It's happening in the next 48 hours

it's happening in the next 48 hours

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fuck that's cringe

im gonna coom

if you people put your effort towards promoting bitcoin we'd be at $1million by now

ahhh yes, bitcoin, the thing with one
turns out we have something that performs that

except it doesn't. its prone to being devalued through and only to benefits certain people

Get ready

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Major cringe

Gayest thing I've ever seen

Sweeti no

Someone needs to edit a sharpie going through the last image.

So fucking cringe

Yikes this is cringe

Is that the intro to tomorrows presentation?

fucking gay shit ...

Surprised stinkers haven't convinced themselves yet that this animation is a reference to Link being integrated into the Playstation5.

The timeline where bitcoin mooned is a crime filled dystopia. BSV doesn’t allow crime to flourish

Looks sweet OP


so craig will surrender to jail instead of trying to wiggle out?

if that's oc it's pretty damn good

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Racistbgon pls

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Israel stands with Chainlink

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What is?

Ultra cringe, looks like XRP type of cringe


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is this bizonacci?

i prefer orginal

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>700,000 link for this

so its true


I can only coom so much

does anyone have that gamecube startup turning into chainlink webm?