Why is Jow Forums racist towards indians?

i am indian and let me tell you, being indian is actually a great thing. we have beautiful people and we have ugly people. just like any race. I for 1 am a great person, have great friends, and i take care of every one that is in my life and i am glad to do it, and for that i have people that love me around me. also, indian parents are one of the best parents you can have. sometimes they can be really strict, but they will take care of you no matter what, and they will buy you what ever it is that you need. as long as your not a selfish shithead. Also, we all have great jobs, lots of money and a family that we all love and take care off. suck my dick biz suck my dick.

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>off topic thread
Bloody 3rd worlders shitting up the board.

fuck off ugly bong

It's just a meme don't be a little fag pajeet

I too would like to stand up for the Indian people.

I am constantly ridiculed on the internet and accused of scamming and paid promotion.

I would like everyone to read the book Shantaram as I believe it provides valuable insight into the Indian people and reveals our true value and depth of character.

I love my people am a proud Indian man. I urge the moderators on this board to filter racist terms against Indians and to shut down all threads asking for flags and such.

this thread stinks

But indians are british?


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it's Jow Forums bro
mutts frogs bongs leafs achmeds (formerly known as krauts) staya cunts ivans gooks and chinks band together to get pajeets to poo in the loo and there's nothing you can do to stop them. clearly, you all seek revenge by larping as the IRS and trying to get old people to send you iTunes gift cards

If I could laugh I would

curry nigger



American here
I just hate Indians, most here still talk like a 7/11 worker even tho theyve been here for multiple generations and they smell like curry and spices all the time

>go on Omegle for shits and giggles with friends (1 M 1F & me)
>Little Indian dude pops up, asks me and my friend
>"Why are you not fuck girl, go fuck and happy"
>Laugh for a solid minute while making fun of his accent
Who said I hate Indians? One of the best forms of entertainment


They are will to work for pennies, that defines how much they are worth...shit...grow a fucking backbone

Google Indian average IQ

All Indians are physically ugly

>most are just wannabes trying to fill highly-coveted positions with no real skills
>the ones with real skills are like 1 out of 1000 and get a bad rep because of their peers
Asians are feared because they have talent and skills. You have to beat them with soft skills. Indians are feared because they will do anything and do it terribly for no money

Chinks are better at that. There are even chinks living and working in Algeria. ALGERIA. WTF

>written by le great white male

Honestly Vikram. No one here really cares about you that much. Personally I quite like Pajeets in general. As immigrants they are friendly and softly spoken. Some of the young men just need to improve dress sense and personal hygiene.

Because for my wage slaving I have to get up at 5:30 to talk to you guys about doing the needful. Also stop saying I have queries. ITS CALLED A FUCKING QUESTION FFS.

Also you guys fucking smell, always. Just fix it Idk why this is so hard.

Also stop being so fucking weird and rapey around women.

Fuckin stinkys just don’t get it.
>t. Curry wrangler

I'd prefer to hang out with niggers rather than indians. Your streetshitting culture and piece of shit accent disgusts me.

the only scam robocalls i get are from pajeets. not niggers, not spics, not chinks, not kikes, not homos, not muslims--just pajeets. why is that you little currynigger?

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As an Indian who was born and raised outside of India I can understand the hate towards indians living in India. I've visited that place a few times and it truly is a shithole. I agree with whatever else you said though.

>being so fucking weird and rapey around women.

Oh yeah. Also this.

It’s pretty much a meme, i think very few anons are really racist.. on /biz at least

>he doesn't know

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also you filthy fucks have completely infested youtube. being an electrical engineering major is hell having to sift through all the pajeet videos as they speak in bastardized english

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Fuck off you incel

>pajeet proxyfagging
who would've guessed

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Literally seething. Reported for racism. Read Jow Forums rules.

I am actually pretty racist. Not in a hateful way, but I recognise that not all humans have the same needs, desires, and abilties. Nor are all cultures equal. That's a moderate position but nowadays makes me an ebil nazi.

Consider the following

You brown lmao

ur such a fag

They aight. I wish they would be more sanitary though, have you ever smelled toronto in the middle of summer? Have you ever rode a bus in toronto in the middle of summer?

Indians are fucking hilarious. They have no inhibitions. I would get shit done if I had Indian confidence. They also maintain delusion level positivity. Like if their cousin got ran over by a car they would tell you it is a challenge that they will overcome with great enthusiasm or some shit. Unreal.

Stop reiping your women and wiping your ass with your hands. Literally worst race. I hate you streetshitters no one gives a shit about you thats why you get all our trash, because it fits your stinking culture.

LMAO pajeets tryna get respected. As some people said id rather hang around chinks spics and niggers than you.
Each time one of your exchange student were in a room we have to ventilate it because of the intense curry stench.
How can you stink so much and not notice? You disgust me and your women are ugly roasties.

i am indian man, my only concern is finding a wife. No one seem to want us.

>doing the needful sir

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>we have beautiful people and we have ugly people
Ratios + not the same soul

Poo in the loo

Holy fuck at you incels not being aware

Kek haven’t seen this pasta for years

You can blame pol for that. You should ignore it and not take it seriously.

You are getting massively trolled in here. There’s no way most of these racist comments are sincere. They seem purposefully constructed to get a reaction.

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