My bank won't let me buy more coins

I'm pissed. They just stopped accepting all my transactions for crypto. I called them up and they will not let me buy more. What service can I use to buy more coins? Leaf here

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This is bullish as fuck. Bank of America shadow banned me a few weeks ago for buying too many high end GPU cards for mining. Global recession is around the corner, and my machines will be whirring away printing digital gold.

Might as well just kys

Same feel. Why is the world so against us? I JUST WANT TO BE FREE

wait is this an actual fucking thing? your bank literally won't let you do this?


Try bullbitcoin. They're in Canada and accept etransfer to fund your account. I've never used it but I've met the founder.

Yeah I went to them and asked why, and they told me "it's not based on anything, so it's not legit" despite me using my credit card to by crypto long before this. Such BS

Burger here. Wells Fargo did that to me too.
Do you have square cash in Leafland?
It's an app like venmo that you can send people payments with.....but also buy Bitcoin. I think my bank just thinks i'm sending a payment. You just have to go through the KYC process to withdrawal your BTC out of their account.

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I'll check it out. Thanks

dude I'm a poor nocoiner but as my net worth goes up I was condering buying some btc but damn

I thought when that day came it would be easy

Yeah we got Square up here. That might work too, thanks fren

just a heads up. cash app will ban u if u send bitcoin to a trading exchange. they banned me without saying anything. fuckin retarded app but it was convenient

How much did you get through before they shut you down? I might just do a massive purchase to get the money in and hope for the best

Thanks for the heads up fren.

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Are there a lot of BTM's up there?
I take a half-hour drive to a tobacco shop and buy in intervals of $900 max every 24 hrs. All cash
I'm lucky that I have one nearby with reasonable fees. They are slightly higher than the ones you get on a Coinbase bank transfer, but I don't have to wait 7 business days to withdraw funds.

There are a few in my city. I might use them now honestly. Never had a need for them until now baka. I think I can only buy BTC from them tho, which sucks because I have other coins I want to gain more of too

Lmao does this actually happen? What the fuck is the rest of the world cucked or something because this happens in other countries too.

If my bank did that I would quite literally withdrawal all my money and simply go to the bank down the street

Why does the fucking bank get to decide what you spend your money on? It's YOURS. You should be able to withdraw everything from your account right now and burn it if you wanted.

I'm going to look into other banks and see what their policies are on crypto. This is the first I've ever heard of a bank doing this in Canada. Maybe the FBI guy that watches me is tryna shut my shit down lmaoo

Would opening a credit card from another bank and just dumping it in crypto be a possible fix too? Could I pay off another credit card from a separate bank with my current bank? Or would that not work? Just thinking of options

There were a few times I sent the BTC I purchased directly to an exchange, bought alts with it, and then sent the alts to private wallets.
It worked out well because I could have it process on the drive home and the BTC would end up coming through not too long after I got back.
The one thing to look out for are "NY compliant" BTMs. Some of them demand full KYC AND charge absurd fees. Others have reasonable fees and no KYC.
There's some websites you can use that map them and have detailed info on specific fees and KYC procedures for the different kinds
I used to have a Wells Fargo account. Seeing the shit they've pulled these past few months made me very happy I closed my accounts with them in 2015. I'd do it all over again if I could.

>your money
>your house

You need to visit Jow Forums more user. I'm afraid things aren't as they appear

So EVERY Canadian Bank has blocked crypto purchases. This is BS

For some reason, this made me realize the essence of leafposting and why it exists in the first place on a much deeper level

Credit card purchases have been banned in Canada. Canuck here, in QC. Which bank are you talking about? How do you pay? Which crypto company did they block?

I hate this country so much

crypto purchases in general or cypto purchases on credit? i had no problem funding my exchange accounts by etransfer while last residing in canada

This desu. I haven't bought some recently but haven't had a problem using e-transfer from shakepay using Desjardins bank

which websites? All I want to do is buy BTC without having to wait for 7 days for the assholes at coinbase to process my transfer. Its my fucking money why should I wait 7 days to use it REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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CIBC. I tired using both debit/credit, and mastercard but it all failed. I buy all my crypto thru Coinbase, but I am thinking of switching to

Both credit and debit

Use Shakepay + e-transfer. You can try though see if it works, but if it's credit card purchase you likely won't be able to

I'll look into that, thanks fren. Sucks because I like using my credit card for crypto, but it is what it is

Ayyy same if it could have been possible... Get that 1% return from cashback. Rip

Fucking bankers, you should be able to take it money and wipe your ass, it's yours to use it as you please

Well thinking twice this just confirms we are on their Monopoly table

>ou should be able to take it money and wipe your ass, it's yours to use it as you please

Well if it's a credit account, it's really THEIR money until you pay them back. Anons have probably been exit scamming the banks, and fucking off overseas with their cryptobags. I'd do it too if I had nothing to lose.

here you go

Jow Forums was my main board for a while I'm just always surprised to see these things actually take place

threaten to change banks, if they still wont let you buy more coins, change banks.

>what is a credit score idiot

>living in a country that has credit score systems
imagine living in a country that has to have those systems because it has poor people abusing loans