Itt: describe Jow Forums in one webm

Itt: describe Jow Forums in one webm

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any webm of a bunch of indians shitting on a street or riding a train will do it

this is sad
who even is this and why is her ugly face everywhere all of a sudden?
can you psyop shills please fuck off?

She looks like she unironically buys Chainlink

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Kind of like this.
>no homo

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Can't post with sound so must resort to posting a link

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God I wish that was her

I imagine how traumatic it would be for the driver. Like what the fuck was the dad doing? Speed up into the lane of the car?

Look at his speed, he could've easily stopped. 60km/hr is not fast, he didnt even slow down until he hit her.

>Assesses for damage of his own car first
>Angered that his car is now slightly damaged and has to spend money on repairs
true biznessman

stop posting anime you fucking degenerate, do you realize how pathetic you are for this?

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Why do you have this video saved? Wtf

Lucky day for dad.

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>Chainlink meetup 2019

damn, climate change did THAT to her?

>shitcoin holders riding their shitcoin all the way until it crashes

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>not even that bad of a crash
Unironically good webm

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why are there so many photos of these people? why are they being posted here so much?

we're just celebrating the love of a beautiful interracial couple

>describe Jow Forums in one webm
Why are there so many webms in this thread if it's about describing Jow Forums in just one?

This is good but the bags should be all alts instead of just ripple

just one guy obsessed over amwf.

Did it died?

Based Hahaha

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>lost all my money in a ponzi scheme I'm broke
Hahahahahaha the laughter numbs the pain

Me on the left.webm

>climate change is going to kill all zoomers

damn, boomers truly are the master race

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Anime website
Die nigger

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its not one, but three moron

what the FUCK

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this is great

looked like pops wanted that to happen

he's fine
the dude with the kids was crossing irregularly
can't be much damage to the car either, that stroller is made of plastic

clear mkultra side effects. kinda feel bad for the girl

Not allow broken branch ancestors sorrow

Globalhomo bot malfunctioning

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>centralising your kids on a single source stroller
It's like he didn't want them to make it

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he stepped on the gas pedal when he saw the dude crossing with the babies instead of the break. that's not normal.

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Found the Juden.

Anime was a mistake.

Everyone in this webm is drunk

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Any variation of pink wojak will do

I don't think that it was a critical hit, the car should be fine after a little polish.

Went through my webms, and I found you Jow Forums

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God can a leaf just shoot him already

Speed Limit 40
Drives 70

Literally exactly

He seems to be more interested in showing off his gf then paying her attention.