Anyone here been severely depressed and turned it around?

Ever been depressed as fuck and deprived of love, but turned it around. If this is you, how'd you do it?

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yes i was lonely af and started trying to make friends on /soc/. I started off talking to everyone but ended up gravitating towards talking to females more like every other creep. didnt realize i was looking for love at the time, but i have a qt now and things are better

>trying to make friends on /soc/

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Had a bad car accident, nobody got hurt but it put me in the right direction.

Yeah was depressed for 10 years, put all my leftover energy into getting serious with trading and soon after randomly got a gf. Quit my job about two years ago and started trading full-time, can do whatever I want now.
Do whatever you can to find something you're interested in and passionate about. For me it's ensuring my freedom.
Still not a bloomer and regularly taking drugs but it's gotten so much better I wouldn't have been able to imagine it before.
Trust me, there's a way out of that hell but you gotta grab life by the balls and take control of your life.

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I’ve been depressed for most of my life and still to this day. I’ve thought about kms a lot but always decide to give it another day. In hindsight always pretty glad I didn’t kms because a lot of nice things happen between those bottoms. Something will eventually happen in your life just stay persistent. Things don’t always immediately get better, but they eventually do.


Ego death. Once I realized that I was part of a greater whole and my entire purpose is to climb through the system, everything became so much clearer.

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I owned my home and a rental property, married kids 2 cars the American dream but woke up everyday wondering if I would Stab someone in a road rage incident or throw myself off a bridge. I knew I needed help but didn't know what to do. Wife finally had enough and packed me up for a month stay at rehab. Got myself off drugs and alcohol, went deep on some of the shit that fucked me up. Shit was weird when I got home but I've had the best year of my life. Found a wage cuck job that's rewarding and cruisy enough and have built a pretty nice little side business. I'm a better dad and husband, and hardly ever feel as crazy as I used to. Now I just refresh coin base and Robinhood every 2 seconds and burn thru 2-3 batteries on my juul every day, but I've gone from literally being a suicidal faggot, to fairly happy regular person.

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Not hard to get psychedelics, morning glory seeds are available on Amazon, make sure they're untreated and you're set.

Smoke dmt user, or eat shrooms or drop acid
One of those will do the trick
It’s all in ur head, once you truly realize that, you’ll be able to conqour anything

I think Ive been on cronic depression for god knows when. I lost a few senses like touch, smell and even taste to some degree. My neuroreceptors are probably fried up I am not sure if I can go back before fibromialgia hits.

I've been depressed since year 3 of wageslavery and it's been 7 years total. I can feel my chemistry has permanently changed for the worst. The weed probably didn't help at all either.

But honestly, life is freeing when you have nothing to lose.

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Curious about this. Just bought an ounce of shrooms because I’ve been stuck and these allow time to clear the air. what’s a good microcode/ what worked for you ?

Pic related that helps me from time to time.

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Might just want to do a heros journey and flush it all out at once. It can be scary but when you're okay with it being scary it's not as scary anymore

Yup. When I was 18 I had a brand new car, a great job with TD Bank(north at the time) and started college. 5 months later I had dropped out, my car was repod, and I was fired, all thanks to the drinking and drug abuse brought on from untreated depression.

I got a dog. It does help.

I dropped acid last week. It's the 3rd time I did it since 2012. It makes the smallest of things like taking a stroll outside amazing, but it always gives me a profound feeling of loneliness afterwards.
It made me realize I was totally alone in the world the first time I dropped it. Nothing has really changed since then. It's wonderful while I'm trippin, but then I come back down empty and basically the same user I was before.
Shrooms are pretty fun too. Definitely more of a head trip.

I like shrooms because they don't leave you feeling like a crack head afterwards. Once they're done, they're done.

Personal experience and advice from friends. Try 2g of shrooms, wait, then 1.5g after an hour or two. Cried for half an hour when I did it. Really great results for a while.

Even on a so-called bad trip, that's a backlog of things you need to go over in my mind.

An ounce is quite a bit.

Alternatively, you can microdose. Take 0.1g a day. Much more subtle. Some debate on whether going large or small doses day by day is the better.

Anyways, I've come to accept where I am. Issue is, too many drugs and alcohol generally tends to suppress (outside of psychedelics) a lot of the problems.

Been embracing family, school and the couple of friends I've been in somewhat consistent contact with. Making others feel better makes me feel better.

We're all gonna die, do you want to control your path until then or go into autopilot and let substances control you? No need to fully give them up, but moderation makes them a lot better.

>t. Just finished a 22 hour fast (16-8 fast turned in a 22 hour one). Last part of my meal was big bowl of broccoli, carrots and cauliflower.

I’ve heard about this not to be all gay and shit but you can face your fears and insecurity and it gets dark but after it’s a profound enlightenment/ death of ego. Person I got these shrooms from had a friend who cried when he took this one strain. Want to take shrooms but also don’t want to cry like a little bitch and kill the vibe

Not taking the ounce all at once. I think crying is inevitable for me. Unfortunately have a backlog of shit piled up . Yeah people always say an eight but I like floating around 2 grams

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Also, OP, have a some introspective rap song:

"We love the highs but you gotta ride out the lows nigga
I found the balance and now my life's in control nigga
And not a thing is a challenge 'cause I'm a go getter, uh".

Hope you get yourself to a better place.

Do what is comfortable for you. Crying isn't anything to be ashamed of.

Now, if you are crying everyday for hours on end, there's something off that needs fixing. If it's from shrooms, well that's you facing some tough issues that will hopefully help you better understand and accept said issues. First step is discovery, next is action, third is making sure to follow up.

The first time I took shrooms was around 8 years ago. I only decided to do it because I had become obsessively suicidal. Taking them really helped me see some things I was blind to.
As an added bonus, that trip made me less spergy. I used to one of those autists who'd snap at people if they put their hand on my shoulder or gave me a pat on the back.
For the record, I never took antidepressants and I never intend to. I don't trust that shit. I've seen people totally out of their heads in a way much worse than any psychedelic.

You gotta experiment user, different psychs feel different for everyone. You didn't quite get it on lysergamides (LSD) and tryptramines (shrooms), maybe other dosages of this stuff or phenethylamines will be what you were after. But remember: they don't show you anything that wasn't already inside your soul.

I agree. However I am almost every day. I’ve been trying to get into therapy but haven’t had the time as I travel for my wage slavings weekly. Big 4 advisory. I like your steps but I’ve just been stuck in this state of inaction it’s like my Brian freezes and I can’t continue or pay attention and get extremely depressed with the flip of a switch. It seems bitch but I literally can’t think, it’s fucked then I get s headache and ear ringing. I can’t feel taste or smell much anymore and my eyes are strained.

Suicidal as fuck. Brother has it too. We’ve talked and we are both spergy like you mentioned. I freak out when touched and can’t trust anyone anymore (wasn’t always like this). I used to be non spergy and can do incredible things but I regress and get in a state where I notice I’m being spergy and it just compiles and makes me panic. Mind doesn’t flow anymore unfortunately. Same here won’t take antidepressants tried them for a few weeks and felt like shit. Would rather go natural.

Off topic for Jow Forums so hurrrr durrr buy link, gold and silver.

You tried taking test? Probably wont work but just a thought. Conditioned behaviours / thoughts change the brain, neuropathways. Like how a woman absorbs a mans sperm assimilating his dna into hers, changing it.
Your body, your brain is malleable. You know this I know. Changing pathways requires long term commitment in the right direction. Psychedelics help find the direction, the hard work is put in afterwards.


Love the reference to the earlier thread today

The way I see it - if your mind has faulty wiring and you're too poor or stuck to just uproot and move to the other end of the country or something, you might as well try psychedelics.
It's better to experiment than be stuck in a perpetual loop of self-loathing and self-harm. You can learn a lot from it - a lot about yourself. Negative aspects and positive ones.
I can't guarantee that they're some magical band-aid. I still have head troubles, but they're not nearly as intense as the ones I had back then.. The problems I face now are considerably harder, yet they're much easier to deal with.

Thanks for the advice. I’ll look into it. If I have any prophecies on crypto I’ll be sure to post

Once you are at the bottom, and at the point were you are barely alive, just waiting for the day you finally pull the trigger and end the bullshit...something magical happens. You just stop giving a fuck about everything. And suddenly, you realize, that you already considered voluntarily doing the worst thing that could happen to you as an organism - death. And because you have nothing to lose, you are FREE. You are liberated. What's the worse that could happen in x situation? Doesn't matter, you could just kill yourself anyways.

So then suddenly, you can just fuck around with people in every day life, and get a grasp for things. Suddenly, problems like anxiety go away. Existential purpose problems also go away, because you are unchained, you can go to South America and join a cartel, you can do whatever the hell you want, because before you were just going to die anyways.

These thoughts are what helped me. Don't get me wrong, I still get into slumps sometimes. But my life is fantastic at the moment, better than ever, and constantly getting better. And I've had depressive episodes on and off since I was 12. Most recent one lasted almost a year, but I came out of it reborn. I feel stronger, wealthier, happier, and more fulfilled. If you gain RESPECT from those around you, and it carries over to everything else, and even strangers will react accordingly. It's almost like we have auras or something, it's very odd. You will form solid relationships, and your confidence will permeate throughout every action you take.

But anyways to cut straight to the matter, Dr.Learn (me) will give you a prescription. Take a few doses of existential nihilism, then ween off of it as your depression symptoms go away, as you may find yourself suddenly having too much to lose. And then as the permanent solution, embrace virtue ethics. That is your true key to happiness, and success. It's called eudaimonia, the greeks figured it out a long time ago.

Good luck fren! : )

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I haven't read the previous thread. 1st shitpost of the day right here.
Yeh testosterone, you said you haven't always felt this way. Maybe your heightened test levels during your younger years played a role in keeping your spirit s up. Maybe declining test and a series of bad conditioning brought on your depression. Conditioning needn't be traumatic events, apathy, homeostasis is subtle but damaging I.e. living at home in your home town having never risked anything.

*gain respect in yourself first before others

**also, I recommend a small dose of egoism as well, that tends to help a bit (post ego death you gotta build something new and strong with consistent foundations).

>muh hormones!

just work out and fast, this will fix all of those problems

Your conclusion and what you claim happened don't match up.

Except if any of that retarded bullshit works, why are you still here?

It really won't, fuck off.

What most likely happened is that he started trading as a last ditch effort, since he felt that was his only way out that he had left. That's what happened to me at least. And in that point of time, it makes perfect sense. Because the risk suddenly doesn't matter as much anymore. It probably worked out for him, and he probably had success. Then it just snowballed, and suddenly, he was competent at something that generates money for him. I'm basing this off of my own experiences, but yeah.

What does that have to do with anything? I've been on Jow Forums for years and I love it. And I've never regretted it. I love you anons.

Then go to a doctor if that's the case.

Advice on how to trade. I dont like having to wagecuck and am trying to succesfully pull at least 2k a month (okay with a measly $500 at the start since ive gotta learn)

>That's rough to experience day in and day out. :( Inhope you can find the time for therapy with the right therapist. I used to think it was silly stuff until I gave it a go. Helped my older sister and helped me.

Helped even my doctor dad who didn't think he needed it.

Heard that anything involving the big four is stressful. I feel you on the inaction part. Was stuck there for years as I self medicated with weed. One thing that might seem memey, but really did help me during the day was 100mg of l-Theanine once a day (twice for a longer day). Seems to have a bit of a rebound effect as my normal anxiety takes over at night, but it really did help.

I have tinnitus and get headaches. Twenty minute naps in a quiet and dark room with a cold clay pack on my head along with some breathing exercises for a couple of minutes (breath in four second through your nose, hold for four, breathe out for eight).

I'm concerned about the smell issue and eyes issues as they may stress related or something else going on. I get eye strain, but only due to wearing glasses. Taking them off to read sometimes helps me, but that just means I'm getting old.

Hoping for the best for you user.

Oh, and also less Chans/news/social media if you can. I've been less stressed and actually get more by using them less. You see the forest rather than get stuck in the middle seeing all the trees so to speak.

Exercise (mostly cardio - running without music outside and sometimes stopping to talk to people), proper (and consistent) sleep, and eating healthy (at least 75%) have all helped a lot. Started fasting and that combined with the other parts have helped. Discovering joy in those activities really helps to reduce the drudgery.

Still, not a magic cure all, but in many cases it can help, although when your depressed, it can be hard to do it all consistently for a long enough period (say a couple of weeks to a month) to really reap the benefits and even then, is no guarantee.

Wise, to a point. It's good to be ready to die and have no fear of it, but not giving a fuck has some limitations. My brother took not giving a fuck to an extreme and OD'd. When you see first-hand what it does to all the people in your life and how much it damages them when you totally give up, it can have some intense consequences. Personally, I went nuts for awhile and took it to an even worse extreme after that happened. I went out of the way to live an edgy sort of lifestyle - hard drugs, lots of associations with bad people in bad places, wandering around the hood in the middle of the night looking for trouble and wrecking shit. That lifestyle ended suddenly one night when I almost getting murdered at gunpoint. Finally, I was on the verge of tasting death, something I had been low-key seeking for some time. I was completely ready to die in that moment. I gave 0 fucks, but I wasn't going down without a fight. By the grace of God, I fought my way out of that whole situation.
After that, I spent some time couch surfing with no home. It finally dawned on me how much more I would have fucked up everyone in my life. Even if I didn't talk to them all too much because they're too busy paying bills and doing monotonous shit, my fuck-ups could have been more than enough to send family and old friends down a similar fatal retarded paths like the one I managed to come back from alive.
Like most things in life, there is a balance. It's wise to give 0 fucks about irrelevancies. Everyone else will do that for you. If you've reached abysmal depths and have decided not to off yourself, you must strive to become stronger. How you handle your affairs will directly impact many others in your life. Sometimes it sucks. Living an edgy life with little burden is definitely a lot more fun, but it's ultimately fatal. You don't want to create a scenario where your mom has to kiss you goodbye in the morgue.
Cool. All the best to you.

Quit smoking weed

Testosterone injections. Unironically

Again, fuck off with this reddit bullshit you fucking nigger. I've been lifting for a couple years, had a diet to support my gains, and got my sleep under control. Guess what happened? Absolutely nothing. And no, it doesn't ever get any less tedious the more you do it.

Agreed, as I stated, It should be temporary. It seems to have worked for you, as it woke you up. It's definitely better than straight up suicide in my opinion, it's a last ditch effort. And as for a brother ODing...damn that is rough. I'll admit I never had to go through anything like that with anyone in my family, so I cannot relate. Thanks for the insight.

Well I see that you have not stated much about yourself, so how about you tell us? Everyone is just trying to help, but all we can do is share things that helped us. Is there something about your life that feels like it's going unfulfilled? Are you lonely? Without purpose? What is bothering you user?

Was depressed and suicidal to the point that i drained my savings for a mid tier sportscar and booze. At least if i die i go with style, i thought.
In one of my sober moments i started to text a few people i was in good relations with from high school, rekindled some relationships. That really helped me stay on the edge and not just an hero. Got my confidence up bit by bit to the point i was hitting up some girl i never had the courage to talk to back in the day.
We're happily married for 3 years now and i'm sober and happy.

> used to one of those autists who'd snap at people if they put their hand on my shoulder or gave me a pat on the back.

Fuck this hit me in the feels. I did that to my mom a few times...I feel bad about it, but it was a gut reaction. Probably due to all of the fighting and attacks I went through growing up. I'm grateful to have always had loving parents though.

You can start actually helping by acknowledging that self help is a self deluding scam.

It's unfortunate that it hasn't worked for you. I find that running helps a whole lot more than lifting. Lifting is nice for gaina, but running helps keep me sane. Running works even better for me when I am not listening to music and occasionally talk to people in my runs. Some variety helps too as I'll sometimes exercise with family members, but usually solo.

I note that it isn't guaranteed, but worst care scenario, you are healthier physically. Helped my younger brother when he was exercising for a couple of months, but fell off it.

I hope you find one day that what does help you get to a better place.

On a side note, I don't have Reddit account for what that's worth.

/Thrust vectoring owns the sky.

Reminds me of the quote "The worse vice is advice". I cannot say that I fully agree with it, but I enjoy entertaining other perspectives. It seems you're very bitter, I'd like to know your story. Part of me thinks you are here for help, because no one would just go into a thread like this and preach hopelessness to justify their own beliefs, right? I think deep down you still have hope.

That reminds me.of "the path to hell is paced with good intentions". I like your quote about advice.

Night frens, I hope we'll all make it and not just financially.

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*Paved, not paced.

The autocorrect on my phone is hyper aggressive versus previous phones.


There's nothing to talk about. You view hope as cope and feeling good, while hope is actually action. Problem is, everything from the self help movement doesn't work, although it does make their writers a lot of money. It's really that simple.

Unironically accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour:


Found out I have a mild crohn's disease and also a few gut infections. I took care of the infections, changed my diet to foods that don't cause flareups (autoimmune paleo), and stopped working out so much (physical stress makes autoimmune disorders worse). After about 8 months, the self hate, feelings of inadequacy, avoidance, anxiety etc. are much less intense.
Besides feeling good more often, it's kind of boring. Depression and anxiety compel you to focus and be more creative.


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Yeah, because it worked so well for you right?

Totally agree. There's no real transformation with psychs. You jump over a wall, experience something beyond your normal everyday perception, and come back down to your normal self. All these guys talking about spiritual growth when taking shrooms or DMT are full of shit.
On the other hand, I read that microdosing shrooms can cure depression. There's been clinical studies done by MAAPS and a twitch streamer named reckful who was depressed all his life said it worked. Maybe you should try that, OP.

Finding a woman you love is horrible. When she leaves you it hurts

You know I weirdly get a tense feeling when I’ve been steadily working out. I look bigger and feel stronger but don’t always feel great mentally. Always catch myself going on breaks from weight lifting after making gains

small chance you trade your depression for depression and schizophrenia messing with this stuff

yeh. for about 3 years straight. went and got some pharmaceutical jewish power pills. 'California rocket fuel' they call it. Saved my life. That and reading philosphy, exercising, eating well, meditating etc etc etc. You're in a rut and you gotta make several changes to get out of it. The depression alone aint keeping you there.

Set myself to doing work that focusses on helping others. Boosted my sense of self worth. Be the change you want to see in the world.

I cannot stress the eating well, enough. I start to notice my mood going downhill over time if I eat shit for a few days in a row. I can notice the difference when I smash the salad and veges. I'm not talking nothing fancy either. Just get into a routine and the change in mood will follow.

>live at home
>45k before taxes
>30k in 401k
>.6 BTC, 8 ETH, 12 LTC, 1001 LINK
>70 oz. silver
>just started going back to school to finish my bachelors in business administration
>qt gf of 2 years, she does not like to go out and prefers to stay home and play vidya. She is getting a 230k inheritance and wants to get a house together

Am I going to be okay, lads? My employment is what brings me most of my mental troubles. My income is pretty much capped so I will need to find a new career to move life to the next level but I don't know what career to do. It drives me into such a depressing that every day my mind is in dark places. I try to escape this but drinking too much and consuming THC so that all of my time not at work I've been in a drugged out daze to avoid thinking about work. I feel I'm too far behind because I've lived at home for years but my early 20s I spent all my money on memes live traveling and "making memories" and now feel I'm too far behind. I just want to feel like I'm doing okay. I don't know what to do

I have but it wasn’t so much “turning around” more like steering an oil tanker.

If you make small course corrections over the long miles you will move far in the right direction. Keep making adjustment and don’t lose heart. There will be set backs. Eventually you get a couple of lucky breaks or not and your life changes for the better. Is it permanent? Nothing is. Is it worth it? Yes motherfucker

Do LSD and set goals. Honestly something as simple as a daily planner or one of those desk calendars/white boards helps immensely because you constantly have a visual aid to reinforce your desires. Just cuz your high IQ doesn't mean you won't respond to simple behavioral techniques. Also do LSD

Examples of goals? Mine are practically useless because they're vague things like "own a house" and "find a job you like"


Stop pussyfooting around and do pic related.

Realize that any preconceived notions you have about injecting testosterone is just leftover myth and legend from the 90s and does not stand up to rational scrutiny. I ended the depression.

Come home.

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Nonono, you have to start small. Start with small shitty habits you wanna kick before you try to move mountains. Like for example, I recently got fired and instead of wallowing in despair, I used that time to kick shitty habits like drinking daily and vaping nicotine. Took like 3 weeks but having that goal written down is much more productive than just having it in your head. Ignore the big lofty goals like wife, house, etc until you can get a grasp on the small shit, otherwise it will never happen.

Eh, if you're gonna do this you need to emphasize the cycle off regimen too

I got a girlfriend and I've been way happier for the past 3 years

spent years on anti depressants. lexapro- off on 4 years, paxil 1 year, 5 years straight of xanax etc. massive panic attacks constantly. ended up in hospital a bunch of times from it. couldnt get help for it. went on from when i was 19-31. then i decided to get married and have children. life is far more stressful but i havent had a panic attack or suicidal thought in 3 years. my life has purpose and clarity. its less than ideal yet mucu better than ive felt in a long time. make of that what you will.

might mention i had a 7 figure crypto roll at height of bull market and its basically worthless now and i quit my job and moved overseas to a country where i dont speak the language and am essentially starting from scratch while supporting a family of 4 and i still dont get panic attacks

Shrooms/lsd to teach patience and that you don't know everything/help I know yourself.

Hardware synth with "random patch" function.

Close your eyes and explore sonic infinity while twisting knobs.

It feels like swimming in space sometimes. But definite spirit lifting, kind of natural high inducing, creative thing that makes you look less of a pathetic neet.

Try meditating bitch

Can you take a look at my post and give suggestions for more attainable goals?

I'm jealous of your loving parents.
My parents don't have a good reason really. They just like being comfy and middle class more than they liked having kids.

It’s the sign of a truly sick individual to be healthy in a society as backwards as ours.

Depression a chronic and often lifelong mental condition.

I was severely depressed from about age 18-23, 31 now and occasionally still feel bad but it's gotten a lot better. It was a pretty bad time, my dad got cancer and died and it was about the time that the great recession hit and was on my own working minimum wage. Literally had no hope at all. I never want to go back to that. I could've made better decisions to improve my life but it's easy to look back in hindsight and know what went wrong and ignore how motivation and mental illness were the actual problems

"Rejoice, o young man, in thy youth. "

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