $4 you are holding until 25 cents

This is a sign for all the wagecucking dishwashers out there.

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I too have started seeing hexagons everywhere.
I even point it out to my gf. She thinks it's just my favourite shape.

Get that filthy red octagon outta here

>opening plebbit

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Those damn hexagons....

>the hexagon changed from a mostly blue color to more of a golden color
Holy shit I thought this was a meme there is legit a hexagon cloud on Saturn that changed from the LINK color to gold.

>confirmed partnership with the bees
WHAT THE FUC!?!?!?!?

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logo of the world aspie society?


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moon mission is ready boyos

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you won't be alone user

thats a sweet bench, im stealing this image and replicating one of these for muh garden