Tipping on rent

How much do you typically tip your landlord/leasing company when you pay rent? My rule of thumb is a 15% base, 20% if they performed maintenance recently, and 30% for the holidays. But my girlfriend says she never tips less than 25% and that I'm being incredibly rude by tipping any less. Am I crazy here or have I been under tipping this whole time???

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tipping on rent FUCKING KEK


I'm sorry for your loss.

I started tipping 50% to be nice cause my landlord says she's a single mom and I know she can use it more than me. I tipped her less one time and she started being weird and mean so I always tip her 50% now to avoid the awkwardness.


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minus thirty per cent tips ftw

It depends where you live. In canada they tip less, usually 10%, but in New York they tip 25-30% YMMV

the most cucked thing I have read this week. The rent is not enough? Its rude? What country are you in?

i usually just tip $100 every month. maybe a bit more in decenber

Found the europoor

I've never heard of tipping on rent lol

Only 15%, more around holidays, I’m a single father I’m not made of money hahahaha

How is it in any way cucked? It's common courtesy to tip your landlord a substantial amount of money for his or her services no matter where you live (shelter, maintenance, utilities, etc. etc.). And I live in the U.S., Arizona to be exact, it's basically common practice around these parts to pay a little tribute to your landlord as an extra way of saying thank you for all your services, plus it's rude if you don't pay.

I always tip my landlord 50% on holidays

You're girlfriend is absolutely right. 25% is the norm, you dick.

If you live in an aparment complex, be sure you are tipping your neighbors! It is a relatively new practice but 20% for standard behavior, 25% if they are exceptional, 15% if they have loud parties and bang on your wall in the middle of the night invoking the will of satan upon you and your family.

This is such a cucked and jewish scam that I am not sure anymore if its a joke or its real on burgerland.

whats next? tipping your boss for keeping you as a slave?

>he doesn’t tip his boss

cucked was the wrong wording I guess. I just fail to understand why:

it is not called maintenance fee

and why that sum is even negotiable.

if its some small house with some grandmother landlord but in this case... I thought appartment complex landlords had things more fixed than that.

I mean, wtf is he gonna come and beg you for money to fix those pipes instead of having a fixed budget for those sorts of things??

Nice bait OP, as always a faggot

it's customary and expected to tip your boss 10-20% of your paycheck as a way of saying thank you for managing me properly and allowing me to do my best work.

Awesome bait

>Imagine being this beta

Yeah the body corporate at my complex has also started accepting quarterly tips of 10-15% annual rent.

I spoke to my landlord and asked if they would be willing to take a 5% hit out of their monthly tip to ease the burden but no dice.

Apparently I’m the only one benefiting from the ongoing complex maintenance etc.

Thanks for the kek

reminder that this is why nothing works properly in eurocuckland, nobody tips their boss so the bosses have no incentive to perform

>There is someone in the world who does this >There are also many people who pay the sticker price for cars

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I've stopped tipping my landlord since he added a no-singles policy clause to my lease, I've had to shack up with some other greasy incel like myself and claim we're a gay couple just so I don't become homeless

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what kind of bullshit is that?!

This is genuinely some high-quality bait. Credit to OP.