CEO of


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Dead on Arrival


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checked and based coomer

>using binance regardless of the CEO


we all know the scamming chink is running the show behind the scenes

is that at the bloomberg office?

Checked. Based

Honestly the only reason i used binace was because it was not US based. Fuck paying taxes on each trade. Last thing imma do is trade shitcoins with US tax law over my head.

Oh and fuck women in postions of power. I have only ever worked with one that was based, 95% of them are just flat out dumb and get worze when they are on the rag

Women and minorites destory companys and equal rights is bullshit.

Fuck mods
Fuck jannes
Fuck trannies
Fuck niggers

How many BNB for a girl like her?

>She'll interview Sergey within the next year

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dam boi who is the legs?

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thats a dude, dude

She’s pretty hot.
But she was in the XRP board so I definitely don’t trust this Jew bitch.

how do i short this

fucking whore
all women are fucking whores
this bitch knows exactly why she's showing off her legs in a generally male-dominated space
women are a fucking mistake

She couldn't get any airpods?


Bros she looks pretty.