1.What you majored in

1.What you majored in
2.Your monthly income

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1. Business
2. Unemployed

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theater (concentration in juggling)

1. reading Chainlink threads
2. $69 million dollars

1. Law
2. ~$3,000

Arc welding

1. cs 2007
2. "between opportunities"

Business finance

absolutely mogged

>$400-800 a month (part time, live with mommy)

Drop out

1. Economics
2. $0... for now. Ask me in two years when I'm doing coke off some roastie in the bathroom of a biglaw firm on the clock while shilling altcoin on Jow Forums
>t. gonna be tens of thousands in debt working a 40k/yr job in 2 yrs

I'm probably unfairly generalizing but I wouldn't recommend business for the average 4channer. Requires socializing and directing people all day

BS International Business

>university dropout

1. nothing
2. 3k-10k

Highschool only
800 eur

1. Business
2. 9,000

1. Appliance installation tech
2. 1500

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the regular kind? how?

three fiddy

i unironically learned to code.



9k pre-tax

3900 post tax

>General science

as a 911 dispatcher

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ESL, 2k

€3000 after taxes (started a company)

Aviation tech
16k before all the taxes

$2400-$3000 depending on OT

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Pure Math
$300k/12months starting

What do you do, user?

1.No major
3.Don't work either

politics (absolute lol)

Work in a warehouse driving a forklift and doing quality control. Tryna get promoted to management. Shouldn't be too hard because most people I work with are either lazy, stupid, and/or irresponsible. I've already given my manager numerous written suggestions and plans to improve productivity and the like. He seems to actually take most of them to heart too.

If things go according to plan I should be getting bumped up to about 4k per month very shortly. If not I'm immediately looking for another job because the one I have ain't worth shit.

What you'll probably see is your manager getting promoted for all his bright ideas

He already tried to pass one of my ideas off to his subordinate supervisor and have him implement it, but luckily I know they are both too lazy to actually follow through on executing it. Both him and the supervisor are fairly incompetent so I'd doubt they'd get promoted because our warehouse is truly a shitshow and upper management has told us this many times.

this man right here, redpilled and has his priorities straight.

my mane..

1. ChemE
2. lol

chemical engineering one of the most lucrative fields of engineering.

>gonna be tens of thousands in debt working a 40k/yr job in 2 yrs

As long your parents don't immediately kick you out after college it's not as bad people make it out to be. You can save and invest a ton a money if you don't immediately pay off your loans and don't have rent.

t. Currently tens of thousands of dollars in debt and working a 40k~/yr job

You won't be so tough when your payments get knocked back for working

3.2k€ gross (shithole slovakia)

thas alot of dosh for slovakia bruh, atleast you dont live in the UK

Radio broadcasting

Fine art

1. altcoins
2. 0

> just finished High school
> 1200 euros, pretty good in Eastern Europe

>mathematics 2019
> ~6k/month living with mommy


>computer science circa dec/2006
>11.5k gross per month. ~7.5k net

>Physics BSc, MSc, PhD
I wish I was joking. And no I can’t “code” like a software developer can. I was just an experimental fag who worked with liquid helium for condensed matter stuff using proprietary software to do my analysis .



Environmental Science
$6k after tax wage-cucking
$2k from landlording
~$500 from investments

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2500€ because codemonkey now

>College dropout (my parents didn't allow me to go to prestigious art college FOR FREE and computer science broke me)
>800-1000€ day job +100€ from commissions

9-10k aud

3k post tax

1. nothing
2. nothing

1. Nothing
2. €4.200 in construction

Uni dropout
Own restaurant

23 years old
$8k month

Bachelors Criminal Justice
Masters Criminology & Criminal Justice
PhD Criminology & Criminal Justice

1. Studio Art
2. $0 (never had a real job that wasn't under the table)

>never had a real job that wasn't under the table
Based desu, my first job was all cash in hand, didn't pay a penny of tax.

5k bongs

This. Dealing with normies and their bullshit makes me feel like I'm losing brain cells and straying further from my comfy life of self improvement every day.

Yeah ive never paid taxes, feels good man

£2041 before tax

1. Nothing, basically dropped out of high school in the last year and didn't go to college.

2. $3000/mo

Medicine, 31k/month


4k euro/month after taxes

Doing what?

> Didn't go to college
> $5415ish

1. None
2. Professional farter / 1 Million chainlinks a month


1.) Train Electrical Engineer in Germanistan
2.) Well best Month with Christmas Benefits and stuff is around 3.5k€ . Average month is around 1.8 to 2k€ . All after tax ofc.

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Design and drafting

petroleum engineering
$3500 post tax

engineering is just as much of a meme as social sciences. should’ve learned a trade after high school or started a business doing unskilled labor


1. nothing
2. 1.6k€

Electrical Engineering
8.4k monthly after taxes

1. Political science
2. I'm unemployed

these are the people telling you that chainlink is incredible tech and that the people that dont understand it are brainlets. meme degrees that give no understanding whatsoever of cryptography or programming and some that dont even have a degree at all. fucking pathetic

1. nothing
2. nothing

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what were the odds they would all be right? what a beautiful world.