Fellas I am finally selling

Fellas I am finally selling.

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>he sold?

I am financially ruined because of you guys

lol what do you have to lose at this point? Must be larp, I dont get it!

imagine knowing about link and still investing in harmonychinkshit.

I feel like this whole thing was a joke to ruin peoples lives

this would normally be bullish, but this coin was an IEO vc scam and you deserve it if you didn't sell above 300 sats

Wen this will moon

Ahh the capitulation is finally happening. Time to buy.

dump on everyone at 300 sats

This needs to hit like .10 before more tokens unlock in November or its unironically confirmed dead. They fell off schedule and it's murdering this token. Will continue to hold a suicide stack because I can afford to lose that $700 and fuck it but that's all

Holy shit this coin won’t stop dumping

You were never meant to make it to the promised land

Good. A lot more to bleed.

Please sell.

I I bought at 100, should I kill myself?

just hold. it'll be fine mid term.

I was unable to access any of my trading platforms when this was released and I was gutted because I was expecting another magic style pump and then I found out how lucky I was.


There's an user headed to SF to assassinate the devs. Maybe you can join up with him to get justice.

I was telling you to sell at 75. You didn't listen. Next stop is 50
Fuck this gay scam

I tried to warn you anons... you simply would not listen. it is the same pnd scam artistry with every shitcoin on this board that nobody ever heard about and suddenly there's 20 posts a day with price predictions and anons who have filled their bags and correction to xx Sats with the next leg up to xxxx sats... yada yada yada.

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I’d be down to throw water balloons filled with piss at them lol


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You're going to regret that

I went to check their telegram and this is the first thing I see, heh.

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From the AMA. It's gay scam language if I've ever seen it. No one followed up, they just moved on.

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Are they a gay couple?

I don't want to spread rumors, but yes I think so.

I'm gonna leave my bags too and dump on link after sibos, bought at 280 sats the absolute top. Luckily I got +15k stinkies

I bought at 120 sold at 73. Fuck it this is a literal shitcoin.

I sold down 15% but it’s worth it for this garbage. This is req 2.0,what are people still holding this thinking?

>They fell off schedule and it's murdering this token.
Now there isn't even a schedule, just vague Q mentions that they've already stated could get delayed if needed. Who can in good faith put their money in this trusting they will deliver?

u all just felt for the fud and maximum bottoming now expect top notch pump cuz its on like 4 exchanges, enjoy selling the top bottom and act like you lost another moon just because u sold like ultimate noob and now u put cash into some overbought green shit that will start dumping for next 5 months while this moons next 5 months

its the ultimate state of you cuckies

I'm thinking of killing myself. I've already lost 5k and I guess I'll just sink with the ship