He isn't saving up money to move to Romania

>he isn't saving up money to move to Romania
it's like you don't want to make it

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i dont want be biting by vampire

I don’t want to be raped by gypsy.

I dont want to be raped by gypsy vampires

Bong here. Living in Romania must be so great thats why Romanians come here to work at KFC.


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every girl I've ever met from Romania who made it to the US was shallow and unafraid to sell pussy

Your country has commie social system so Bulgaria and Romania are dumping their human garbage there.

They fit right in, huh?

can you imagine dreaming of finally making it so you can move to romania?
OP you're the biggest faggot i've seen here. fucking romania...

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>let me tell you about shallow, nasty and soulless whores

about 160 mil of them lol

we'll see who's laughing when I cut my upkeep costs by two thirds and I pay no taxes

wait, this isnt an IQ map?

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i will be laughing at you from dubai, costa rica, philippines and so on.


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tell me more ;)

I've visited pic related. The cleanest air I've ever breathed, all surrounded by green landscapes.

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Tell me more... I could be convinced. What's the rent on a 600 sq ft apartment there

600 is 55 m^2
it should be around 250 euro (bills excluded)

>cleanest air
i highly doubt that anything near cluj.
air pollution is at 22 right now, unironically have 13 where i am at , next to a city (500k+).
don't forget to mention the gypsies there

Pretty sick not gonna lie, would I have to own a car there, or is there any public transport? Would a bike work? I've been looking up some pictures of the countryside and wew

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car cost 1k euro and about 1k an year to run, that is for a shitbox, you don't need it if you live in a city/town
bikes are cool, but there is winter
however you have to make sure that your neighbors are not gypsy vampires

How are the gated communities in Romania?
I lol @ plebs ITT who think you'd be living anywhere close to gypsies once you move in, but I'm curious about your conditions and pricing.

In Bulgaria $1000/month gets you a 160sq ft luxury apartment in a building in the mountain, 10 mins from city centre, walking distance from skiing slopes, with an olympic-size swimming pool, gym and sauna. All behind security. Wondering how our neighbours are doing.

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should be the same or just a tad more expensive
I am a pajeet from bulgaria

How hard is it to get a visa or become a permanent resident?

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you set up a company and you can stay as long as you need
or if you are EU cuck you are effectively a citizen

>Living in Cloog
Never gonna /makeit/™

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I do

Not gonna make it then

That's Peleș Castle, mate.


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I guarantee you have never interacted with a gypsy. If you thought living in the middle of a ghetto would be scary, wait until you're surrounded by gypsies.