Get in the pod wagie

>Steven T. Johnson, 27, works in social media advertising and lives in Hollywood. He spends most of his days using things he does not own.

>He takes a ride-share service to get to the gym; he does not own a car. At the gym, he rents a locker. He uses the gym's laundry service because he does not own a washing machine.

>Johnson doesn't even have an apartment, actually. He rents a bed in a large room with other people who rent beds, for nights, weeks or months at a time, through a service called PodShare. All the residents share a kitchen and bathrooms. Johnson also rents a desk at WeWork, a coworking space. And he says the only clothes he owns are two versions of the same outfit.

>Johnson says he owns so little that he has even been able to get rid of his backpack. "I gave that up two months ago," he says. He says that for him, this lifestyle isn't cumbersome or confusing. "That's what's great," he says. "When you don't own things, you don't have to keep track of them. You just show up."

This man pays $1,400 a month to rent a bunk and an additional $600 a month to rent a desk to work at.

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>This is normal.
>This is ok.

>you will eat the bugs goy
>there is nothing wrong with canibalism other species do it too

People are fucking retarded lol.

People like this definitely have an extreme form of OCD. Good for PodShare for profiting on it

Yeah no, watch that shit get shut down soon. The hotel industry will lobby against this like crazy and fill up the pockets of the crooks in washington to ban it "for the safety of the people". Kinda like the vaping fiasco.

I mean, if he did it on a $250 budget I'd say good for him as long as he was saving up to really do something big for himself, but $2,000 before factoring in ridesharing and food is ridiculous. He's in California so he probably thinks he's simultaneously a super genius and a wokeling who is saving the planet, but if he had a microgram of common sense he would just fucking move somewhere less ridiculous.

>that pic
>that article
not much different from india to be honest

Im actually into the idea of minimalism but this isn't it. This is expensive poverty.

Why not just live out of a car? People are so retarded. If I can't bring a chick back to a place and I'm paying $1400 I might as well live in a car and use a gym for showering

Crazy how we're slowly descending into this nightmare Dystopia that was predicted in tons of sci-fi media, but we're going about it in ways that nobody predicted.

How is this not propaganda for the abolition of private property?

>You just show up.
Based wagie, nothing stops him from making Boss man proud.

What a stupid fucking goy lmao

He's a supergoy.

we're already living in a cyberpunk dystopia and it's way less metal than everybody thought it would be

why does font seem to increase slightly when the "2019/04/23/715107132" part starts? kek

We're already in the middle of it.

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Basically imagine telling people 100yrs ago that the women will want to kill their babies and you will become a minority in your home country.

>way less metal
We need to get some Cannibal Corpse on the go then

been a while since i saw a pod thread now

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Based Podschwitz poster

We've got the shit world but without the aesthetics that should come with it.

the smell of dirty stanky feet and hormones.

This has to be clickbait. He could have his own bedroom and have enough cash left over to pay for ride-share/gym membership

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thats not whats cool bro.

in the future there will be more podshares for cheaper, only then it will not be cool, it will be necessary and the norm