ITT: Jow Forums wife material

ITT: Jow Forums wife material

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thats a white girl, would not bang
anything with sergay face is a 10

Come on anons! Post them.

For fucks sake, pic related looks like a female bog.

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nice one!

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This niggah gets it.

White bitches have ruined themselves with SJW bullshit. Totally bankrupt.

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based nig.


Is this a subtle shill joke?

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What do you want from a wife user? I love the dumb ones who can to cook and drink my load on daily basis.

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Jessi Slaughter

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samus, that is all

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when i make it i'm literally throwing money at the first cute single asian girl i see

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than you for introducing me to this
saving the planut with german eco chicks is where its at, play button optional

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Looks like a pajeetess who has retained Aryan genetics, if she hasn’t lowered herself to monkey-tier defecation habits, she’d be top WN wife material.

this gif crushes my soul

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madison beer. this bitch knows shes attractive and shes stunting in front of the camera. fuck i hate bitches. if I was chad I would scar these bitches mentally for life.

I want her so bad.

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If 'on camera' do girlysmile.exe quirkydance.exe.

Shit is weird.